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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Things I love right now 2014 edition

I've done this kind of post in the past and it's always fun to look back and see the different random things that make me happy in the different 'seasons' of life. So here is my 2014 list- incomplete as it might be because there are lots of things to love. (Sorry if the pictures are all messed up I don't have time to figure it out)


Gardening and just being outside in general has become one of my favorite things this summer. I never knew I liked gardening but apparently I do. One day I randomly mowed the lawn (usually Sam's job) but I just wanted to so I did. I quite enjoyed it- haven't done it for YEARS since my brother's took it over. Except it hurt my hand to hold down the lever. Also BUTTERNUT SQUASH is one of my favorite food so we're growing LOTS of it this year :)

 I was never a huge fan of waffles or pancakes really growing up. I ate the occasional eggo waffle but that was it. Ummm Nicole has a super fancy waffle maker and I've decided I LOVE whole wheat waffles with strawberries and real maple syrup. I'm obsessed.


Baby things. I've been spending way too much money on baby things as of late. My brother Ty and his wife Jessica are going to have their first baby in November and I can't stop buying things which is expensive :) but I've also been loving all the funy baby gifts. I've not only been buying girl things but one of my good friends is having TWIN boys. She's actually due around the same time as Ty and Jessica but will probably have them mid October.

 Honey bees. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone I love these little things. I study them. I know lots of "useless" facts that aren't really useless, maybe just boring to those who don't like honey bees like I do.

This picture is a two-fer. I love sweet potatoes. Especially sweet potato fries. I like this little baby :) He's our YW mascot. His mom is the 2nd Counselor in our YW presidency. I had never talked with Kristy before last November when they called me to be the YW President but as soon as our Bishop extended the calling her name popped into my head and I was confused because I knew nothing about her but I followed the feeling and am so very glad I did. Nobody knew it at the time but she was expecting this little guy at the time so when we found out it was a fun surprise!
 This is a picture of our YW Presidency (minus Dixie our secretary). I'm really grateful that both of these girls agreed to do this whole YW presidency with me because they do A LOT and I would be sitting in a corner sucking my thumb without their help/support! This pic was taken a few weekends ago at our stake's youth carnival. We had the topic of entertainment and media and we found out that our ward needed to provide a booth with an activity two days before the activity. So naturally we made our own shirts first. Priorities. They say #sharegoodness. Camden had to represent with # with his onesie too of course :) We had a 'selfie booth' and a quote game.

 I've been really adventurous with my clothing choices as of late. It's kind of embarrassing but I don't know much about fashion, never have so I just go with it.

 Personal Progress! I've always liked personal progress but I've developed a deeper appreciation for it over the last year. I actually just finished it for the 2nd time this last week so I've earned the fancy new medallion :)

 This is weird but we had a 'book' baby shower party for Kristy so I ordered several funny baby books (meant mostly for the parents) but this one ended up in my cart for me and it's pretty funny.

 Speaking of ordering and buying things. I'm obsessed with Amazon. Like for reals. I go on there almost every day even if it's just to browse. I order a lot of things for work as well. Plus you can't beat free 2 day shipping and if you're in a pinch $3.99 one day shipping :)

 I haven't drank pop for many many years and I've never really been a juice drinker either and I never ever drink milk (gag me) but I love these crystal lite liquid water flavors. My very favorites are strawberry lemonaid, pineapple coconut (or something like that), and blackberry lemonaid.
 #'s are a big thing right now. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, just random everyday conversation :) I especially like the hashtag #sharegood.
 I don't know that this is any healthier than regular mac and cheese but it's pretty delicious.
 Instagram is my social media of choice. It's a photo sharing app that's like twitter but for pictures. I love seeing friends pictures and I'll be honest I post a little too often :)
 SUPER excited for Apple's announcement this Tuesday where they announced the new iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus. Preordering begins tonight at midnight. It's a big decision and as you can see below I've been taking my options very seriously. The top left corner is what I'm working with now the 4s then the 5s and then the two new 6's. Super exciting.

