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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Let's Talk about Apps Man

I have many apps on my ipod. Lots that I don't use often and others that I use maybe tooo much ;). Since I'm waiting for some almond roca I just made to cool I thought I'd bore anyone who cares with some fun apps everyone should try! ALRIGHT!
this first one is a knit/crochet counter so you can keep track of what line you are on in your pattern. it's legit.
pyramid. I used to play this game as a kid so whenever I play it it's kind of like a time warp. I don't play it too often but it's a nice and quick game.

SHAZAM! Best one ever....well if you're a music lover. it allows you to put your speaker up to any song that's playing and it will tell you what song it is and who sings it. it conveniently also takes you to itunes if you choose...sneaky sneaky.
shop savvy. Ya just take a pic of a barcode on any product in any store and it will tell you the cheapest place to get said item. perfect for the cheap-o's frugal folks like myself

talking tom. you speak to him and he repeats anything and everything back in a high pitched voice. you can also pet him and knock him out....totally childish really funny.
no need for a kindle if you have an ipod/iphone/ipad. you download the free kindle app and voila! you do have to buy the books OR you can find blogs that have free ones all the time and not pay one cent...guess which option I choose? if you said free you are correct!
do not, i repeat, do NOT download this app. they have a free lite version or the full version for 2 bucks. SERIOUSLY. if you want to be content in your life do not download this game! ahhhhh I bet it's called angry birds because it makes me so frustrated that I can't beat it all the time! haha I'll let you download it if you wanna try it. 
and last but not least my new favorite FREE app!! It's called instagram and it allows you to take photos and edit them with one click with edits similar to those in photoshop ;). you can then post it instantly to facebook or twitter...not that i'm condoning twitter AT ALL.

Pretty much all my apps are free. There are so many free apps I don't even have time to look at, why pay money? The ones that do cost money are angry birds (which my brother bought so to me it's free) and we might have had to pay for shazam! but i'm not sure, I didn't buy that one either.

so well. thanks for reading. if anyone did at all. i just love apps. and christmas music.

If you want to hear a good song here ya go: 



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