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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dreaming of India

I want to go to India. Like reallllly bad. I've heard mixed reviews of it, some say it's dirty other's say it's so colorful and exciting. I think I would be one of the one's who thought it was colorful and exciting. I'm not sure where my desire to visit India came from, maybe from watching An Idiot Abroad (Funniest show ever) or maybe from watching Outsourced...or maybe I just watch too much TV? haha. 

But seriously look at this COLOR!
 I imagine the shopping would be pretty great too. Imagine all that fabric and jewelery!
 THEY HAVE ELEPHANTS IN THE STREETS. Elephants are my favorite animal EVER.
 The Taj Mahal is symmetrical on all four sides....sounds like my kind of building! And the Ganges might not be the best looking river but it would be cool to say you saw it!
 The SPICES! I love Indian flavors and I'm sure the version of Indian food we eat here, vastly differs from their authentic Indian food but I think I'd like it....A LOT. Plus I love naan...who doesn't?!
I just want to step into these pictures and stay there for an extended vacation. Today is a crazy day, baby shower this morning and this afternoon is all about getting ready for our church's YW New Beginnings tomorrow...that's why I'm blogging in the middle of the day, I'm a great procrastinatior. I've just been dreaming about India and all the fun I could have there.

Now that I think about it, I think my desire to go there happened while watching the BYU channel. they did a show about these two women who visited a leper colony and instead of giving them money for food for that day, they started a micro loan business there and helped out hundreds of people suffering from leprosy. They taught them skills and gave them business opportunities so they could become self reliant. India is an extremely poor country so the fun sightseeing things would be great and shopping in the richer towns would be cool but to help out a whole population of people would be amazing.

Well that's all for random post number 3895238579487532. I really gotta finish up this stuff ASAP.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


this post is going to be a "goulash" (in my house we call random leftovers thrown in a pan goulash...) of random thoughts, links, projects and musings.

I've been feeling a little stressssed lately. There is just A LOT to do and I have a really hard time actually doing things when there is so much to do (case and point: I'm blogging). My life is so chaotic in a literal sense. I have a pathway in my room leading to my bed, my clothes are everywhere BUT the closet. I HATE folding laundry. I can do loads and loads of it but please don't make me fold it. Since I'm an adult, I fold my own, that's why it's all over the floor...the trunk of my car is FULL of old clothes that are way too big that I need to consign or donate ASAP but haven't yet. My desk (was) a huge mess of mail, projects and random junk, I did manage to somewhat organize it yesterday but it still has a ways to go to be completely organized.

I'm babysitting for 10 days with Nicole. We are tag teaming it and it's working rather well. But when one isn't used to having 3 children and all of a sudden you're in charge of their well being it can be (and is) a big responsibility. I've been babysitting for this family for over 10 years so let's just say the kids are comfortable with me and know what buttons to push ;). Also I'm NOT a morning person so this throws my day off a bit but hey! at least I'm actually falling asleep before 11! WOW that never happens! Too bad I wake up every hour during the night.

Found this website today, it's called How about Orange brilliant. seriously. i love every post (that I've read so far) it's a crafty blog so beware.

Another website that I actually found through the Orange one called 3 eyed Bear. It's 3-D paper projects, I'd never have patience for that but maybe someday.

A necklace that I've been coveting but I'm far too cheap to buy something that "useless" for myself (common, shoes and purses ARE useful). From the website Cinnamon Sticks. 
One can dream right?!

Seeing blogs like, One Charming Party, make me want to step into a blog and never come out!

This is one part of my life I got organized yesterday. It's my YW church binder. 
Maybe that will help keep my projects and responsibilities in some sort of order.

The Valentines I'm making.
It's a print out on a sheet of 8.5x11 paper that I'm gonna cut down the middle and make into a goodie bag. Filled with what? I do not know yet but it will be filled once I sew the sides closed.

I made this sign for our YW theme this year. it's the cover to my fancy dancy binder. Our theme is the 13th article of faith. I keep trying to keep it in my mind (especially this week;))

For our New Beginnings at Church I am making these necklaces for the girls. This is showing a penny pendant but we are using quarters so they're a little larger. I also have to get a slide show down which means scanning pics for the next 4 weeks (not really but there's A LOT)

I got this book from the library. Bad news bears. All I want to do it shove everything aside and just make every single project in this book. Bad idea prolly.