 Jimmy Fallon. I've always loved him but especially lately with the Tonight Show. I was pretty sad when I realized he was married lets be honest. He's hilarious.
 I love writing. I've started writing many books (maybe 6ish now) some of them are close to being fully written but nobody else has ever read them. It's just a fun hobby. I love being lost in my own made up world.
 I enjoy watching netflix sometimes. TV shows or movies but I don't do it very often. But I do love that the option is there.
 My favorite shampoo/conditioner for the last couple years is Lavender Mint by tea tree. It smells so good.
 ANOTHER social media type site...I need to get a life. But I love Pinterest...too much.

 This author's name is Sarah Eden and I love everything she's every written and I buy her books as soon as they come out. I do not hesitate, or even read the book description. I know it will be wholesome, funny, entertaining, with great characters and plots. They are considered Regency Romance books. I highly recommend her. Karen Witemeyer is another author who writes similar books but they're mostly set in the United States in the 1800's but it's the same idea :)
 Speaking of books. This app is called ^^ and it's like Netflix but for books. It's $8.99 a month and gives you unlimited access to all of their ebooks. They don't have everything but I've found lots to read. They have every genre and are adding more all the time. I signed up for a free trial and never cancelled it :)

 Pad Thai. I love food can you tell? I make pad thai all the time and it's become a family favorite. YUMM

I've also gotten back into sewing now that I bought my own old school Bernina machine. The other day I ordered a bunch of 5x5 fabric packs and have begun making another quilt. All the pieces are ready I just need to sew them together.

And that my friends is it. WHOA if you read that all you need a high five and a life ;) jkjk but really I go on and on but this is like my journal and I haven't written in it for awhile. So there's a few aspects of my life at this moment in time.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Girls Camp 2014!

Girls camp, my 5th year in a row going as a leader. The best year of girls camp, ever. Including the years I went as a YW.
It was great because the stake camp director is Becky who is in my ward and she's the best at organizing and really listening to what the youth want from camp. I don't think I heard a negative thing about camp itself this year which is great!

We arrived at camp on Tuesday morning. Most of the girls went on hikes but the YCL's and leaders went straight to camp- I was with them because of my ghetto knee. It was good though because I got a head start on setting up the 1st years campsite. The last two years we've camped as stake years instead of by ward. Last year Nicole and I were with the 2nd years. This year Nicole didn't go but I still did and ended up with the first years. 25 of them. 25 twelve year olds...BIG WHOA. Only one of those girls was from my ward so I didn't know any of the others. Some of them were so little and looked like they were 8.

There were 5 adult leaders for our group so I was kind of a floater, I just went where I was needed. It was great. We had 7 girls from our ward at camp after 5 others cancelled (mostly last minute :p).

So the forecast for camp two weeks prior to camp was 88 degrees with 90% humidity basically the entire week...yuck. The week before camp it said 70's with clouds...PERFECT! Well that weather app changed almost by the minute. It POURED the first three days of camp. I'm not talking about rain. I'm talking about RAIN. We broke a rainfall record set in 1948 by NOON on Wednesday. We were wet, we were prune-y, we were cold. Despite this I didn't hear anyone complain. It's kind of fun actually to be 'forced' to all gather under the pavilion and/or canopies where you make lots of new friends. Despite cold nights I much preferred rainy camp to way too hot camp.

The theme for this year was Look Up and Believe. We talked about the temple and stars a lot.

It was really neat because there were A LOT of friends at camp this year. Many girls who aren't members got to attend. One of those girls is my neighbor Eve who's friends with a girl in our ward. Our ward is the best. They seriously are. They all get along, they are all so helpful, kind, funny, put up with my weirdness, etc...

I made a lot of new friends at camp. That's weird to say but I seriously met/talked to at least 50 new people and many of them became good camp buddies. Many of them made me friendship bracelets (which was the 'class' I taught about friendship). Old friendships were strengthened too. There are so many awesome leaders and youth in our stake and I love spending time with them all.

