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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Grandma Ma

My great grandma was always called Grandma Ma. She was a cute little lady. She was tallish and reallllly skinny (why couldn't those genes have been passed down?!) My best memories of her were in the kitchen with her black wired chairs with red seats. She always made homemade jams and other goodies. Whenever we visited, she always had a plethora of sweets and she'd take me to meet the ice cream truck and we'd share some ice cream treat, usually it was one of those Mickey Mouse things with the piece of blue bubble gum. She always gave me the gum. She used to send me fun letters all the time and tape money and/or pieces of gum and tell me to buy something from an ice cream truck. I never argued, I always listened to my elders ;). Her letters were written in small block print and she'd change pen colors randomly through the letters, I still have several of them.

Well one of our families favorite treats were these chocolate marshmallow cookies. More specifically they were my dads favorite. Since he turned 50 yesterday I decided to do some surprises for him. The first was the surprise dinner we had with just two close families on Monday night, he would not have liked if we made it big which was temping :). The 2nd surprise was collecting LOTS of memories from his childhood friends and family. The goal was to collect 50 and I think I collected almost 100, booooya.

Then Tuesday I got gallon sized ziplock bags and stuffed them with '50' of his favorite items, and some random items. He got those randomly throughout the day while he was at work. He really 'loved' the attention apparently.....anyways when he got home we offered to take him out to dinner but he wanted dutch oven leftovers.  After dinner I gave him his birthday treat (the night before I made an angel food cake/strawberry/fresh whipped cream trifle). I called my grandma, who called my aunt who gave me the recipe for his favorite chocolate cookies. He said they tasted just like he remembered, success!!

Here's a terrible picture:

I had to refrigerate them because I made the top 'frosting' with heavy cream and I didn't want them to spoil so they were stacked and not very pretty.

Anyways here's the recipe for those who are interested. It is only healthy, promise, just pretend like you're eating broccoli....(mostly this post is so I can always have the recipe since we tend to lose recipes around here)

Grandma Ma's Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies (or Cocoacake Cookies)
1 3/4 C all purpose flour
1/2 t salt
1/2 t baking soda
1/2 C shortening
1 C white sugar
1/2 C unsweetened cocoa
1 egg
1/2-1 C milk until stiff dough forms
1 t vanilla
36 lg marshmallows cut in half (actually this recipe made exactly 36 cookies for me so I'd only cut 18)

Cream shortening and sugar together until fluffy
Add egg and mix
Sift or whisk dry ingredients together in separate bowl
Alternate adding the dry ingredients and the milk/vanilla into the shortening/sugar mixture until it's all combined. I suggest only adding 1/2 C of milk to begin with because you can always add more but you can't take it out. I stopped at 1/2 C and it was stiff so I just left it like that.

Using a cookie baller drop dough onto well greased or parchment lined cookie sheets.
Bake at 375 degrees for 8 minutes take cookies out of oven, place 1 marshmallow, cut side down on to the top of each cookie, I squished them down a bit. Place back in oven for aprox. 2 minutes.

Let the cookies cool a little bit before transferring them to a cooling rack.

Once you get all the cookies out, make the frosting

I didn't measure this part at all because I'm allergic to measuring cups
A  medium bowl full of powdered sugar
1/4-1/2 cup-ish of cocoa powder- the more the merrier
1tsp vanilla (I used the kind grandma ma always used, Watkins, clear vanilla, in a glass bottle it tastes and smells delicious.)
Heavy Cream (can use milk but it won't be as thick or yummy)

Mix the ingredients together, I kept having to add cream until the frosting became pourable. Then I used a spoon and spooned the frosting on top of each cookie (while it was on the cooling rack with waxed paper underneath)

Then eat!!

I didn't eat any of them but I did try the frosting and it was pretty tasty.

My grandpa called me the day before because he knew I was making his mom's cookies and asked if I would save one for him so he could try them one last time....awwwww cute. Of course I saved him more than 1 despite his protests but once he had one I don't think he minded the extra too much :). He said they were good and my dad said they were good so I think it was a success. The best part was I was REALLY good at keeping all these secrets and got lots of surprises in.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Busy busy.

