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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day #6 pets

So today's blog challenge is to post what kind of pet you would love to have. I thought I was going to be soooo clever and say I wanted a liger like in that one movie ;) buuut when I googled it, it's A REAL THING!! FAIL! I thought someone might be playing a trick on me but sure enough it's real:
 so I've decided that I would love a real cub liger that would stay a cub foreva. isn't it sooo cute? ahh meow meow i want to pet it!

if a liger isn't an option I would love a black or chocolate lab. preferably one that would stay a puppy forever too, although grown up labs are cool too i just like the look of a puppy. or maybe a huskie would be a cool dog, we used to have one until someone gave it away while i was at school....JERK.

but since neither of the above two animals can stay a puppy forever, i would take a horse too if that's ok. i think horses are the bee's knees, it would be cool to live on a farm or ranch with a few of these things, and maybe a liger running around there too ;D

Sidenote: today is my 200th post! woopdi doooooooooo.

 maybe a koala would be a cool pet, or a kangaroo, NO a giraffe!! oh man even better than a horse, a ZEBRA. people have them as pets you know, I could do it too!



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