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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day #13 Musician

Today's challenge is to post your favorite musician. That's really tough because there are sooooo many out there. I like too many to claim one as my favorite. I like different artists for different reasons. hmmm
I could say that I have the most Beatles songs on my ipod than any other artist
I could say that I listen to Rob Thomas, Mindy Gledhill, Taylor Swift, Lower Lights and VersaEmerge a lot
Sometimes I get in the mood to listen to Christmas music in June
Sometimes I want to listen to fast funky music
Other times I like listening to more slow/soft music (which as of late is what I've been choosing)
Music is hard for me to pick just one artist. I respect them all (well...relatively speaking).

I also like a lot of unknown youtube or local artists that don't have record deals, Fight the Shun (represent), the Gardiner Sisters, and I can't remember a few other youtube names.

It just has to be good music.



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