Has there ever been a busier weekend? I don't think so!! Geesh.

Friday I had Nicole and Michelle over to play just dance 3 on the kinect. It was fun and we laughed A LOT but the game kept freezing so we just talked he rest of the night.

Saturday my alarm went off at 8am. Ughhhh haha I pushed snooze once or twice. Then Nicole and her dad came and picked me up. We headed in to yeagers sporting goods to stock up on girls camp supplies. I'm pretty sure we had five FULL carts parked by the register by the time we were done. We bought a lot of much needed camp supplies. We also scored 45% off our total order!! (sale thru the 31st the more you spend the more you save). After that, we drove to the hair supply store and met Michelle and Donna to stock up on some hair and nail supplies. It's always fun when Michelle visits but I tend to spend lots of money while she's here (while sumeltanisuly saving money). Then we ditched M and D and went to Costco to pick up just a few more coolers.... Four more to be exact. That brought our grand total to 5 coolers. We had to get creative with the car packing.

They dropped me off at home where I gathered supplies, went back to town to pick up one of our YW then took her to Nicole's house to do girls camp prep, which involved: oogling our new supplies, setting up our canopy inside out, then right side out, setting up Dutch ovens, sweating, cooking, fire making, more Dutch ovening, more camp prep and planning, then eating with the families, cleaning up and going home around 8ish. Pheeew.

Sunday my alarm was set a bit earlier than I would have liked, I went to a meeting before church, picked up some cutekids and brought them to church, gave a lesson in YW to two girls and two leaders. Went home sat for a few minutes, secretly tried to prep food for today. Then worked on my dads surprise gift.

Today I woke up a bit earlier again. Took pictures for a fun family at the park, rushed home, started Dutch oven cooking, deceived my father several times, prepared/cooked/cleaned some more. Then we ended it with a "surprise" dinner with just a couple families that we have done everything with since I was born. My dad didn't want a surprise party but he didn't mind too much once the jig was revealed. We ate a lot of food, ate lots of homemade whipped cream (Steve ;)) watched him open up a few small gifts, then I decided to give him one of my gifts early. I've been collecting memories from friends and family for like five months, then printed them and gave them to him to read. It was fun to listen to him read some of the memories and tell his versions. There were lots of people I got to write memories that I don't even know so that was extra surprising. They are going to keep building that book with more fun memories.

After everyone left we cleaned up, I got gifts ready for tomorrow's real 50th surprise gifts, sat for four minutes then left for work.

Now I'm blogging. Thinking about this coming week makes me tired but of I survived this weekend I can make it through this week ;)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Nausea be GONE!!

I think I'm on to something here. Nausea must be hereditary in my family because lots of us have it. My family is one for passing down all the genes you don't want ;) kind of kidding but kind of not. If only the good stuff had been passed down, I'd be really awesome. ANYWAYS. My friend Nicole was telling me about these little meltaway motion sickness tablets (I think these are the right ones?). I bought some at the co-op the other day and I used some last night and they worked!! I have issues with getting motion sick in the back of a car unless I'm looking straight out the window or am sleeping. I wish I had gotten the reading in the car gene that my grandma has. Alas, I didn't.
These don't really taste like anything, they just dissolve under your tongue and are all natural. They seemed to work well for me.
These little guys are called seabands. You put them around your wrist 2.5 fingers down from where you wrist bends. The little white thing has a protruding plastic thing that presses into a nerve or something that controls nausea (very scientific wording there). For some reason I feel a little claustrophobic when I wear them (thanks to my ancestors again) but after a few minutes that goes away and it seems to help. It's very highly possible these are both placebos and have no real effect but my mind lets me believe they do so they do!! Hooray!! I call that success. 
I also bought this ginger honey tea that's supposed to help with nausea too but I haven't tried it yet. If you suffer from car sickness or other nausea inducing ailments, I suggest these natural remedies to YOU.

