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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


once again i am procrastinating on my girls camp duties....woops....and looking at dresses online. my aunt is getting married next month and i decided i needed to buy a new dress to take photos in. really it's just an excuse to browse anthropologie and shabby apple for an hour without getting in trouble ;). i found a few that i like and it seems the photos i saved of a few dresses didn't really save so these will have to do. they aren't all modest so i'd have to modest-ify them a bit. but one good thing about being short is when a dress for "normal" girls goes above their knees, it goes right to mine or even right below. perfect! here are a few contenders feel free to give me more ideas i don't want to spend toooooo much.

this is one of my favorites. i just love yellow dresses. i really wanted yellow and grey but couldn't find one.
this is another one i really like although it might look strange with a tank top under it. but i think it would look super duper with a yellow (or blue?) cropped cardigan. it is going to be a "beach" wedding i think.
i really am digging the yellow theme lately. and this one is under $100!

i love love love this color and this one is modest already! but from nordstroms and a little expensive

i think this is like the yellow one above but purple. i love purple too.....hmmmm

i don't usually like dresses like this on me but i really liked the top part of this dress so it could work with a little sweater or something. ahhhhh so many choices so little time!

in other news girls camp: 13 days away...YIKES! not prepared whatsoever so after i publish this post that's what i'll be working on.

in other other news: going to see eclipse in a few hours....hahaha i'm so distracted geesh but soooooo excited!!
in other other other news: i have never been more stressed out! this month is camp, vacation, photos, weddings, birthdays, camp at work, baseball game, scrapbook retreat....and more. the list keeps getting longer and longer i don't make a habit of wishing time away but starting july 5th it could stand to go a little faster.
ok off to work on camp stuff and my 2 lessons for sunday!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Right Now...

right now i....

love trident layers gum. it's a little waxy but i love the flavor. i haven't actually tried the strawberry one yet but i have a pack, have to finish the apple/pineapple first

love that it's 75 degrees outside and can enjoy a crystal lite Popsicle in the sun for only 15 calories

love that i spent the morning (while the clouds were out) cleaning my room just a little bit. i no longer have the mt. Vesuvius clothes pile going on AND i got rid of a loooot of shoes. now i only have about 50 pairs! yahoo they all fit finally!

love any and all shades of pink/red nail polish on both my toes and fingers. to have my toes painted means summer is here!

love that i got rid of the huuuuge jeans in my closet (that i'm embarrassed to think ever fit me) and replaced them with jeans that are HALF that size. (even if they are paint splattered, they were only $5 though ;))

love breakfast! i have never ever been a breakfast person but for the last week i've been having a "fried" egg with garlic powder, S&P, and chili powder on half a whole wheat sandwich thin. sometimes if i'm feeling risque i have a peach too yuuuummmmmm.

love loreal's new face wash. i have never had "typical" skin. i never really got pimples or anything but i might have suffered a worse fate...DRY skin. sooo dang dry. but this stuff is cool it has a nifty little scrubbing pad that feels like a treat for my face. very enjoyable and affordable.

ahhhh one more thing before i go back outside, i love that my new photography postcards just came in the mail!! yahooooooo! they look a lot better than the first ones thankfully. let me know if you'd like one :).

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Time flys (or is it flies? maybe fly's?)

i remember my parents always said time goes by way faster when you are an adult and i have to say i have found this to be true (fortunately? unfortunately? the jury's still out on that one.) i literally feel like it should still be February. how the HECK are we already towards the end of June?!!! seriously when i look back on it, i don't know where all the time went. i guess i was in the hospital with my grandpa a lot, our house was remodeled etc etc....but i am at a loss to where all that time went. i might put my detective gear on and try to find it because i want it back!

July is coming up WAY WAY WAY too fast for my liking. too many things going on next month that i need more time to prepare for example: girls camp (23 days and counting) my 23rd birthday (26 days and counting) scrapbook retreat (also 26 days and counting) my aunt's wedding (i just found out about...34 days and counting). i just don't know what i'm going to do. i feel so unprepared which i hate. i know it will all come together i just need to learn the fine art of delegation and the not so fine art of letting go ;). the girls at camp won't know or care if i don't get everything done for them that i have planned, but i will try my hardest.

anyways i didn't mean to rant there but i just felt overwhelmed. i literally have no idea where the weeks go. it should still be thursday, NOT sunday night.

