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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I'm not a fool

I had some fun yesterday, April Fools Day. I didn't have anything extravagant planned but I do love a good reason for pranking people. So I began by hacking my dad's facebook account

It was too easy. I just saved a bunch of pictures of Nicolas Cage and changed his profile and cover photos as well as created a photo album with photos of Nicolas Cage as different things (hostess cupcake, rabbit, Hannah Montana, etc...) He got some funny comments and when he saw it he was like what the heck? Who covered my FB in Nicolas Cage?! He said he'd get me back but he hasn't...yet...

Next on my list was my mother. I downloaded this app that changes your icons to cats when you press can't access anything unless you exit the app so it's confusing for people. 

You can see how long it took her for her to realize I had done anything...from 3:30pm to 8pm she was clueless of her little surprise until I told her friend to text her. She doesn't let me near her phone anymore. She fell for this three times.

Next on my list was Ty and Jessica. Continuing my earlier Nicolas Cage theme I downloaded a google chrome extension that replaces EVERY picture online with a picture of Nicolas's great. 
MSN Search page
FB Ads
 It was cloudy with a chance of Nicolas Cage.

Why wouldn't you want to Cage-ify your life? I'd say I did them more of a favor than prank. 


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