I think that's it. I have wasted enough time today. I gotta go start and finish some projects so I can calm down a little. It's possible I'll post pictures after I finish some of these mounding projects. We'll see though. oh no I just remembered a whole other list of things I gotta do...OY. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Zombie Fever...

bahaha get it...fever? oh, you're not obsessed with zombies like our household is? Oh well then...let me introduce you to our little obsession! Disclaimer: I KNOW this is weird just go with it...

This is a book set in the future when zombies (or the unconsecrated as they call them) rule the earth. The humans are confined to small areas where they are guarded by fences. This is one girls story of how she wants to see the ocean but is's good.
This is the 2nd book in the series and it follows a different character (won't spoil it for ya) who has to figure out where she fits in her world. It's a continuation of the first book but in a different way. Not as good as number one but still ok. 3rd book comes out next month

Yes please. More for my brother Sam than myself. He's WAY obsessed with zombies. He has several shirts and is just plain obsessed with them. I thought if I got this book I could make him gifts for life ;). I have it on hold from the library.
I've checked this book out from the library too. It's a different sort of humor but all the patterns really are creepily cute. I have no idea how to read the patterns though so I never made anything from it.
I got this book as a gift this last Christmas from someone I work with. It is pretty hilarious if you're into that sort of thing, here's a small exceprt:                    

 Rudolph, the zombie reindeer,
caught the virus through his nose.
and if you ever saw hom,
you would even say he's gross...

I realize zombies are not everyone's cup of tea, some prefer vampires, others werewolves, a spattering might enjoy books of the wizardry sort. Who am I to's just a phase of life I'm in right now. Perhaps in a year I'll be into porcupines how do I know?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I am obsessed with Leonard Cohen's song Hallelujah. I have probably even posted about it before. Maybe I've listened to different covers of it 24 times today maybe I'll have it stuck in my head for the next 4 weeks, I'm ok with that. I thought I'd share in the madness so here are my favorite covers:

  Kurt Nilsen and others. This video was a big lesson in not judging a book by it's cover....the first part is a little iffy but once that one guy starts singing it's all over. I would never in a million years think that voice could come out of that guy and I feel bad for thinking that but I'm just being honest. I'm thoroughly impressed with him and might have youtubed him and listened to other songs he's done.

Rufus Wainright did a version for Shrek and his version is ok...not my favorite but it's still good

Random Youtubers this is prolly my favorite unknown cover. They are amazing.

Jeff Buckley. duh. THe first cover of this song that I loved and it will always be one of my favorites

another random Youtuber. This lady was the last one I found and I think she has a good voice too. Anywho...

Have fun not watching all those videos haha. I just LOVE this song.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sew it Seams

Really I don't sew that much, I just like to buy fabric and look at it. For some reason I HATE cutting fabric and seeing it all be used up. Which is dumb because DUH I'll get more use out of something I sew than just several yards of rolled up fabric...

I happened across this site today, bad news bears...

also don't click here if you like damask patterns... don't say I didn't warn you!

 umm hello, elephants, heck yes! don't worry they have all sorts of colors for this wonderful elephant fabric.
 I'll take 100! I am obsessed with this, if I could get a couch made from it I would. No Joke
 Owls...nuff said.
 I would totally rock a snuggie made from this. or anything really. i've always loved giraffe print
OHKAY...ummm ya...I'm obsessed with this and I want to make a whole house based around this fabric. any takers? ;).

Last weekend I made myself a quaint little jean skirt made from an old pair of jeans. I have no patience to finish the bottom though so no picture. I'll just buy a jeans skirt cuz i'm not too happy with it. I have a huge stack of fabric that I keep acquiring and not making anything with. Well except I did make those onesies but that doesn't count. I want to make a few baby slings and stuff but we'll see.

Anyone wanna invest in the Amanda wants to buy all the fabric in the world fund? Or the Amanda goes to India fund? I just think I would really like India, it's a very colorful country. Thanks.


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