(Why is it that I can ride every ride at Disneyland/world, go upside down on 6 roller coasters in a row, be jerked to and fro and not get motion sick?) (oh ya I remember.....the day after I get back from any of these exciting places I have the worst vertigo EVER recorded. I remember very vividly falling to the floor when I woke up after getting back from Disneyland a few years ago. I stayed there the rest of the day, I literally couldn't get up because the ceiling was the floor and I was laying on the walls.....awesome. however Disneyworld must put something in their water because I didn't feel this way at all after going there. Maybe they just sweat it out of you, or maybe I was preoccupied with a gigantic purple&blue fractured foot that I had continued to walk 436 miles a day on for 4 days, that's probably it)

Wow that's so random.

In other news. I miss Downton Abbey, A LOT. A lot a lot. Since the new season won't air until something like next February (ridiculous) I have to get my 'fix' elsewhere. Introducing Mansfield Park.
I watched this movie while I made my YW handouts a few days ago (or yesterday?). I really enjoyed it. Why haven't I seen it before now? ughh so much time wasted!! Since all those old books are free, I downloaded the book to my kindle/iPad last night and started reading it. Yikes, I'm starting to get my Fanny Prices mixed up with my Trices and 4's (Insurgent). I'm reading too many books at the same time. It's ok though, if I feel like reading, then rereading the same page 4 times, I read Mansfield Park :), if I feel like zipping through chapters in just a few minutes I read Insurgent, if I feel like reading about WW2 and LDS missionaries, I read Rumors of Wars. You get the idea.

I haven't read a book for like a month or longer, so weird guess I'm just making up for lost time.

How do nausea and mansfield park go together? They don't.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Study Journal

Today I thought I'd post about my new study journal I started last week. So far it's been something that I've really enjoyed doing. I'm not very good at sitting down and reading my scriptures just to read them, so I found a solution for myself. I got inspiration from an LDS blog. They had these study journals for sale but I decided I could make my own and it could be more customizable for what I want to do with it. 

Here is my usual setup while working on my journal:
  1. My ipad is there for scripture references (SO handy to just search keywords), conference talks, magazine articles, access to, etc....
  2. I have a regular spiral notebook where I quickly write down references and short quotes that I want to include in my journal. It's just a jumble and all disorganized so that's why I paraphrase in that then do my 'final draft'.
  3. Highlighter, permanent marker, nice writing pen (sharpie pens are great), scripture crayons (any colored pencil or crayon work)
  4. My strength of youth book with journaling pages
  5. True to the Faith book
  6. The latest conference Ensign
* not pictured, dry white out and double sided tape

Usually I just start out with the spiral notebook, True to the Faith book, and my iPad.
First I choose a 'topic'. The topics are either church doctrine or a church principle.
Then I define the topic and find scripture references that teach it.
Next I read those scripture and write what they teach, or what I got from them.
Next I find quotes or talk references relating to my topic

All that goes on the front side of my pre-made journal page
The next side is just lined for journaling where I jot down my personal thoughts on the topic, personal experiences, goals, etc.
Some topics have lots of overflow, stuff that didn't fit anywhere else so I often have 1-4 additional pages where I write more quotes, references, etc....
Here are some page examples:
 My first page. I have a list of Topics I want to work on, on the left. I decided to do 2 per week because they can get a little involved and I spend a few hours on each topic. Last week I did 5 topics though :) Still have to finish up 1.5 of them. On the right is my first 'title page' that introduces the topic.
 These are my next pages that go along with this topic, on the left is my journaling and on the right is qualities of someone who has charity and someone who is prideful. It's kind of sad when you fit into both categories pretty equally, but that's why I have that journaling page to write goals down ;)
 These are my extra pages for the topic of Repentance (which is what my lesson is about on Sunday, so I'll be able to use this as a good reference point). On the left I wrote a big quote in the middle that I made a goal from. Then I surrounded it with additional quotes that I liked. On the right is just random thoughts on Repentance (note I spelled it wrong on my page, I'm too lazy to fix it though). I listed the steps of repentance, more quotes, references, a list of how you feel when you repent and when you don't, and qualities of someone who repents.
 Another title page. This topic was Spiritual and Physical Preparedness.
 I used the parable of the Ten Virgins a lot since it explains this concept pretty well. On the left I drew a large oil lamp then wrote the things I want my lamp to be filled with. Around the lamp is one huge quote that I liked. On the other side I cut out a picture of the parable from the gospel art kit, the other side of that I printed the story and attached it to it. I also added an addition page where I wrote down how we should be physically prepared:

On my preparedness journaling page I wrote my thoughts and I drew a picture of a dove since that was the symbol to the people on Noah's ark that there was land. 