Funny camp story-
My ward sat together for almost every meal- they sought each other out. Well other girls want to sit with our ward too (which is totally fun!). So one day we were sitting in the pavilion staying dry and a few girls from the stake were talking to me about how they don't think of me as a typical leader. They explained that I wanted to befriend everyone while other leaders just want to 'lead' things. Anyways it came around to the point that the girls would do anything I told them to do because they like me. One girl then said she would get on the (wet) ground right then and do ten pushups if I told her to. I looked at the ground and back to her and she got on the ground to do them! I tried to stop her and told her NO! But she did them anyways (so I guess they won't do everything I say!). Her pushups made other people curious and four people ended up doing pushups between the tables after lunch. The rest of the week it was a joke that I'd just look at this girl and the ground and she'd start to do them- but I didn't let her do them again, don't worry ;).
All of the first years + YCL's up at the ropes course

The intense swinging tires
Rachael doing pushups in the rain...#beastmode
Just one of the times this canopy needed to be dumped

 So here's another little story. The last full day of camp they have these challenges for the girls to do. I was in the group, A1. So before I got into my group I nicknamed us Steak Sauce. The girls looked at me like I was insane, even after I explained it...anyways I tried to get them to make up a chant but nobody was really into it as we walked down to our first competition.
The challenge was like the show Chopped but camp style. Each team had a basket with 5 ingredients they had to use to make a meal over the campfire. Leaders weren't supposed to help at all, which is REALLY hard! Anyways my team came together and ended up winning this round (out of two other teams).
 This was their plate ^^
 They were proud of it.
 Our next competition was shelter building. Once again STEAK SAUCE dominated. After the win at the food challenge the girls started coming up with their own chants/cheers.
 This was our next station- it was archery. Some of my fellow leaders took some selfies with my camera :). My group did not win archery but it kept them humble ;). Our last station was first aid. My team won that too. At the end of the day they tallied up all the teams and winners throughout the day and my team won both the overall food challenge and the first aid challenge out of the entire camp! Everyone was calling us Steak Sauce at this point haha it was reallllly fun. PLUS the sun came out Friday and Saturday so the weather was lovely.
Just chillin' before dinner

F2 Ward Skit- represent! Our entire skit was told in #hashtags
 We rewrote our skit about 20 minutes before skits began. We ended up deciding to speak in hashtags the entire time. SO funny. We made these HOPE super hero capes and did a fun skit. It's hilarious hearing our more serious girls saying things like #chillinlikeavillan at the very end we all #droppedthemic and #walkedaway.
Quick funny story- since half of our YW didn't go to camp we had three of us adult leaders from our ward who participated. When we told the other two adults what we were doing, one of them was like, I don't even know what hashtag means! So then I got an idea that instead of saying hashtag she should say, poundsign. It was SO funny because she said it so seriously. Anyways... #hopeheroesout
Friends waiting to get our picture taken!

Eve, McKenna, Hailey. F2 FRIENDS!
And that wraps up my 2014 girls camp post. It is not complete nor does it make a whole lot of sense because I'm rushing but it's good enough I think. But wait...the FOOD. Food at camp this year was delicious. Seriously everything was homemade and they had meals between meals for snacks...

I just want to go back, it was seriously a blast.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Flirting 101

Since discovering my expertise on all subjects related to dating I thought flirting would be an appropriate topic for my next insightful tidbit.

A few weeks ago I spent the weekend with a group of friends and one night my roommate Nicole and I were up until 4:30am and we talked about all sorts of things. One of those things was flirting and how we are so good at it. At one point we were both hanging upside down off our beds....and I wonder why I'm not married... ;)

To begin our discussion I'd like to start off with the most obvious and successful flirting technique. "The Wink". You know that thing where you close one eye while simultaneously keep the other eye open (and preferably aimed at the fellow you're trying to woo). It's simple but effective. In all my studies I've never seen "The Wink" fail.

Practice your Wink in the mirror a few times, try it out. You need to be sure you don't look like you got something stuck in your eye. It needs to be a smooth/natural reaction. For our advanced readers, feel free to incorporate a little head nod into that wink of yours, but remember it needs to be a slight head nod, none of that over confident head bobbing. Another important aspect of the head nod is that your chin be directed in an upwards motion. If you bob your head downwards while winking you'll just look like you have a twitch.
Before you use "the Wink" decide which is your dominate eye. People claim if you wink with your right eye it means you like someone, but if you wink with your left eye it means you hate my dominate eye is my left so in my case I'll have to be sure to explain that I don't really hate them. If you wink with both eyes, that's called blinking.

