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Monday, July 27, 2009

Busy Month

seriously this month has been so busy! i've taken pictures for 2 weddings, 2 families, 1 40th b-day party, and a family reunion. phew pretty much all in the same week. you can see pics from one of the weddings here. it was so nice but i have 700 pictures to go through just for that wedding. Anyways it was also my birthday on the 16th,
i got this bike:
and a bunch of other things like scrapbooking stuff :) .
my cake was kind of a flop, the frosting was too...i don't know i just didn't like it too much. i liked the candle though. it matched the flower sprinkles.
i also spent some time making these invites:
for my aunts reception.....
we also went camping with 4 other families. well, 2 went camping we went cabining with the other family. haha we've been camping with these families since i was born but our family doesn't camp after some unfortunate experiences...
we went to the washington coast and it was pretty foggy and chilly but it was still fun. the above picture is actually from La Push, WA, we went to forks and la push on our way home from greyland. we saw forks high school and some other fun Twilight places.

this weekend we went to woodlyn park zoo in seattle, it was about 90 degrees and i literally melted (note it will be around that hot the rest of the week...darnit i like the sun but not that kind of heat) on our way home from the zoo we ate at the Rock Woodfire Pizza restaurant...SO GOOD if you're ever in lynwood you should definitely look them up we talked to the guy about opening one in bellingham, we are that cool.

tomorrow my brothers, my dad and i are going to orcas island in the san juans to scooter around the island.

hopefully it will be a little cooler there with it being by the water. maybe. so that's why i haven't posted much this month...too much good stuff going on. next month will probably be pretty busy too so don't expect too much :) .

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer Theme{s}

it's SUMMER! i'm pretty excited. i plan on spending quite a few hours doing these things:
consuming lots of lemonade flavored good. i don't care what form it takes. there's just something so refreshing about lemonade.
listening to books on CD, this one i just read but i want to listen to it too. it's only 20 discs...i have lots of books on tape lined up and i'll read them here:

sitting on the Adirondack chairs on the deck (note, this deck is not mine). OR the hammock (not pictured)
the reason i want books on tape is so i can put them on my ipod and do this:
while listening to them. my birthday is in 14 days and this is what i would like. i probably will have to buy it with my own money, certain people don't want to buy it for me. booo. it's pretty legit. all it needs is a basket. anyways this summer is pretty full so i'm excited.


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