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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blogging? What's that?

Wow slackkker much? well i have a semi good excuse, the main computer where i usually blog from capooted and is in the shop, never mind that it just happened 3 days ago. oh well. all the pics i have are from my P&S which i don't have a card reader for- there is a card reader connected to the main computer-so maybe i'll find some pics from my laptop to post?
this has been a busy month just like july. we are getting ready to fly out to Utahrrr to drop my brother ty off at the MTC for his mission to Santiago, Chile (NOT chili:)). he reports on the 8th we will be there about ten days early. UGh i just spilled crystal lite almos
t on my computer. gosh dangit i hate blogger right now. why the heck did everything just underline and pretend to be a link right now?! OH MY GOSH i'm soooo annoyed. good thing i can't fix it. whatever!!!!! i'm looking into making my own website pretty soon, one that DOES NOT involve blogger. one that would be a site for a blog, my photography and the like. wait for it. it will be awesome. also blogger won't let me change my dumb layout that i've had forever and am sick of. i'm just batting 100 today.

Well...oh that worked....weird. well now that we are not typing like a link now i can get onto the rest of this post which is going to be about...BOOKS. i love to read. loooove loooove looove it. here are 3 books i'm currently reading and one book i will get in the mail Aug. 24th(!!!!!)

if you haven't read the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, please go get it right this minute and read it. i read it right after it came out and couldn't put it down. then i had to wait FOREVER for the next one, Catching Fire now I've waited FOREVER for the last book in the series, Mockingjay. It will be brilliant! it will also be a movie in the year 2011. i just have one thing to say, Kristen Stewart better not be Katniss Everdeen otherwise i won't see it...and i really want to see it.
this is another book i just got from the libaray and started a few days ago. it's about these "aliens" that come from another planet to earth to protect their planet from the bad guys. the only way they can die is if they are killed in order. they don't know where the others are and have to keep moving to stay hidden. every time one is killed they get a circle burned into their ankle so it's about this boy who is #4 and gets the 3rd burn on his ankle. i'm not too far in it yet but i'm enjoying it quite a bit. this will also be a movie in the year 2011 and they have already starting filming.
this book is a different pace than the others. it's about a girl who finds out her dad is a serial killer when she is 15. it's her trying to keep it a secret and finally coming out about it. i will probably have to return this before i finish since i leave soon and i have so many other books but maybe i will get it on CD so i can listen to the rest of it.
this book is almost 800 pages long which isn't a big deal i love long books, especially if they are good but it's taking a while to get into it. the author is really wordy but my dad said it was good. i do have this one on CD so i'll probably stick it on my ipod before i leave so i can return the book to the library. it's about an outbreak of a virus the government was trying to contain and everyone turns into these creatures that they describe as vampires but nothing like the vampires we are used to reading about. it's an end of the world type of book and it follows a young girl who survives and has to learn to keep herself alive. this is the first book out of 3. i'm sure this will be a movie too, it has a lot of followers already and it's only been out a month or two.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Operation: Potential

sometimes i tend to focus on the negative so i came up with an exercise, if you will, to help me see the potential in all things. i went to value village today and bought a few, shall we say, homely dresses and my goal over the next few days is to make them completely different, well maybe not this first one, i think it's perfect just the way it is...

uhhh maybe not so we'll see what i can come up with.
this one isn't quite so, pioneerish but it's still pretty blah. so watch out for some sweeeeet new clothes.
i haven't blogged in awhile because we had family here from utah:
this is what we do with family, paint their toenails...then laugh every time they take their socks off. and laugh even harder when they forget and wear flipflops.
went to a mariner game with nicole. we had an adventure getting there but we made it in one piece....barely ;). we didn't even get really lost!!

this last weekend we went tubing for activity WAY fun. i've only been tubing a few times but i'll have to make friends with someone who has a boat b/c it was a blast. it was raining and freeeezing cold but so worth it. we'd just get in the water when we got too cold since it was a lot warmer. i tried my knees as knee boarding (get it? instead of tried my hand, tried my knees...hahahaha) i could get up on the board just find i couldn't grab the rope though, i was too chicken after being plummeted head first the first 3 tries.
so random post about nothing really. i'm super duper tired.
24 days until I go to UTAH!!


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