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Friday, April 17, 2009

Scrapbooking Stuff

When i made this blog, the intention was to post scrapbooking and crafty things, however this blog has turned into something completely different-mostly just random stuff i feel like posting. today however i really will post a scrapbook page and a card.

yesterday my neighbor and i were downstairs scrapbooking and i made this page for ty's Fight the Shun scrapbook. for those who don't know, fight the shun is the band he is in. i plan on making a whole scrapbook but i'm really a slow scrapbooker so i might just do 4 pages and call it good.

the picture is one from our recent photo shoot. their favorite picture since it says good music on the wall. i cut an old record i found at the salvation army for 70 cents, using a scroll saw (not sure if that's it's main purpose but it worked). i got a little worried when pieces started flying off at my face. you might notice the bottom of the album is kinda broken in a weird way.

anyways onto the cards. my friend is having a baby in about 2 months and so, her sister claudia, our friend chrey and i are throwing her a baby shower. i put myself in charge of invites. after a few weeks of putting it off i finally came up with an idea a few days ago. i bought paper at joannes when it was 5 for $1 but i didn't have a design in mind so i didn't end up having enough paper so these are just variations of the same card.

where you see the ribbon behind the scallop, there is a pocket for the invitation to be stuffed. i just have to print them out and cut them to the right size. they took a LONG while but i'm finished with the card part at least.

so there you go, an actual scrapbooking post. yahooo!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Make Your Own "Beads"

i found some old "beads" i made several years ago and wanted to show you. I think they are pretty cool, they may be completely stupid but i don't care. here are the first ones i ever made:
i want to make them into earrings. they are made out of magazines. we have a plethora of old magazines so i have lots of options, here's what you do
pick a pattern you like, remember not much of it will actually show.
make sure you have toothpicks, siccors, gluestick, and clear fingernail polish.
cut your patterned magazine into strips depending on how wide you want it to be
trim off the extra sides. flip it over and slather it with glue.
wrap it tightly around your toothpick. the longer the piece of paper, the thicker the "bead" will be.
after it's wraped around paint the whole thing with the clear fingernail polish.

stick it somewhere to dry completly. then slide it off the toothpick and do whatever with it.

i don't know if this is weird, probably, but i think they look kinda cool. you can cut your paper on an angle to get a different look. i don't have everything to make them into earrings but maybe soon and i'll post pictures.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Photography Props

I didn't know which blog to post this on, my photography blog or this one. i decided to do it here since i use this one more. lately i've been all about the photography props. i love all sorts of stuff, baskets, rugs, blankets, pillows, chairs, sticks, old gas pumps, old suitcases tables, etc....some people may not understand some of the ideas in my head for my pictures but i have ideas that seem silly to others but they trust me and go with it, and usually love it. ANYWAYS the past few weeks/months i've been collecting props (mostly for babies/toddlers). i've spent some money but i try to get things on clearance/sale or from value village. on all the props on here today i spent between $150-200. i figure it's a good investment. ok on to the pictures (which ironicly are terrible)
this little jewel was found at value village, it was $3. i almost didn't get it then i did and i'm so happy. i sanded it and spraypainted it.
i actually don't know if this will work it's a potting basket i found in the garage. it's a little flexible so we'll see.
this chair came from the goodwill, it was $20. i'm planning on getting it upholstered soon but i have a disneyland trip coming up so i'll wait :)
i got this blanket from pier one on clearance for like 8 dollars. and i knitted that baby cocoon with yarn we already had. i plan on crocheting a chunky one soon...maybe
PILLOWS! i have other covers too from ikea. the two small ones were just a few dollars at ikea canada and the big blue one was from TJ Maxx for $7. it was leftover from when linens and things closed...a $40 pillow!
i love this green stool also from ikea. i believe it was $7ish.
ok long one, i got the black fabric underneath everything for $4 from walmart. there is that white fabric on the left corner, it's heavy-duty duck cloth that i got for $17...40% off. then the fuzzy white fabric was also 40% off and cost $7ish
now this little guy is really larger than it looks. i don't know if i'll keep it though. it was $24 at walmart in the garden section. it's a flower pot. maybe it would be good for newborns with a pillow/blanket on the inside.
mmmm baskets, this was 40% off at joannes and i LOVE the color. i think it works for boys or girls.
ok i love this one too. also 40% off from joannes. i can just picture a newborn laying in this (with a blanket of course) on top of a cool dresser or something.
this was a little pricer, i got it from TJ Maxx for $50. but i couldn't help it. i walked away from it, then kept going back to look at it more. i think i'll like it lots.
and last but not least, my new backdrop holder thing. i made it all for under $15 from PVC pipe. i was going to buy one online but they are around $500 each so i figure this will work until i make the big time (ha)'s really tall like 6 ft 6 in. and i have big heavy duty clips to hold the fabric up. when i cut the pipe, i did it so it can be only 3 ft high if i want/need it to be. i made it all by myself i even figured out the scroll saw. now i'm just going to spray paint it black. it's why i bought that fabric. i'm also going to get other patterned fabric/shower curtains for backgrounds. anyways if you made it through all of that...well probably nobody did. i can't even make it through....


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