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Monday, June 23, 2008

Baby Pictures

a couple weeks ago a friend of mine had a baby girl! i was so excited when she asked me to take pictures of little Reagan Penelope. i have never really taken newborn pictures before except for like hospital shots. anyways i wish i had a studio or something or props i don't know but i went over to their home and took some pics. of just reagan and some of the whole family. since i've gotten photoshop CS3(!!) i've been playing around with some of the images but i want to invest in some actions so i'll have to post more of the CS3 edited photos after i get some done. these ones i edited in photoshop elements6 (which i just bought like a month ago...dangit, maybe i'll sell it?!) here are a couple of my favorites:
emily and reagan
baby hands and feet are my favorite!
she seriously hates me. that flash was not her friend. this is one of my favorites.
she has so much hair!

her little hand and nose and mouth. she's adorable.

and last but not least jason and reagan.
they are a cute little family and i was so excited to be able to take pictures for them. i took probably around 200 so hopefully a couple of them turned out good. i will definitely be playing with photoshop a bit more.
this last friday i took some pictures of my friend's 2 year old NOAH! i've taken all his pictures from the time he was a baby so i was excited to get some more shots of him. we went out to birch bay when the sun was starting to set. i'm in the process of photoshopping those pics now and will have to post some up later!

Friday, June 20, 2008

It's like CHRISTMAS!

heeeheeewhoooo, heeeeeheeeewhooooo. i have to do some deep breathing exercises. i just got a "little" box in the mail. in that box i found some of the best things i could think of!!!! i am so excited i can't even handle it right now. so here is what was in my "Christmas" Box....

a vis tablet so i can draw and it goes right onto the computer...amazing.

CS3 Classroom in a book and a 2GB flash drive, i need the book for the school i'm starting soon.

oh man, this is my absolute favorite part of this experience...Adobe creative suite 3 design premium. why is it my favorite you ask? well for starters, it has Photoshop CS3 extended version!!, inDesign CS3, Illustrator CS3, Flash CS3 professional and acrobat 8 pro. all that in this little tiny box. heeeeheeeewhooooo...ok. i'm better now.

and last but not least, a backpack...which is cool i guess. and coral painter x program.

wow i am on software overload. i have to go to work in just a little bit but i wonder if they would believe i came down with the bubonic plague....well maybe i won't skip work for it, that's not how i roll but i'm going to HATE leaving this all behind. it's all downloading right now and it's taking it's sweet time. well i am going to be pretty occupied for the next several....weeks. wahhhooooo!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Purses Anonymous:

For those who know me, or have visited my blog enough times, know that i am very obsessive over things. actually that might be putting it mildly. i am extremely obsessive about things, some are good things to obsess about, others not so much. i like to think that this obsession is one of the good ones. can get expensive i guess. i have only about 15 of them, unfortunately some of them could not make it to this picture but they are there in spirit.
gosh i'm a looser. purses and old chairs. geeze louise. maybe another day i'll post about my "kniting adventures/finger pains".

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why Me?

Why me? why do i have the weird need to always buy things i don't really need?! well my new obsession is....vintage chairs/couches/ottomans. especially wingback chairs. now first, i love the way they look and i would love to design a room around one of these chairs. the real reason i want them though is b/c i think they are the coolest photography prop. if you find a field with tall grass and put one of these chairs in the middle of it....put a fork in me, i'm done. of course there would be someone sitting, laying or leaning against it. anyways i think i want to go to value village, goodwill and garage sales until i find myself one of these beauties. here are a couple i've found online:

this one's not really vintage it's not my favorite but i like the color.

this one is my ABSOLUTE favorite, everything about it, the color, the details and all the buttons!

this one looks a little new too, but i like the color and style

this was the ottoman i found, i like it, but i was thinking it needs to be "beef-ier" , big and not such long legs. maybe even round...?

and last but NOT least. the couch. i am in LOVE with this blasted thing. i need to find where it is, who has it and go in at night and steal it. i love it for photography purposes and for a living room. i can't even explain to you my instant connection with this thing. most people won't understand, but i feel it was meant for me. everything about it is perfect. the color, the arms, the legs, down to the pillows. my heart is sad that i don't have this right now. anyways i'm now on the hunt. if anyone has any leads as to where i might find me one of these babies, let me know!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Don't be Jealous...of my light switch

tonight i did a litte mini project. i decided i wanted to change my UGLY lightswitch plate thing. since i have yet to redo my room, i used some random paper i like.

here are the supplies used. spray adhesive, exacto knife, paper and it doesn't show it, but scotch tape.

AFTER. this took seriously 10 minutes, and completly changed it. now i can enjoy my lightswitch. muhaha

i may be doing this to some other ugly light switches around the house. quick, cheap, easy and nice updated look.
p.s. i still haven't gone to the hardware store to do my clip-it-up-remix project (see last post) but maybe on one of my days off this week i'll get to it.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Sneek Peek

now i'm blogging TOO much. oh well it's my day off.

ok. i have wanted one of those clip-it-up do dads now for the longest time. the problem is i am way to cheap to spend $60 on the base unit, $30 on the top unit, then $6.99 for a pack of 12 clips. THis is what it looks like:

so yesterday i was scouting the interweb trying to find good deals on these babies. well everyone is selling them for about the same price even on ebay. but my searching was not in vain. i found what is probably a WAY better solution, for about $10 total. heck yes. the idea behind it, is you fit it into your space. those clip-it-ups are great, but they have to go on a flat surface. i don't know about you, but flat surfaces are like gold in my house.

here are the items needed to create the clip-it-up-remix:
wooden dowel
3 long half circle screw things (i don't know what they are called, but i'll let you know later)
mini clothes pins
2 rubber gromets
an already in place shelf, or piece of wood.

