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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Panic Mode!

I just did some math - slash - looked at a calendar. I am going to be in Minnesota in exactly TWO WEEKS. What. the. heck?!

I thought I had three weeks to get 5 weeks of homework done but I have two that's super awesome.

So what do I do? I watch funny old SNL videos because I'm really good at priorities. NOT.

Seriously gotta get stuff ordered and ready for the reception, get homework done, and sleep a little bit. I should prolly figure out my camera and outfit too since I'm the photographer and bridesmaid....I should figure out this whole cloning machine thing ASAP.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


I forgot to post a completed picture of the closet I built for myself. Phew good thing I remembered! ;)

I'm still trying to figure out that little space on the bottom left- I have some ideas though.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Don't Care to Admit

A few days ago we had a 2nd year girls camp gathering with all the YW we will be helping with this year. One of the girls asked us what our deepest secret was. Nobody really answered that but I admitted something that is kind of embarrassing. So I've compiled a list of other facts that I don't care to admit about myself, but here I am doing it anyway.

1. I don't turn the radio station when Elton John comes on. I secretly enjoy his songs
2. Some days I don't change out of yoga pants until noon (or cough* 2 *cough)
3. Sometimes I leave an item that needs to be put away where it is even though I'm walking right by where it goes- I promise this isn't voluntary most of the time
4. I'm most likely singing a song in my head when I'm bored listening to someone talk
5. I make myself laugh out loud when I think certain things and that is really awkward when I'm sitting in the middle of a class or meeting
6. I sang a song about spelunking in my brain throughout one of my classes a few weeks ago

7. You should probably just watch this now. For some reason the lyrics are all backwards but you'll know when he starts singing about spelunking. I'm a spe-lunk-ER and I am in a cave....
8. I get scared super easy and want to throat punch someone when they scare me on purpose
9. I thought there was a tarantula in my bed at work two nights ago, I was up faster than a very wiley coyote--PS there wasn't
10. Pretty Little Liars.
11. I could eat sweet potato waffle fries until I had to be airlifted out of my house
12. Sometimes I sing that Miley Cyrus song about USA SUPER loud
13. I could solve the national debt if I could stop going to (slight exaggeration)
14. There are some weeks where I literally get four packages + a week - super embarrassing (but not all of them are for me!)
15. You know those totally artificial Captain Crunch ice cream bars- the pink ones?- Well I love them

Saturday, May 18, 2013


I have a prize for the person who tells me how many shades of teal there are in the world. Ready? GO!


Almost broke my legs wearing these things.
The answer is infinity. I get a prize! My prize will be four teal shirts. That's three more than I need but they are all different shades so I gotta keep them all until further notice.

With my lack of time lately I haven't had a good time to look for an outfit for my brothers wedding. At first I was supposed to wear a teal dress. I spent 4 hours at the mall on a Saturday looking in every. single. store. for a teal dress. No luck.
A few days later Jessica (Ty's fiancee) said teal dresses were too difficult to find so now we're wearing gray pencil skirts, teal tops, and teal shoes.
Ok, this should be MUCH easier.

Well much to my chagrin, as soon as I was on the hunt for teal shirts, teal dresses started popping up, of course! haha. I bought four shirts online that looked about right, I kept one of them and returned the rest because they weren't right.

This morning my mom asked if I wanted to go down south to some bigger shops to see if we have more luck. So off we went to Lynwood. Shopping exhausts me more than anything. I dunno what it is but I just wanted to curl up and lay underneath the clothes racks like I used to do when I was a kid.

ANYWHOO we went to Nordstrom Rack first. Found a couple promising things but the dressing room line was wrapping around the store, no thanks. Then we went to DSW to look at shoes. I've bought from them online before, they have good deals.

The above shoes were from that store. You can't see it but my knees are bent and arms are outstretched to balance myself. If something has a heel taller than my pinky finger I will do harm to myself.
No shoe luck for me here.

Luckily we had a pit stop. I invented a new Commandment today (prolly shouldn't make it a habit). It is, Thou Shalt not travel within 15 miles of a Chipotle and not stop to eat there.
Really, that's a new rule.
It was a nice break from shopping.

For some reason blogger won't let me upload the pictures I had of what I bought so that's lame. But just imagine four shirts all within the teal family (all different shades though), and two gray skirts.

That was nice wasn't it?

By the time we got to the last store, Macy's, I was so done trying things on so I just grabbed my sizes in a few things figuring I can just return them here if I don't like them. I really liked the two things I got from there, although I spent more on those two items of clothing than I should have.
I tried them on when I got home and realized that the skirt was too big. Like spin around, pull off big. But it was 'my size' so whatever. Gotta see if our Macy's has the same skirt in a smaller size (yay for smaller sizes though!).

I'm in a clothing limbo. A lot of my clothes are just too big and clothes that I've purchased lately are starting to get too big which I shouldn't complain about but.....I just bought them! I safety pinned a skirt I got 2 weeks ago to keep it from falling off this week. Embarrassing.

Whatever, I'm exhausted and rambling. I just barely submitted my assignment which is due in 20 minutes and now I am going to sleep. My eyes are burning from tiredness.

Monday, May 13, 2013

This site is so awesome if you like fireside talks. 
I don't want to be rich necessarily but I would love to be able to buy all of the books they have with these talks in them without feeling guilty.

Anybody have and favorite quotes from General Conference talks (or magazines from the Apostles) relating to the following topics?
Agency, Atonement, family, forgiveness & mercy, happiness, marriage, our potential, patriarchal blessings, plan of salvation, pornography, prayer, spiritual & physical preparedness. 

Send them on over if you do! (Or reference a favorite talk where you read the quote and I'll look it up)
The more the merrier!

I've been reading so many talks and Ensign articles lately and I really like it, it just takes a long time so no time to blog. Oh darn ;)

This is why.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

New Blog

One of my assignments for this semester's Teachings of the Living Prophets class is to compile a bunch of quotes about different gospel topics. I've chosen to make a blog to track my quotes easier, plus I just have to send a link to my teacher to turn it in!

I was making it here on blogger but had all sorts of issues so I made it on wordpress and I gotta say, there are pros and cons to both blog sites but I'm really like wordpress. We'll see how this assignment goes, I may do some blog host switching soon.

If you'd like to visit my other blog you can! Here's a link.

I may end up making it private depending on how I feel about it but if you want to be able to see it, I can add you to a list.

So I had 4 topics assigned to me, then my class came up with 5 of our own topic ideas then I came up with one for my own. So each of those topics needs a minimum of 10 quotes from our Living prophets/apostles. I'm actually really excited for this project! I have an extra topic or two and I've add pages for each topic. I also added 'sub-pages' for them to post other types of media relating to the topic.
I haven't had a chance to really start adding quotes yet but hopefully I'll get to have time this week.

So blogging is fun but I don't have enough time really. Oh well, I never really post about anything exciting anyways, wah wah.

If you have any favorite talks/quotes about any of my topics you should tell me!


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