Phew that's a lot of writing and pictures. Today I'm going to work on planning my repentance lesson then maybe get another journal topic started since this is a crazzazzay weekend and I won't have time.

Speaking of my lesson, here is the handout I stayed up until 12:30 last night cutting out :)
It's a large pencil that I cut out of different patterned papers then glued together on white paper then cut out again. I attached a quote that talks about how God has an eraser and will erase our sins if we truly repent.
A closeup of the pencil. Just don't look too closely. I was watching Mansfield Park while making them and I probably got a little distracted by the movie as I worked. 

Anywhooooo. This weekend is packed full of fun stuff so I hope everyone enjoys their weekends too!! Hopefully the sun that's out right now will stick around.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Another card

We had a card making day at DIS today. This was one of my cards for the card swap thing we did. It was much funkier than all the other cards but whatever.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Haven't Done this for Awhile.

Last week some friends got together to make some cards. It sure was fun by golly gee. I actually accomplished a lot that night, which is really weird for me. Tomorrow we are having a card swap thing so I got all my pieces prepared for that as well. Hip Hip Hooray!! I don't have to stay up until 2am doing that tonight. 

Anywhoooo here are some cards I made. The pictures will just stay sideways because my computer is being a complete spaz right now. I thought if you spent a certain amount on a computer it was exempt from being a spaz....

I actually made this one after our card party because I ordered another butterfly and a texture plate from here. If you like your bank account, do not click on that link.

 I tried to get close to show you the texture of the paper but my P&S camera can't do that, so I settled for a blurry close up.
 I'm not a huge fan of this card but I wanted to try making a 3-D element so I just went with it.
 you can see the 3 layers of hearts. I glued the first one down completely then just put a thin line of aqua mono glue on the 'spine' of the other two hears then fluffed them up.
 This is one of the cards I made for the card swap. This picture just shows the size and orientation of the card.

 A random baby shower card, we always need these but never have them. So I made ONE.
I just thought I'd leave you with this cute picture of shelley eating with chopsticks. She's funny. After I took her picture she kept eating with the chopsticks even though she had a fork, she just stabbed her meat with one then ate rice one grain at a time :). She loved it.

Maybe next time I'll post about my new favorite food (be excited) and my new journal-ing ways. I'm a journaling fool these days. That post might come later today if I get my to-do list all done.

p.s. no switching to typepad, I could not figure that site out for the life of me. Slash I spent about 4 minutes trying to figure it out then canceled my account.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

We're going on a gecko hunt.....

....we're gonna catch a big one.....wait. Nevermind Last night Nicole decided to throw a big raging parrrrtay at her house for all of our YW to celebrate our fundraiser success. I'm convinced we have the best group of young women. No joke. They're awesome. So this big "raging" party involved little ceasars pizza, cheese AND pepperoni, rebellious. POP. Doritos. And for me, salad with a side of quinoa (pronounced- q-no-na By Nicole). Our festivities after dinner involved several rounds of just dance 2 on the wii, seriously fun and hilarious. Nail painting outside to cool down after dancing. Playing quack diddly ooso. Reenacting earlier conversations for girls who arrived late. Tricking me. Lying to me. Telling me we could hunt for geckos here. Making up really awkward gecko hunting moves. Discussing where yeast comes from (the the bread kind) I was right, it's everywhere!! Talking in southern accents slash freaky deep low voices. Laughing. More laughing. Googleing. More just dance 2 for like two hours. Realized it was a bit later than we thought, we no longer had time to make cake pops or watch a movie, but it's ok we'll have to have a few more fun nights this summer. Then we sat around the table and talked, whistled (or tried to whistle for some), made strange Dorito sculptures to memorialize Shaka kan. Tried to touch our noses with our tongues. Laughed some more. Continued to make fun of me and suggest gecko hunts. Then going home. It was so fun. I love just dance. If I had known what person I was supposed to be copying I would have totally rocked the competition we had ;). I'm tired. Goodnight moon.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Switching it up.....?

