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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day #11 Makeup bag

hahahahHAHAHahahhHAHAHA. Makeup, that's funnnny. Except for Halloween and spirit day at school I have never worn makeup in my LIFE. maybe I should, maybe it would save some people's retinas but seriously I'm too cheap and too uncoordinated to try that stuff. One time a friend tried to put some makeup on me for a mall masquerade for church and I swear she was trying to poke my eye out. So instead I will take you through my "beauty" routine, or lack thereof:

it starts off with this shampoo and conditioner. mmm mmm mm it smells goooood. 
then i wash my face with a bar of soap, that is if I even decide to wash my face. a lot of the time I don't bother because I don't like soap/water in my eyes ya heard.

after said shower, I use some neat lotion. Usually it doesn't matter what kind, whatever will do, I'm in no way a lotion snob. This month's flavor is Suave lavender vanilla. Mmm I guess I like lavender.
after i blowdry/straighten my hair I spray a little matrix hairspray in there to keep the flyaways down...usually doesn't help too much though. my hair has it's own mind. I might not be a lotion snob but I do have specific hairspray needs...just saying.

next i dab a little (or a lot) of this d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s. chapstick alllll over my lips. I love anything spearmint too. I might be a little addicted to it and I might need someone to call Dr. Drew for an intervention.

then last but not least i dab and or spray either of these scents on. now you might think that's a lot of smells going on but the lotion smell never lasts long anyways. my cousin got me a bottle of Chanel No. 5 while I was in Utah, he works at this company that sells that kind of thing for cheaaaaap. it smells so good and it's just the essence of the smell so instead of lasting for an hour or two the scent lasts allll day long. mm mm good.
and that's about it. I through on some clothes and head out the door. pretty exciting.



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