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Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Name is Amanda...

...and I am a craft-a-holic. (or my dad would probably say a crap-a-holic). I have issues. mostly involving paper, yarn, fabric, eyelets, etc...
allow me to explain:

paper tower...not even close to all the paper in this room. there is more under the desks but I chose not to photograph it.
one of the embellishment/stamp bookcases....ONE of them. this room used to be a 2nd kitchen but we ripped out some appliances to make room for all our junk...stuff. those brown cupboards to the right have more craft stuff and my darkroom equipment.

another embellishment/stamp/random things bookcase, there is another side to this but it mostly has books and movies.

this you can't really tell from the photo but it's stacked as high as a bookcase and that thing on the left is from Mervyns store when they closed. and those bins have most of the yarn/fabric. we only have 8 of those filled....

here is the stamp ink center as well as random tools and another accessory holder....we DON'T have a problem...
paint/ribbon/glue center. WAY more ribbon where that came from. i have to have some dignity left.
here's the visitor's table where people can work if they come over but I seem to have commandeered it since my table is currently like the rest of my life and a HUGE MESS. what can I say I "love" chaos.

here is the movie/ipod/more ribbon/foam stamp window sill. you have to be entertained while you work.

and last but not least, i promise i DO use some of this crap...i mean stuff.
My name is Amanda, and I need HELP.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Dirty Pictures

If you've ever had me take picturs for you, I've most likely processed them with the Boutwells Totally Rad Actions. I LOVE THEM! seriously they have paid for themselves by now. Well, the point of this is to let you know they have a new Dirty Pictures texture plug-in. I love textures and only have a few but they are having a contest to give a set away. Here are some pictures I've used their actions on:
The Cattle Point Wedding in Friday Harbor

My Brothers band.

this picture has a texture added to it, I think Dirty Diana...? just so ya'll know what I'm going on about. haha. I guess I could have just posted a link to my lame photography blog that I never post on anymore. Anyways if you have photoshop CS2 or higher you should consider buying their actions and now dirty pictures textures!!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Did I Ever Tell you...

That I love photography? because I do. I just started school for it so hopefully I'll learn something and learn to take good pictures! My first camera was a Canon film camera back when I was 14 I believe. I took a darkroom class when I was 16 and LOVED it. I have all the stuff for my own darkroom but unfortunately the only room that works is my bathroom so I have been neglecting it for a few years. ANYWAYS. I'm trying to decide a name for my hobby. My photography blog is called, I Shoot People with Canons...a little morbid maybe. So I don't know what to call it.

this was a mock certificate I made for someone and didn't know what to call it so Aphotography it was.....dumb. If you have any suggestions for names that would be appreciated. I think I'm going to make business-esque cards since I'm always asked for them so I need a name! It's up to you I'm too brain dead lately to think of anything. Also I'm FALLING APART! I feel like a vacation to Greece is in order.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Future Home

If I ever (when I) get rich, I am going to build my own house and it will have a loft with a cool red ladder going up to it. None of the walls will be white. I will have thick white molding in every room. There will be clusters of pictures in different colors/size frames everywhere. Shelves with vintage knickknack-ey type things. The backyard will have wildflowers everywhere and a stream with a bridge. Anyways it will be a very eclectic house but I will love it. Here are some things that will in said house:
cool shelf for all the cool china i will have.
awesome shower curtain that is only $100 (cough cough)
end tables that aren't perfect and polished

cool yellow rug that reminds me of the sun.

lots of pillows in different shapes/colors/textures
dramatic curtains with cool patterns.

THIS EXACT couch. plus a few wingback chairs in a contrasting color
this bed frame that looks like you're in a forrest.
this bedspread...maybe not with that frame but I guess I can have two beds.
cool dishes/china. i like green cups.
funky tablecloths with tassels.
lots and lots of frames that are different like this mixed with solid black/white frames.
and last but not least it will have a very distressed brick wall that it partially torn down with an aqua color coming through a little bit, with these mirrors on it.
please don't judge my (might be weird to others) taste. I just can't help liking some strange things sometimes. i also am planning a room that is wasabi green and pumpkin orange. I know you're so jealous. The front door will be either green, mustard yellow or red, depending on the outside color. I will have solar power and a bomb shelter in the backyard, think "Pleasantville". Hopefully this house will have a path to the ocean or be up in a mountain. That is all.
p.s. please ignore the weirdo spacing, I copied the pics from anthropologie and pottery barn and i don't think it liked that. also i really won't be offended if you are jealous of my future house.


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