The next technique I wish to share is "The Laugh". I've heard many versions of laughter, some more pleasant than others. There is a very fine line between fun/cute laughter and awful/rip your ears off laughter.
Not all laughs are created equal and would you believe there is more than one way for a single person to laugh? Let me enlighten you.

There's the, polite laugh. A soft chuckle indicating you were slightly amused by passing conversation. This usually happens around acquaintances or when you don't quite hear what someone says so you just nod and chuckle.

The nervous laugh. Usually this is accompanied by a sheen of sweat over one's brow. It can also involve hand sweat and/or fidigity digits. We
-->subconsciously laugh in times of stress or anxiety. It's usually a forced awkward laugh. Just take a deep breath and keep holding it...

The guffaw. A loud burst of laughter that's boisterous in nature and usually calls a lot of attention onto the guaffaw-er. 

The giggle. This is the typical laughter used by flirtatious women. It's lighter and softer than a regular laugh. It's meant to be dainty and sometimes the hands are used to cover ones mouth when giggling. Guys do not giggle. 

Things to avoid while laughing- snorting, being too over the top, drooling, falling to the ground, laughing so hard you stop breathing and begin to turn blue.

In conclusion, when it comes to laughter and flirting, keep it light. Don't over laugh, nobody likes an over-laugher. Again if you're an advanced flirter you might be able to get away with a slight shoulder brush mid-laugh. If this doesn't feel natural to you, don't force it. We can't all be so smooth and you don't want to look foolish.

The last topic I'm going to talk about is pick-up lines. Now if your name is Ryan Gosling all you need to do is say "Hey Girl" and you're good to go. For the rest of the world you have to work a little harder at this.

Cheesy pick-up lines: "I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?", "Hey, don't frown. You never know who could be falling in love with your smile.", "Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?"

Cringe worthy pick up lines: "I don't have a library card, but do you mind if I check you out?", "Are you a parking ticket? 'Cause you've got fine written all over you.", "Are you from Tennessee? Because you're the only ten I see!", "If you were a booger I'd pick you first."

Funny pick up lines: "Is your name Wi-fi? Because I'm really feeling a connection.", "Does your skin feel burnt? Because I think you must have just fallen down from heaven, and re-entry would have caused some problems for you.", "Is your face from McDonalds? Because I'm lovin' it."

Topical pick up lines: "Did you invent the airplane? Cause you seem Wright for me.", "Is your name Google? Because you have everything I've been searching for.", "You must be my horcrux, because you complete me.", "Are you a dementor? Because you just took my breath away."

Find a few pick-up lines that suit you. Write them down somewhere so you'll remember them. Again I always suggest practicing in the mirror. 
Don't overuse the pick-up lines because that's just desperate but four-six is a good range to be in. Once you've successfully used a pick-up line use your new-found winking and flirting skills to #getthathusband! That should be a game show or something. 

Nobody can deny the obvious instant connection that comes from sharing a wink or a laugh. Use your powers of flirting for good. Go forth and prosper.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Finding a husband in three easy steps!

I know what you're thinking, only 3 steps?!
I have compiled my vast expertise on the subject and have broken down the steps to getting a husband into three very comprehensive steps. It's the same basic principle as a box of cake mix that only requires you to add water, oil, and an egg. My "Husband Finding" recipe is straightforward and like cake mix, only requires the basic know-how and kitchen tools*.
*Disclaimer- kitchen tools might not be necessary. See, super easy.

Step 1:
Leave the house.
I find when one is on the 'husband hunt' leaving the house is a good place to start. Chances are very slim that you will happen upon someone (who is husband material ie: not your brother) one morning sitting on your couch*. However, it is technically in the realm of possibility of so if this happens to you, go with it. Skip steps 2 & 3 and ride off into the sunset.
*Disclaimer- please practice due diligence to verify that this strange man sitting in your living room is not in fact, a robber or serial killer. It might also be a good time to find out if they like clowns, Nickelback, or chew with their mouth open. If the answer is yes to any of those, please scroll back to the top and begin step 1 again.
I've heard dog parks, Starbucks, the subway, and grocery stores are all viable "husband hunting" ground. You don't even need a license for this kind of hunting- although a drivers license indicating you're over the age of 16 is preferred. 

