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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day #8- Song

Today's challenge is to post a song to match my mood. That's hard because I'm not much of anything right now haha. SO here is a random mish mash of songs for you to check out:

Jeff Buckley- Hallelujah- this song has been played on my ipod aprox. 248 times

Lower Lights Hymn Revival - thanks Emily for this, I listen to their CD everyday and whenever people get in my car they think I'm nuts just ask Tiana ;) Actually she said she didn't mind them.

Mumford and Sons- Roll Away your Stone- I LOVE them lately. seriously check them ouuuut.

Today's Theme Song
-this has a little story behind it, today I was driving one of our ward's YW home from a sleep over we had for activity and when we got to her house her front door was wide open and nobody was home. We were a little freaked out so we left and ended up calling 911--FIRST TIME EVER. It was pretty intense haha. Everything ended up being ok, nobody had broken in to the house thankfully but she still came over and spent the day at my house. It was pretty funny, us in our pajamas chasing the 2 cop cars down the street and back again trying to get their attention.

Also, any Joaquin Phoenix rap. that is all.


The Wilson Pratt Wilson Family said...

That is an interesting story! I can't wait to hear more about that! Haha. I miss YW so much. Oh, and I love that you mentioned Joaquin Phoenix (hardest name to spell EVER) raps. Haha. I remember when I called 911 for the first time last year (and hopefully last!). We were the first people to come upon a bad car accident. Jason got out of the car to check on the people inside the car, and told me to dial 911. I was so scared, I could barely talk. I couldn't even tell the dispatcher where we were even though we were on NW road right past the church. Haha. Now I know why people always sound so ridiculous on those calls. It is scary!


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