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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Canon vs. Nikon

once again here i am taking a homework break...
i really want a new camera. i know i shouldn't b/c my current Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT is fine, but i want a step or six up. this is my dilemma, do i spend quite a chunk of money on a new camera now, or wait until i graduate and can start a business? i just don't think my current camera is what i want. do i stick with canon or make the nikon switch?! from my first film camera when i was 13 i've always had canon. luckily i'm too cheap to buy lots of lens' so if i did switch to nikon it wouldn't be a big deal lens wise.
oh man. so many choices, here are the cameras who have captured my heart (and wallet)
nikon D700 $3000 *swoon*

Canon 50D $1399 about 3 steps up from my current camera...but is it enough?!

Canons mark III $8000 Oh My Heck...i just died and went to heaven definatly a pro. camera (see in the bottom left side of the camera, there is another button to take the pictures to make vertical pics. easier to take...i've had my eye on this one for awhile)

i'll take one of each please and thankyou. that's a LOT of lens'.
if only i were rich, i would cure world hunger and have every single one of these lens'.
oh well. so if anyone would like to tell me which camera they prefer, nikon or canon, please do. i've never really used a nikon but i know they are excellent.
too bad i already named my business..."I shoot people with canons"...maybe that's not a very good name anyways.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Western Campus Pics

snuggle in because today's post will go on for a looooong time. i took pictures of a cute little family today at the Western Campus. it was really pretty. here are the couple(...) i've edited so far.

that is a heck of a lot of pictures. holy moly. ok i guess that's it.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


i'm trying to do my homework (which is completely bogus) but i realized just 20 minutes ago that my version of powerpoint 2007, which i need for my homework, has been expired since i'm downloading the trial version. while it was downloading i was looking at a couple blogs and saw that i got "tagged..." so here are the questions, hopefully by the time i'm done with this blog i'll be ready to finish my homework....blasted school.

Eight TV shows I like to watch:
1. The Office
2. Heroes
3. SNL
4. 30 Rock
5. Project Runway (me too Natasha!!)
6. Jon and Kate plus 8
7. Lost
8. King of Queens
Eight things that happened yesterday:
1. Had super saturday at church
2. Taught one person to knit
3. learned how to crochet (yahoo)
4. Went to the mall (bleh) to find suits for ty
5. bought a zebra print hard wallet
6. watched/listened to Indiana Jones...while crocheting
7. DIDN'T do homework...should have though
8. helped make cheeseburger soup
Eight favorite places to eat:
1. Bandito Burrito
2. Port of Subs
3. House of Orient (thai--way good)
4. Olive Garden (soup, salad, breadsticks please)
5. Kyoto Steakhouse ($$$)
6. Good Burger
7. El Gitano
8. Billy McHales
Eight things I am looking forward to:
1. Finishing my homework tonight
2. Being done with school so i don't have more homework
3. Twilight movie!! November 21st! (i'll just leave this here i'm just copying natasha)
4. Thanksgiving (a day off from everything)
5. December 12 (when the quater is over)
6. Christmas when the utah pecks come
7. Sleep-tonight for a while anyways
8. becoming a famous photographer and making millions....haha...or not.
Eight People I Tag:
I'll see if i can get 8...
1. Michelle C
2. Tracy G
3. Anita G
4. Nicole C.
5. Donna C.
6. Emily W. (who was already on the list so you don't have to do it twice)
ok i guess 6 it is, a lot of the blogs i read are people I don't know like Pioneer Woman, Soule Mama, Stephenie Meyer and so on.

well my stuff STILL isn't done'll be a late night. this week i have to take a midterm, i have to babysit in the middle of the night, i have shelley on monday (spin dance) wednesday and thursday, visiting teaching, homework, work, halloween stuff and treats to make. it'll be a long but fun week. it's almost done!! yippy!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stoney Ridge '08

If you live in or around b'ham, wa and you haven't been to stoney ridge farm, you should probably go i'll wait...ok well i'm sure you didn't really go, but you should. it's like $10 for a family and it pays for a hayride, corn maze, petting zoo-type thing and then you can buy, pumpkins, apples, apple cider donuts (which i recommend you buys lots of :)), and crafty type things. anyways you should go it's really fun. it's my favorite spot to take pictures up in this piece. (i'm basically a gangster at this point-dizzle). anyways here are a couple pictures from this last trip.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Real Quick Picnik...

tonight i found this website, it's pretty darn cool. it's a photo editing site. it's completely free, unless you want to join the premium program, but from the 10 minutes i looked around, you can do quite a bit with the free basic elements. it's called Picnik. you can sign up in like .42 seconds and start immediately. i only have done one picture, but will probably use it more in the future.
i have the full version of photoshop CS3 (they have released CS4, i am devastated b/c i JUST got CS3 2 months ago) and i have lots and lots of actions that i LOVE. actions are my favorite and if they didn't cost anywhere from $12-$100 per action, i would have hundreds. anyways my point was, if you don't have photoshop, but still want to edit your pictures, you can use this free website. i really like the frame options the best though. in photoshop it's a couple clicks to get a quick border, but with this site, you can do it in one click.
anyways i thought i'd share this cool website for the budding photographic geniuses out there. it's great for scrapbooking too!! have fun!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Distractions.

i've decided i don't really like doing homework too much. i really need to, i have things due by sunday so i'll get right on it, but i've realized when i should be doing homework, i go to facebook or blogs instead. woops. i'll have to get over that. i am thankful for the interruptions though. today i have a math practice test and the chapter test and i have to get though at least 2 quizes for another class. bleh. oh it's only thursday!! i thought i twas friday. phew!
well anyways here is a card i made the other night with the new scor-pal. i think these would be nice wedding invitations, it would need to be a little bigger though.

here is the scor-pal it's pretty neat.

and here are some pictures from Reagan's 4month photoshoot yesterday. she is way too cute. these are just a couple of my favorites.


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