Step 2:
Talk to people.
You can't expect to find a husband if you don't talk to anyone. Especially males who are of the husband prospect persuasion. Sometimes this is easier said than done. When you leave the house (see step #1) be prepared for the unexpected. Keep a list of possible conversation starters in your purse (in a pinch a handwritten list on your palm is acceptable). You want to be prepared for anything and long awkward pauses are not ideal. Fill up that dead air with exciting conversation. Try to gauge what the guy might like so you don't waste his or your time trying to explain the difference between knitting and crocheting. Chances are he'd rather talk about sports or something. If you're not a sports expert, fear not! Just ask basic questions like the following; "Sports are fun. Watching athletes sportsing it up can be really exciting. Especially when they score points and then more points. What's your favorite sport?" Easy. Now you have a natural commonality and you'll be able to converse for hours because he'll want to recap all of his favorite plays and who did them. Just smile and nod. Feel free to interject topic appropriate words like- goal, score, fifty yard line, dribble, touchdown, cheering, hot dog, free throw, Russel, 7th inning stretch, etc... He'll be really impressed that you know all those words and will definitely want to see where this goes. If by some off chance he doesn't like sports, talk about Batman, everyone has an opinion about Batman.
The point is, figure out what he likes and talk about it. Is he a plummer? Ask him what the best kind of toilet paper for your septic tank is. A lawyer perhaps? They love recess. Regale them with your favorite memories of recesses past. Business man? Discuss the rising prices of toner and ink cartridges. That is 100% guaranteed to be a topic that you will both agree on (just in case, the answer to this is; ridiculous. Printers should not be cheaper than the ink they require!)

Step 3:
Be yourself.
It's such a cliche but being yourself ensures that you are not impersonating someone else. You can't pretend you are Kelly Clarkson by acting like her then be surprised when you see him again and he's like, "you're not Kelly Clarkson, what did you do with her?" Don't mess with that, the last thing you need is someone questioning whether you are really Kelly Clarkson or {insert your name here}. Just do you. Don't front. Haters gonna hate but it's better you find out now that he doesn't like you, as opposed to later down the road when you have already pre-registered for your wedding at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond. (Although there's no need for that registry to go to waste if something were to happen. Save that baby for your next birthday or Christmas.) When you are open and honest it displays a certain vulnerability and confidence. That, my friends, is the secret ingredient. Remember not to be too needy or too cocky but find a healthy balance and roll with it playa.

That is all the time I have for today, but thank you for joining me on this journey to finding a husband. I know if you follow these simple steps you will eventually find a husband. I'm sure over ten thousand people have found a spouse with these methods and I know you can too!

Take luck homeslice. Keep that head up and remember that the most pretty thing a girl can wear is a really cute blouse.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Goodness Gracious!

Ummm it's June 15th...last time I blogged was April 2nd. Big Whoa! Apparently I don't have much to say....never have really I just usually spout off random things.
Life hasn't even been that busy so that's not really an excuse either. I just don't really think about blogging.

Maybe I will again.

Not tonight though.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I'm not a fool

I had some fun yesterday, April Fools Day. I didn't have anything extravagant planned but I do love a good reason for pranking people. So I began by hacking my dad's facebook account

It was too easy. I just saved a bunch of pictures of Nicolas Cage and changed his profile and cover photos as well as created a photo album with photos of Nicolas Cage as different things (hostess cupcake, rabbit, Hannah Montana, etc...) He got some funny comments and when he saw it he was like what the heck? Who covered my FB in Nicolas Cage?! He said he'd get me back but he hasn't...yet...

Next on my list was my mother. I downloaded this app that changes your icons to cats when you press can't access anything unless you exit the app so it's confusing for people. 

You can see how long it took her for her to realize I had done anything...from 3:30pm to 8pm she was clueless of her little surprise until I told her friend to text her. She doesn't let me near her phone anymore. She fell for this three times.

Next on my list was Ty and Jessica. Continuing my earlier Nicolas Cage theme I downloaded a google chrome extension that replaces EVERY picture online with a picture of Nicolas's great. 
MSN Search page
FB Ads
 It was cloudy with a chance of Nicolas Cage.

Why wouldn't you want to Cage-ify your life? I'd say I did them more of a favor than prank. 


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