(i can't find the website i found the idea on right now, but i will find it and post a link to it)
mine is going to be a little different from theirs since it has to fit in my space but it will be similar. i will probably go to the hardware store today to get my "ingredients".

i don't know when i'll have it done to show you. it's going to be a BUSY weekend. greahhhht.
here is the basic principle of the thing:

and close up

i just taped it so you could get the idea but really it would be hanging from the dowel. (p.s. that stamp set is one i won from TOM!!)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Checkbooks, Potatoes, Guns & Shelley

as promised, here is my scrapbook-ish item. it's a check book holder thing-ey. i think i will be doing something else with it, but when i made it, i didn't have time.

some of you know, i am obsessed with the pioneerwoman blog. she does pretty much everthing. on her site, she has a cooking section, the other day i saw these little jewels, that night i made them for dinner with a roast. mmmmm

(please for the sake of all that is holy, click this picture to enlarge it. mmmm)
i didn't really make them how she said to, but they were still way good. first you boil a whole bunch of potatoes until they are fork tender, then you put them on a cookie sheet (covered in olive oil) and with a potato masher, slightly crush them. brush olive oil on the top, add kosher salt, and cut up some rosemary, or whatever fresh herb you have on hand, very finely and add on top then bake at 450 for 20 minutes. after they were done, i added bacon bits (which is a treat in our house) they were like baked potato on steriods. you can get better instructions on her site. (i have a link on the right side Pioneer Woman) mmmm mmmm mmmm they were GOOD.

yesterday i said i went shooting. well this is shooting for me. ow ow. i don't think i hit the paper at all but i'll pretend.

and last but not least, a little gift from me to you....

straight up don't tell me, do you really want to love me forever, oh oh oh.....ow ow

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Here's the Rules Fools: (you're not really fools, it just rhymed)

1. Pick up the nearest book (with at least 123 pages)
2. Turn to page 123
3. Find the 5th sentence
4. Post the next three sentences

So the book that was closest was, The Chris Farley Show.

here is what it said....

Turned out it was Chris and a bunch of these people. That was really the beginning. That was when i was like, oh, he's doing other things, beyond the norm.

Ok so tomorrow i will be posting an actually scrapbooking-ish item. it's nothing too exciting but i'm over it.

i'm really tired...when you get woken up 45 minutes before you need to be up, by someone repeating "Charlie bit me" in a brittish accent over and over and over again, it's a bummer. my sleep schedule is wack.

i shot a gun today. a couple times actually. i think i will get me one.

i also got accepted to this thing called college...hmmm it's for smart people.

i made some real good BBQ/chicken/olive 'za (short for pizza, it works in scrabble!) everyone ate it all so no leftovers for me. boo

i'm throwing up a gangsta actually, it's a sangster sign. booya. .... haha i'm funny. nobody gets it, but i do. it makes me laugh. muhahahahaha

hahammmm, i need a haircut.

Monday, June 2, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things:

As you read this post, you have to sing, hum or tap your foot to the tune of "My Favorite Things" from the Sound of Music.... Since i've not been very good at posting things, i thought i'd do a random post about random things!

here is my favorite hair products...Paul Mitchell hair straightners saved my life. *there's a shameless plug for you michelle!

I LOVE demask stamps, masks and stickers!!

rubons are one of my favorite scrapbooking things, especially when they say funny things.

RIBBON!! this is not even an 18th of it!!

this is where you can find me most days, with a book, my ipod, pillow and pink fuzzy blanket...well when i say most days, i mean whenever i'm not doing anything else.

checker patterns! and you can kind see my bedspread behind it with a damask pattern. mom doesn't know how i am her daughter. she uses a purse until the straps fall off, i buy a new purse probably every 4 weeks...i've been good lately, plus this was only 10 dollars at old navy

SHOES! i didn't want to take out all my pairs but two of my favorites were out anyways. i have probably 12 pairs of converse. i'm obsessed

when i was 13 i suffered a TERRIBLE perm thus causing me pain the rest of my life, all these smoothing creams could probably fill a swimming pool.

everyone who knows me, knows i have terrible stomach issues, these are my two favorite remedies. i pretty much always have one or both with me.

here's a little green bird i got for $5. it's a bird & it's green. enough said

SNL, where would i be without you? matt foley is my hero.

this is a two-fer, it's vaseline which is my "makeup" and it's travel size, again another obsession.

this is another two-fer, my cell phone and my temperpedic pillow. AMAZING (p.s. that is a tie-dye pillowcase, not gross moldy drool)

oh Kramer. who doesn't love you?

as was pointed out a couple days ago, i can't go through a day without going online for one thing or another. it's a bad habit. darn facebook, itunes, youtube and blogs!

my ipod would be next. it's pretty much connected at my ear. there should be a surgery for that....hmmmm

guitar hero, oh how i waste so much time on you, when i have much more important things to do like, post on my blog...

mario kart is our new favorite competition

and last but not least, MOVIES. this is just a tiny fraction of the movies we have. i've probably bought most of them since i have to buy it when they're only 14$ the first week they come out.

if you made it this far, you deserve an award. but hey, a post is a post.


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