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Friday, May 29, 2009

Back...been back for awhile

i was in disneyland earlier this month. i've been home for some time but haven't posted anything b/c i'm really busy. i'm posting real quick between dropping the kids i'm babysitting off at school and visiting teaching and turning in an application for a new job. if that makes sense. here are some pictures from disneyland. i had a post planned out to write what i did on the days but decided that's really boring so i'll just put a couple pics up.
at one of the hat stores. i ended up getting some pirate mickey ears-they have a pink bandana and skulls on the ears. they're pretty legit. too bad i can't wear them anywhere else.
the QUEEN. talk about wench bag. she almost ran me over. jasmin ended up getting her signature but she never stopped walking or frowning. we had to chase her.

ROB C FROM SURVIVOR AMAZON AND ALL STARS! he was standing 2 feet from me and i didn't get his signature...i'm such an idiot!!!!!!! he's my favorite survivor EVER.
this was in california adventure...screamin' california. not scary even though it goes upside down and all around. we had our hands up the whole time. we're cool. i love how they guy is the only one holding on. haha
i loved these cars. besides sully from monsters inc. these were my favorite "characters" from pixar at C.Adventures.
ok there may be more later but i have to get stuff ready for the day. so bye.

Friday, May 8, 2009


tomorrow morning at oh eight hundred thirty i will be on my way to DISNEYLAND! (please note that time measurement might be written wrong 8:30 is what i mean). I am going with my aunt and her three kids, i'm not excited AT ALL... don't let my running and jumping around the house singing Disneyland over and over again fool you. i made up a song to count down the days, and now i have to revise said song to document the HOURS...that's right...hours. I will be gone until next thursday at which time i will madly scramble to try to put together a baby shower for that weekend, yay me!
ANYWAYS i won't be on here for that time. don't be too sad... i have a few plans for a little idea i had. i am going to make a What Not to Wear Disneyland slide show. i'm going to coach my cousins and aunt to stand so it looks like i'm taking their picture but i'll really be taking undercover bad outfit pictures. i'll have to make up a word to say to them so they know when to pineapple or chap stick. i might just be included in some of these photos, just a warning. i'm going for comfort and cool--just like most of the people i might be taking pictures of. so i still have several things i have to pack and get ready for my absence, i'm realizing i have to prepare everyone else for me going away more than getting myself ready.

here's a picture just so this post isn't TOO boring. my pretty organized suitcase.

alright i have to finish things up so i'll be done know. i'll think of you when i'm having lunch with the princesses, eating at the fancy pirates of the Caribbean ride/restaurant and spinning endlessly on the teacups.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Slouchy Hats

for the last two months i have been wanting a slouchy hat. those ones that everyone wears when they are having a bad hair day. but i couldn't justify spending $20 on a hat i didn't know if i would even wear (not so much a hat person). i had searched raverly high and low for the perfect slouchy hat to make with my new 100% alpaca yarn (AMAZING BTW usually costs $18per skein but i have connections and got it for $6). after trying to make 4 different versions i finally found the pattern i wanted to make from google (i can't find the link now so that's great).
then i couldn't find the right needles so we searched literally high and low for the huge set i got my mom and found them after an hour. i went to the deck and started. i had the hat finished later that evening. size 13 needles are pretty amazing.
here is the so soft alpaca yarn. i only wish they came in more unnatural colors...if that makes sense.

the next day i decided i needed a green hat b/c i LOVE green. so i made it yesterday. i made a few changes from the original pattern to make it a little slouchy-er. and not so pointy on the top.

here's a bad picture of part of the backside. i love them. i don't think i look good in hats still but i love that it hides my gross-in a bad need of a haircut hair.
oh and here are some cupcakes i made for a baby shower a few weeks ago. they came out a little dry i guess that's what happens when i don't follow the recipe and over bake them b/c my hands are covered in pink chocolate and can't get them out of the oven. my life would do that.
i made some white buttermilk cupcakes (not so sure buttermilk is my favorite FYI- VERY dense) and a big batch of cream cheese frosting that i tinted an ivory color. then i melted some pink chocolate and piped it onto parchment paper in binky shapes. then i melted regular chocolate and piped curly hair (which turned out terrible, they all kept breaking!!). after the binkies were set, i piped a tiny bit more pink chocolate onto the smooth side and stuck a white lifesaver to it. then just pipe some chocolate eyes and a little frosting nose. thank goodness people in this world can come up with things like this to make my life easier.


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