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Friday, November 26, 2010

Day #23- 15 things

This blog challenge is ALMOST over!! I've done pretty good with not skipping tooo much. Today I'm told to tell you 15 random things about myself, here they are in no particular order:

1. I woke up at 3am to shop this morning- it IS black Friday after all. I saved about $135 (still might go back in for a few things but haven't decided yet)

2. I am currently making Tom Ka Pug ala Turkey for a ward Thanksgiving leftovers dinner

3. My hair's a hot mess right about now. haven't even brushed it today, maybe I should be doing that instead of blogging since I have to go soon...


5. I am a control freak

6. I am left handed and double jointed. basically I'm a freak of nature ;)

7. I hate odd numbers and tomatoes

8. I love the season we are in right now. It's my favorite time of the year

9. I'm almost done Christmas shopping and I may have spent more than I needed/wanted to

10. I'm pretty sure I have arthritis from my knitting/crocheting. my fingers/hands hurt real bad and start spazzing randomly.

11. I strongly dislike when someone calls me sista or sister and says made up words (says is looking like a really weird word to me right it right?!)

12. I really need to be done with this list so I can get ready to go

13. If I had to choose one sandwich shop for the rest of my life it would be Port of Subs...

14. I dislike blow drying my hair

15. I like hand sanitizer.

that is all.



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