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Monday, November 29, 2010

Eh I tried

I have stopped this blog challenge, I just haven't been feeling good as of late and don't really want to blog about nothing so I'll be done. This post will be my, make before Christmas post! YIPPY!! Ha riiiight. If i can't even blog once a day how in the heck am I supposed to make all this junk?!

BTW, thanks a lot Martha Stewart, I didn't even mean to go to your dumb, inspiring, insane website anyways....

Knit Cowl- so I actually just knitted a cowl last week but compared to this one it's LAME-OO. AND it's called the Dobbs cowl...awwww Dobby! WHY?!!!! I have a bone to pick with you JK Rowling!

Bath Fizzies- I just kind of want this as a gift to myself ;) soooo selfish

Baby Mobile- my aunt has a baby girl, Alexa Summer who will be borned soon so this might be a good shower gift along with the little blanket I'm making...

Body Scrub- now I'm fairly certain I'm a sucker for packaging because if this was in a ziplock bag I probably wouldn't have bookmarked it..well maybe I would have it seems pretty easy...

Lip Balm- again it's all about the packaging baby!

Rosette Scarf- Now I'm not certain I need to make this scarf but i do NEED the rosette tool...hmmm

Tea Candles- seriously?! are you kidding? yes please!

Towl Puppets- These are just kind of a cute idea. prolly won't ever make them but I can dream.

So this list is really for my information so I can keep a list of projects I want to try and maybe if I post about them it will encourage me to actually do something about it!

So again, thanks a lot Martha Stewart...

ok off to take my milk of magnesia...or whatever that stuff is that's supposed to help me sleep...OH I Just googled that, I am not constipated...oh gosh that's awkward, whatever I'm taking starts with an M....hahaha wooops. Maybe Marsupial? I have no idea. I need to sleep ASAP.


Kristin said...

melatonin. i had to look this up the other day.


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