here are a few photography things i've been working on the last few weeks:

business postcards. the back has all my information on it and prices. i've realized i'm too busy to do "favors" for people i hardly even know when it comes to photography.

here's a gift certificate i still have to print up. not sure if they would ever even be used but they are still kinda fun ;)

in other news, i love this shirt. i think it's really funny. i would wear it. hint hint...

p.s. 80 days til ty goes to the MTC and maybe 76 days (?) until him and i go to utarhhhh

Monday, June 14, 2010

Vancouver LDS Temple

i had these two black and white ones requested and i masked the gold moroni back to gold even though it's hard to tell. the top photo has a texture run on top then again i removed the texture from the temple so it's just in the sky.

I had a few people ask me if i was going to sell some photos of the vancouver temple i took. so i thought i'd put a few up here if anyone is interested. i have a reallllly cool edit that i'm working on right now that i'm hoping will be similar to the Raymond Design temple photos (maybe?!). if anyone is interested i can post a price list for different sizes. i'm too tired now but hopefully i'll finish that other photo tomorrow-ish and post it. if you are interested let me know so i can put together some info for you.

also i'm hoping to go up one night after it gets dark and take some cool night photos. but that might have to wait until crazy july is over.
EDIT: If you would like a CD of one of the images to do what you want with we'll say that's $5.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Drowning on Dry Land

cheesy? mellow dramatic? possibly. probably. all signs point to yes. i literally made 4 pages of excel spreadsheets this week for all the things i have to get done. i am learning how to say no. i am learning that it's ok to not be able to figure out everyone's issues. i am learning that i can't do everything for everyone. i can't tell you how many times in the last 2-3 years i've heard something along the lines of "she doesn't have kids, she has time to do it". that's EXACTLY why i DON'T have time to do it. i am deciding my mental health is more important than being everyone's "go to" person. so sorry if i'm not able to do something for you. i really wish i could but sometimes it might not be possible. i really only have one whole day every other week "off" and i use the term off loosly b/c by 6pm i'm back "on" but whatever ;).
it's ok for me to make "appointments" with myself in my schedule book and when people ask me for something that day, i don't have to give them my life story as to why i can't, i can just say, i have plans. those plans might just include me in my pajama's on the hammock with a book, but they don't need to know that. sorry i'm rambling but for my sanity i needed to vent for a few minutes. thanks for listening. sorry to be so dramatic and oh woe is me. tomorrow i have a date with my pj's and Holden Caufield (The Catcher in the Rye, it's a book lest you think i have a real date haha) I probably won't take a shower until noon when I have to get ready for a meeting and really start my day.

i hope you all can take a mental health day soon too! it's a growing epidemic!

alright off to make 1 or 2 more spreadsheets....yipppppy!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Food Storage Dinner

I have always had this thing about being prepared. I always have a purse full of stuff (tooth brushers, hand sanitizer, first aid items etc...) sometimes i get made fun of for it but it seems like the ones who make fun of me are the ones who need those items. ANYWAYS. when i was a kid i read this book, Z for Zachariah and a few years ago i read the book, The Road and both these books have just made me more of a preparedness freak. With all the natural disasters happening around the world in the last several years it makes me even MORE of a freak. Food storage is something our family has always had and we try to use up the old stuff before it goes bad. Here is a fun recipe to help use up some of that food storage that might need to be replaced soon.

Mexican Corn Chowder:
2 cans refried beans
2 cans corn (include the water)
2 cans precooked chicken
2-4 Cups Chicken broth
1 can black beans (drained)
Taco seasoning
onion powder
garlic powder
chili powder
sour cream

basically what you do is throw everything into a pot (except sour cream and cheese) and let it simmer until hot. at the end, add the sour cream and cheese. you can also top it with tortilla chips (if you're into that sort of thing ;)).

it's pretty good. very hearty. i made it tonight for dinner and brought some to my grandparents in the nursing home and by the time i got home i just wanted cherries so i'll save my bowl for tomorrow.

Friday, June 4, 2010

I want to be her

go here. you will see why i want to be her. her DIY section is unbelievable and her photography is amazing. p.s. she also has an etsy store....

i claim no responsibility if you spend the next 2 hours searching her site.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Update, I've reopened my blog we will see how things go. It's hard to block it because of the cocoon pattern i posted a couple years ago can't be accessed and there's several links for people. Oh well. It might need to be private again but I'll undo it for awhile.


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