So today I signed up for a free trial of TypePad. I'm kind of sick of blogger although they have made some improvements I just think I want something more customizable. I'm not sure TypePad will be the right fit but who knows. I just want something that looks more 'professional' for my photography and doesn't limit my photo space and lets me post huge pictures. I'm going to work on it a little bit tomorrow so I'll decide if I share the link or cancle my trial in the next couple days. I just want a regular website but those are expensive and hard to maintain. Maybe someday.

 anyways more random thoughts: there is so much stuff I want to spend my money on right now. Example: a new mattress (thanks for that Nicole :)), mac book pro laptop, new canon mark camera, camera lens', neon van shoes, etc....but those are all expensive things that aren't necessarily necessary so no new stuff for me. Although I did splurge a little bit and bought myself a nice new ipad case.

Remember the goals I made for weight loss? Well I reached one of those goals and am very close to the 2nd goal which is 10 pounds so I decided instead of buying myself a movie (that I'd probably never watch) and getting a pedicure (which I'll do anyway after girls camp), I combined the two rewards and got an ipad case. It's purple. It's pretty neat. For the record, I only spent $2 of my own money on this case, I had an amazon gift card and an amazon daily deal credit that I used so in reality, I saved more than I would have if I had stuck to my rewards plan.

 I need to have the following sites blocked from my computer:,,,,, and thanks

Last night for actiivty we learned about genelogy. I remember learning how to do it when I was like 15 and I LOVED IT. I hung out with those nice old couples in the genelogy library like a boss. However, I wasn't able to drive myself so the few times I went soon peetered out. Last night my desire to do genelogy was reignited. We have such great resources at our fingertips. If I just remove the FB bookmark and replace it with a newfamilysearch bookmark, I'd be good to go.

 I'm excited for it to be 6am so I can go sleep in my own bed for a little bit. My back and neck have been killing me lately, partly why I would like a new mattress......oh well I'm also excited for 9:30am for a just planned 4 minutes ago photoshoot with a newborn baby of a friend!! He's way stinking cute, just like his three big brothers.

My fingernails feel very sassy today. I painted them pink then I taped them off in a zigzag type pattern painted the tops black, removed the tape, let them dry. Reapplied tape just a little up from the black and painted them grey so they look like lightening bolts or something. I'm so hip I can hardly stand it. (Said with the most sarcasam I can muster)

I made a lot of cards today. I love making cards but I haven't done it for awhile. My goal is to write down all the birthdays of friends/family and have an envelope for each month filled with the birthday cards for that month. Then make lots of thank you cards to have on hand, as well as get well cards, and general, happy day cards. Maybe that will be my project for the scrapbooking retreat that's coming up?

 OK Why am I still wearing my boots? I've been at work for like 45 minutes and I have yet to take them off. Weird. I'm currently wearing sweats that are about four sizes too big and a sweatshirt that is equally as big. I feel like a balloon but boy I'm comfortable. I love being comfortable. And I love naps.

I'm working on a big surprise gift for my dad for his 50th birthday at the end of the month. It's coming together slowly but surely. I'm sure he doesn't even know I have a blog, I'm not positive he knows what a blog even is, but just to be safe, I'm not telling what it is quite yet.

Amazing Race Finale on Sunday night was GREAT. So so so so great. The only team that I liked in the final four won after some huge set backs that had me biting my nails, but thankfully big ogre guys can't seem to sled down a hill. Also Survivor, shaping up to be a good finale. I can't say who I'm rooting for because then she won't win. I can say she because they're only GIRLS left. They finally gave Tarzan the boot, thank goodness. If you need a good laugh, go to the cbs website and watch the survivor ponderosa clip of Tarzan trying to get into his 'disco boots' for tribal council. Hilarious.

Anyways I'm going to watch an episode of Rita Rocks on Netflix then maybe try to sleep a bit.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

SOY Book

So I had this blog all written up on my 'hand-dandy' blogger app but apparently that app doesn't work anymore so here we are, four days later and I'm just not getting around to blogging. Oh well. I'm sure everyone just didn't know what to do with themselves but fear not!! What? Never mind.


