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Monday, November 22, 2010

Day #19 Photo

Another photo of myself was on the menu for this blog challenge. So here it is. They didn't say it had to be recent. But I'm fairly certain I still make that same scowl so it's like looking at a current photo...except for the white-blonde side pony, HUGE grandma glasses, floral/lace/puffy sleeve dress, obnoxious purple watch (not sure why I wore it, I still can't tell time on those stupid things), stick on earrings, and 90's hair tie.

Man I was STYLIN'...still am if I do say so myself...haha ya riiiight.

This is my "get out the way or else" face.


Kristin said...


I lOVE LOVE LOVE that you had stick on earrings. I used to think those things were so rad. I mean -- if I could find them now, I probably still would...I mean...


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