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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Season Photos

a few weeks before christmas we got this little box in the's from Russia where my aunt and uncle are serving a mission for our church. i was soooooooooo excited and wanted to open it ASAP but wasn't allowed. how rude. so it sat under the tree for awhile then was hidden b/c we kept opening the packaging little by little everyday. we will come back to this box later i'll make it a surprise like it was for me...

the first weekend in december is when we usually go and chop down our tree at the tree's usually a big ordeal b/c we have opposing opinions on what a christmas tree should look like. i like full bushy trees and others like more sparse layered trees. they won this year. :) p.s. they won b/c it was Sooooooooooo cold nobody wanted to be outside anymore.

after putting the tree up we decorated the rest of the living room. we've had those stockings since we were little and even though i think my mom would like them to be matching red stockings, we hang up our mismatched fun stockings.

christmas eve is always the baking day. we make SO many treats and goodies for friends. we spend the WHOLE day baking. this year was hard b/c usually we taste as we go along to make sure things taste good, this year i couldn't soooo that sucked. but we still made lots.

the finished plates. i think we made probably 10 different items we did way too much this year.

i'm in charge of the pretzel rods dipped in chocolate every year this time we did red chocolate then i drizzled white over it to give it a candy cane look.

finally after a long day of baking, delivering and having dinner at a friends house we skyped with my aunt in uncle in russia and opened our special box holy toledo i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE russian nesting dolls and they sent us 2 sets and those cute little ornaments!!

we will be going to russia (my mom and i) either this summer or next summer to pick them up and i plan on packing an empty suitcase to stuff full with these things- put your order in now haha.
and last but not least christmas morning. santa got me a blu ray player to go with the flat screen TV i bought myself a few weeks ago. we got some good stuff including Beatles rock band which has been played constantly for the last several days.
ok i have to get ready for work now i hope everyone had a good christmas!! and a happy new year in a couple days!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Funky Chunky

Don't let the title...or cover photo fool you. this is an amazing book. it's crochet patterns of all sorts. some are pretty tacky but for the most part they have some pretty cool ideas. i just love to buy yarn so i should start using it up now.

if anyone still needs to get me a present here's a link, BOOK FOR $7! i'm just kidding, kind of. haha i think after the holidays after things settle down i'll buy
it and a few other pattern books. i just love it.
i'm all done with christmas shopping and wrapping (be jealous) but i'm still venturing to the mall
tomorrow morning for Old Navy's $1 socks! i've already bought them i'm just going to
take my receipt back and get the price adjustment. they also will have $3 basic sweatshirts. i'm all
about the pattern books and sales i guess. i will also be getting some buy one get one 1/2 off shoes (boots) at
famous footwear and FREE LIPGLOSS at bath and body works. wow what good savings.
i won't be at the mall past 10am so that's the only reason i'm going. no more mall for me after that.

also tip if you are going to shop at bellis fair mall, the car lines get REALLY bad depending on what
time you go shopping. park in the upper kohl's parking lot (where x-mas trees are sold),
it means you have to walk a little further but it saves you 45+ minutes waiting in that dang car line.
i learned that after working there 4 christmas' i would seriously sit in a row of cars one time for
almost an hour! you only have to wait for the light if you park up there.especially the next several
days if you go at a good time it shouldn't be too bad butit gets nasty the closer we get to christmas.
anyways good luck if you do venture out!!

p.s. if you have safari web browser don't use it to post blogs, it messes EVERYTHING UP!! i will
remember that and only use my regular explorer next time.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


So my friend is having a baby pretty soon (well march-ish) so i am helping plan a shower for her. i am in charge of food and invites and our other friend is in charge of decorations games. we decided last night that we are going to have the shower next month so i have to get the invites done! here's what i came up with:

their nursery is pink and green, the colors don't show up very well on here though.

i used my new slice and stamp sets to make these. pretty exciting. it's also the layout for the christmas cards i still have to get done :D. i'm still trying to decide what to have on the outside scallop, the word shower is redundant but i don't know what else to put...?! anyways probably won't blog much more this month, too much going on but i'm officially done shopping and wrapping!!!!!!!!!!! so glad i don't have to go near the mall or walmart for the next month!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Projects coming out of my ears!

i have started 8 too many projects in the last 2 or 3 days. it's a little ridiculous actually. i have crocheted projects and knitted projects, i don't discriminate haha. i have hats, blankets, wrist warmers, more blankets etc all going on at the same time. some are for Christmas gifts so those i guess will have to take priority but after seeing this:

i'm having a REALLLLLY hard time not starting another one right now. if/when i ever make this, it's ALL MINE. i'm so selfish i just love love love love love love it. i'm getting the book with the square patterns from the library, that's the only thing stopping me from starting it right this minute. i guess after i make my own i can make some for gifts but we'll see how easy (hard?) it is. i love everything about this dang blanket, here is a link to the blog where i found it Lindamade.

i also have about 12 photo sessions coming up in the next 2-3 weeks, i wish you could see how excited i am for those...i don't like that it's becoming a chore. uggg oh well just this weekend i have 4. lame.

i'm getting back into this reading thing again. i don't think i've read a book in about a month. usually i read a book a week or so. lately i've realized i like listening to books on tape (ha tape, i mean ipod) instead that way i can edit photos or crochet/knit while i listen. but the book i got tuesday is the old fashioned reading, no headphones required. the book is about this girl who commits suicide and she makes these tapes where she lets people know the reasons why she killed herself. it's really interesting and sad i'm about halfway done.

this book i'm writing is still 61's been 61 pages for about a week now. i just haven't had the time to write in it. but i have a notebook i keep with me and write ideas down, i have about 4 handwritten pages with ideas. can you say back burner until after christmas?!

let's not talk about black friday. ok let's...michelle came over around 10 and we had every intention of staying awake, well around 12:30 we decided to sleep for half an hour...then an hour...then we decided not to go at all. well i have this thing called feeling guilty so i couldn't sleep anymore so i told michelle i was going to go but she could sleep if she wanted. she got up and we were in town by a little after 2. we went to the mall for Old Navy first...they decided not to open until 4 so we went to walmart and got some great deals and they let us check out at 4 instead of 5 :). then back to the mall where we waited outside target for a TV that was already sold out. then we went to fred meyers and i got myself a nice flat screen tv. woohoooo. we got home around 7 and i slept in until 1. it ended up being good. well this was unplanned and weird so i'll finish now. have a good December!


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