My blog was written Saturday night and it was about our church's For the Strength of Youth book. It's a handy dandy little book that outlines standards that we encourage all our youth to uphold. They are standards that will help them live healthy and happy lives. I've always really liked this book. They just updated it within the last 6 months so it's a different one from what I grew up with but it's still the same basic idea. Just a little more fine tuned for this generation.

I call it my SOY book. When a girl or boy turns 12 they get a copy of this book. There are many topics including, but not limited to, dating, family, language, honesty and integrity, dress and appearance, etc....

Our YW group has decided to read and discuss one topic each Sunday. This last Sunday was the first time we did this and I was the one that got to lead the discussion. The idea is that each girl and leader will pick a few standards that they want to 'teach'. We just read through the page then ask the question at the bottom and discuss it for a few minutes.
I chose the topic of Friends for this last Sunday since it went along with my lesson.

Well I decided that I wanted the girls to be able to write in their books or journals their thoughts, goals, general insights down as we read through the book. I was just going to buy them all a little journal to do this but then realized that they have lots of stuff to carry around as it is, this would just get lost in the shuffle. So I did what any logical person would do. I took apart my SOY book, printed up pre-lined pages with titles and questions and folded them all together inside my book, went and bought a $40 stapler that would allow me to staple the book closed again, then I did this 15 more times. It took me awhile to complete it but I think it was worth it.

Here's some pictures of it:
The cover

One of the pages with my added journaling pages

Each topic has 2 pages for them to write on.
There are also a few extra pages that have room for them to write down their goals and any additional thoughts. 
I also want them to highlight their favorite parts of what we read and really apply it to their lives.

Did you know that the first SOY book was published in 1965? The topics were, dress, grubbies/curles/hair fashions, good grooming, dating, acceptable dancing, and clean living. Just 6 topics and 16 pages printed with a large font and lots of pictures. Now we have 44 pages with a smaller font with 20ish topics. Crazy how much things have changed. To illustrate that point, here are some guidelines straight from the 1960's version:

1. Members of the church should be good dancers, not contortionists: emphasis should be placed on smooth styling and clever footwork. (If only youth now days concentrated on their footwork!!)

2. A lady does not go out in public, to the market, or to the shops with her hair in curlers. (Obviously WalMart wasn't invited yet)

3. Clothes should be comfortable and attractive without calling attention to a persons body: few girls or women ever look well in backless or strapless dresses. (But if you do.....? hmmm haha)

4.Any apparel that suggests a house robe should not be worn in public but only in ones home or apartment. (Sometimes I wish people would put on a house robe while out and about, to cover themselves geesh)

Well off to finish gathering supplies for tonight's mutual activity
We're working on Family History tonight.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2007 Emails

I decided to finally go through my oldest email account and clear the heck out of it. I have like 2,000 messages in there, that I don't need most of. That's only for ONE email account. Ridiculous. Anyways I think I know why I never quite get to the cleaning out part, because I decide for some reason that I have to look at certain emails to read them. Well this was a gem I found from 2007, my grandma loves to send email forwards and this was one I actually did.....not seriously AT ALL. Man I'm a spaz.

Welcome to the 2007 edition of getting to know your friends. What you
>are supposed to do is copy (not forward) this entire email and paste it onto
>a new email that you will send. Change all the answers so that they apply to
>you, and then send this to a whole bunch of people (including the person who sent
>it to you). Put your name on the subject line. The theory is that you will
>learn a lot of little things about your friends, if you did not know them
>already. or just hit "reply" & change the we go !!!!!
>1. What time did you get up this morning? a quarter after, that's 15 minutes after
>2. How do you like your steak? mooing
>3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Becoming Jane
>4. What is you favorite TV show? hair and makeup with jon bene ramsey (too soon?)
>5. What did you have for Breakfast? green eggs and ham
>6. What is your middle name? x scott
>7. What is your favorite cuisine? lean

