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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Playing Ketchup

Well, it's Thanksgiving...I'm not exactly sure where this month went but apparently it's gone. I haven't updated at all this month I guess I was busy?! I honestly am trying to remember what happened this month b/c I have no idea where it went.
Anyways a quick update:
*I have been on the Prism diet it will be 6 weeks on monday, that means 6 weeks without flour or sugar. There is not much to eat when you take those two things away. ahhhh i will be able to add potatoes and whole wheat flour on Monday, I'm excited!
*I will be waking up..actually not going to sleep tonight to go get some good deals hopefully early tomorrow morning, we are planning on being at Old Navy at 3am yikes.
*I started writing a "book" i have 61 pages done so far. it's going to be epic....well
*I've done several family photo sessions and i'm working on editing them. Also got my Moo business cards, sooooo cool. They are mini photos that i have taken with my info on the back.
*A few weeks ago I went to a scrapbooking retreat with my mom in Cle Elum, we stayed at a really nice resort called Suncadia. Next year they are having it at the same place so I have to decided if I'm going or not...hmmm
Here are some projects I worked on while I was there. I'm surprised I got anything done all i wanted to do was sleeeeeep the whole time. I had been pretty sick the week before leaving. (H1N1??!....just kidding...maybe)

OK on to the projects:

a little mini book that folds out into this:

pretty cool eh?

i made a bunch of these scrabble tile necklace pendants, I love them!

one of my major projects was to get a bunch of these magnets made...i probably got 50 done. these are a few of my favorites:

and all of them:

another major project i worked on was my Disneyland ATC scrapbook. It's not traditional b/c it's a round about type thing.

i got quite a few pages done but i have about 150 pictures left. it will be a year in may so i'm a little behind.
these are some recipe holders i made...well covered with paper while i was there. they are magnetic so you use the hand dandy magnets i made to hold the recipe.
and last but not least is the blanket i started a few weeks ago. I haven't been able to work on it as much as I want b/c my wrist clicks when i crochet. maybe i'll knit for awhile until my wrist stops hurting.
i took pictures at the resort I just don't have a card reader for that cameras card on my laptop and I'm too lazy to transfer them right now, maybe i'll update them another time, probably not though. :)
Happy Thanksgiving!!


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