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Friday, January 31, 2014

I'm like the cookie monster but with books not cookies

^ That's a mouthful! ^

I have been reading nonstop it seems! I keep 'buying' (mostly free) books for my kindle app and borrowing ebooks from the lending library it's so great!
I can't even remember the number of books I've read so far this month but it's been at least two-three a week. It feels good to read again it's been too long since I've really read.

I'm currently on the 4th Harry Potter book again. I only read HP when I blow dry my's a long process and I've gone through three books since this fall.

I've officially finished all of Sarah Eden's books- thankfully the woman writes like crazy and her next book comes out next month and will probably have one or two more by the end of the year. They are just fun to read there is nothing scandalous or crazy and they're the types of books you can finish in just a couple days. Just in the last few weeks I've read Seeking Persophne, As You Are, An Unlikely Match, and A Glimmer of Hope. I recommend all of the above and every other book she's written.

Another fun author similar to Sarah Eden is Karen Witemeyer. I've only read two of hers so far in the last couple weeks, Short Straw Bride and A Tailor-Made Bride. They both happened to be either free/cheap for my kindle. I have a third book of hers I got today from the library that I'm excited to begin. I'll have a reading super bowl instead of football!

I have also read five other random books on my kindle that were just alright. Nothing terribly exciting.

I did check out two books from the e-lending library I just finished the first one today it's called Persephone. It must have popped up because of the Sarah Eden book. I'm not into Greek mythology too much but I remember a little bit from school. It's a more modern take on the myths which is kind of interesting. Not one I'd rush out and buy or anything but it was a library book.

Anyways. I love reading. I also love writing. About a month and a half ago I started writing another book and I have over 60,000 words so far which equals approximately 250 pages (book formatted pages). It's not done yet but it takes a couple minutes to fully load on my computer. Cray.
On Monday or Tuesday I had a random thought and thought, hey that would be a fun book so I started writing again and have almost 15,000 words which is about 60 pages. I just have a fun time writing and daydreaming. I don't write out an outline or anything I just write and come up with stuff as it happens and occasionally I have to go and adjust small details but the thought of writing an outline and all that kind of takes the fun out of it. I enjoy just going where I want to with it.
I've been staying up too late though because I don't realize how much time passes. I should be indexing for one of my classes but I find little spurts of time to work on that and other homework too. 

Well go read those books. And if you have any recommendations for me let me know! I can always add more to my list :)

I kind of love January I feel like I've been hibernating and things haven't been so dang crazy. Last year I almost lost my mind so this is a good pace to begin the year.

Friday, January 24, 2014

My not so happy working song

Can't I just go to disneyland?! PLEASE?! That's all I want in life. I need to find a bird that will talk to me so I can prove I'm a disney princess and leave all these dingle hoppers behind for a whole new world.

These are a few of the things I want to ignore today and forever and how being a disney princess would eliminate the urgency/necessity of these tasks.

  • The 20 minute call wait line I'm on (If only I had a conch shell)? 
  • Enrolling for health insurance junk that's TOTALLY RIDICULOUS (princesses only require a kiss if they fall ill)! 
  • Homework I have due (an eternal sleep sounds more relaxing)!
  • Taxes (when you live in a tall tower where nobody knows you exist you don't have taxes)!
  • My messy room (living in a castle would give me more closet space)!
  • 12 loads of laundry I need to do (those talking birds would come in handy)!
  • Replacing my license plates which I got back in OCTOBER (pumpkin's turned carriages don't require license plates)!
  • My messy desk (living underwater would take care of those pesky papers)!
  • My messy car (Horses don't have trunks that stuff can be shoved into)!
  • Boxing up craft stuff downstairs (castles have whole wings that go unoccupied leaving lots of room for guests, thus eliminating the need to box stuff up)!
  • Getting my tires replaced (my fairy godmother could bippy boppty boo those things)!
  • Getting an oil change (the ability to create ice and snow from my fingertips would allow me to make a big skating rink so I could skate everywhere I wanted to go)!
  • Getting a car wash (canoes floating down the river bend get automatic washes)! 
Those are just a few of the things I really don't want to do. Alas I'll put my Spotify Disney playlist on and whistle while I work as I reflect on when my life will begin. Or better yet I can let it go, or I can build a snowman, or I could paint with all the colors of the wind. Those sound like better options. But a dream is just a wish your heart makes and I know I need to get one jump ahead but all I really want is a magic carpet ride.
I'm a fixer upper but I will be swift as a coursing river with all the force of a great tycoon with all the strength of a raging fire. I can go the distance and that's the gospel truth.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Free Two Day Shipping

I love Amazon. That is no secret around these parts. I order pretty much everything from there because it's so convenient, 95% of the time I get the item/s I need for cheaper than I would get it locally and I can get it for free in two days! It's made me spoiled and now I really dislike paying for shipping.

I've been reading lots of historical fiction lately, like a lot, and watching the same sort of movies/TV show (Downton Abbey). Watching/reading these stories makes me wonder how anything got accomplished back then! They had no email, no phones (well for the most part), and if you wanted to send a letter it would take weeks or longer to get to it's destination.

Now days we can obviously send emails instantly and if we want to send a letter it's 50 some odd cents and it can arrive in just a day or two. I love real cards/letters. There's nothing better than getting a real hand-written letter in the mail but it's rare these days.

This is a random blog geesh.

Anyways. Did you know in 1914 a mother mailed her baby across the state of Indiana for 17 cents and it was in a travel container labeled, "live baby"...17 cents wouldn't be enough to send a postcard now!
Also in 1914 a four year old girl was sent across the state for 53 cents (same price as shipping chickens) and she sat in the mail car with postage stamps on her coat. How I wish I could see that. In my mind I have a very clear image of it!

(In my little research on this I found that the US Postal service is the 3rd largest employer, the first is the US department of defense, and the second is Wal-Mart...what?!)

Well this post is sufficiently ridiculous. I'm wasting time waiting my dang laundry to dry (because my dryer takes f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to dry anything) and going to work. At least my clothes don't have to be hung dried outside! That happened this summer (thankfully in the summer!) and it was pretty unfortunate but we still had a working washer which was very fortunate.

We are lucky to receive those pesky emails and bills that make us pay for electricity and gas to heat our houses. Lucky to order items from the other side of the country and receive them just days later. I have a car that I just push a peddle down and it (can) moves at a very alarming speed AND it plays music AND sprays fluid on the windshield to clean it off! Whoa. I gotta stop reading these books because I keep getting too wrapped up in their world and I get these sudden hankerings to heat up bricks in the fireplace and put them at the foot of my bed for warmth.

Sunday, January 5, 2014


On New Years Day Nicole and I went to the movie theater and my little toes became FROZEN . Not because we saw Frozen but because the AC was WAY too high. Afterwards we went and got FROZEN yogurt. 

Go see Frozen. Now. I don't want any excuses from you.

It's the most delightful little movie you'll ever seen. People of all ages love it. I have always and will always love Disney movies but this makes my top five, if not higher.

This was like Wicked meets Disney, especially since the original Elphaba (Idina Menzel) is the voice of Elsa and those two characters have A LOT in common. Oh it's wonderful just go see it.

This is my favorite song/scene in the movie I think....well one of them. It's the song that most reminded me of Wicked (Defying Gravity much?!).

All the songs are great too. Please just go see it.

PS If you would like to have a birthday party (or just any ol' party) I will plan it for you. It will be Frozen themed. I wrote this song about my party planning ambitions:
Do you want to plan a party? Come on let's plan it now. I never need a reason to, plan a big to-do let's plan it nowwwww!
It's to the tune of this song
I'll be done now.


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