>8. What foods do you dislike? tomatoes and cantaloupe

>9. What is your favorite chip? dale

>10. Favorite dressing? stretchy gauze
>11. What kind of vehicle do you drive? a 2006 nissan altima that is charcol grey with 7000 miles on it woot woot
>12. What are your favorite clothes? clothes? i don't wear those
>13. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation? istanbul
>14. Cup 1/2 empty or 1/2 full? probably more like a quarter full

>15. Where would you want to retire? i want to buy a condo share on the moon
>16. Favorite time of day? twilight
>17. Where were you born? in a hospital
>18. What is your favorite sport to watch? tobogining
>19. Who do you think will not send this back? whoever i don't send it too

>20. Person you expect to send it back first? mom i am offended by that remark, do you think i DON'T have a life?!?!
>21. Pepsi or Coke? Orange Fanta
>22. Bird watcher? no, worm watcher
>23. Are you a morning person or a night person? mid day
>24. Pet? no thanks, i don't like being touched
>25. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share? i was going to wait to tell everyone but what better way to announce something really important than an e-mail forward? i don't think there is a better way to tell you the truth. so here is the big news.............i'm getting my bangs trimmed
>26. What did you want to be when you were little? a witch
>27. What is your best childhood memory? traveling all around the eastern seaboard
>29. Beer or Margarita? squishy
>30. Always wear you seat belt? always, even if i'm not in the car
>31. Been in a car accident? i guess i'm not as easily distracted by cows as you mom otherwise i would be in a wreck everday
>32. Favorite day of the year? June 2nd because it's, yell "fudge" at the cobras day in North America
>33. Favorite restaurant? Sideway Roaches
>34. Favorite Flower? dandilion
>35. Favorite ice cream? French Salmon Sorbet
>36. Favorite fast food ? Taco Town (look it up under SNL
>37. How many times did you fail your driver's test? i bought my license on the black market
>38. From whom did you get your last email? BBBW that stands for big beautiful black women. i just put those e-mails in the junk folder.
>39. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? yeagers
>40. Bedtime? i'm a vampire i don't sleep
>41. Who are you most curious about their responses to this? i don't know what this means
>44. Last person you went out to dinner with? shelley. oh scandalious
>45. What are you listening to right now? crickets
>46. What is your favorite color? unmellow yellow and antique brass
>47. How many tattoos do you have? ahem...i lady never tells her's a good thing i don't act like a lady, i have ZERO
>48. How many people are you sending this email to? my whole contact list...duh. so like 4 people
>49. What time did you finish this email? 9:16
>50. Coffee Drinker? no but when my drains smell gamy i'm all over the coffee grounds

The good news about rereading this completely ridiculous email? That I have time to prepare my June 2nd National Yell at Cobra's day party. It's gonna be big. Where the heck does my mind go? geesh.

Healthy Fudgesicles

I haven't done a Pinterest post for awhile....woops. So I thought I would post real quick before mutual tonight. A friend pinned this and I decided that I wanted to try them, and I'm glad I did.

Image from Pinterest- the link doesn't work so there is no attached website. Weird.
I can't find my Popsicle molds so I had to get a little creative but I'm getting ahead of myself. Here's the ingredients.

1/2 Cup coconut milk (mine was light)
1 medium banana
2 T cocoa powder
teeeeny tinnnny pinch of salt
1/2 tsp. vanilla
1 tsp Agave-optional
Optional: peanut butter- didn't use it this time but might try it next time

Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Pour into popsicle molds or you can do what I did. I lined a mini muffin tin (12) with mini liners, then I poured the mixture into each well. Freeze until frozen. I did add toothpicks to each 'pop' but just skip that step, it doesn't hold up very well.

Once they are frozen through (or mostly frozen if you're like me and too impatient), remove the paper and eat!! They are good. I make a smoothie that is very similar to this but it's liquid. Each little 'puck' of fudgesicle is aprox 15 calories. Heck yes.

They are a tasty alternative to a regular fudgesicle. I love the little hint of banana. You could also add a small pinch of cinnamon if you feel so inclined.

**Edit I have a hard time getting the cups out of the muffin tin. I would use a silicone cupcake tray next time to make them easier to get out, that way you can also avoid the cupcake liners. Or just be smart and use Popsicle molds, they will be much larger though, therefore more calories maybe around 60ish which still isn't bad at all.


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