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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Perfect Day

Like i said in my last post, i've made another digital page's going to get bad soon. so i'm on my newer laptop and so i don't have any of my old pics. on this one, and i'm out of range to get on the home network to access my other pic. folders so i had just a few pics to choose from. i didn't take this picture!!!! just FYI i think it's really cute but i found it online to use for this page. i'm going to replace it with a real picture just as soon as i can get onto another computer.

digital scrapbooking = my new life.

I am completly, totally, 100% obsessed. Today i found an amazing website, it's they have all sorts of FREE digital scrapbooking kits and paper. i've never really done digital scrapbooking but i think i'm going to start now! this paper rivals the paper you buy for 79 cents a sheet and the kits you pay up to $30 for. i know not all kits and things are free, but when you first start out, it's perfect. i've played around with it just a little bit so far, i've made some new blog headers and one page, i haven't really had too much time since i downloaded everything this morning. so here is the first page i made, hopefully it will work. it's not perfect, i just used pics. i had on my computer and did it fairly quickly.

these are pics. i took of my cousins one day when i babysat, we had a "photoshoot" before i took them to school and again after i picked them up. we went to a couple parks around town. i really need to play with it some more and get some other pics. so that's all for now. i'm sure tonight when i get back i'll continue where i left off.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snow Ice Cream! Yummmmm

It Snowed! i'm not too happy but at least i didn't have to work today i'm hoping it all melts by tomorrow. it is a tradition in our house to make snow ice cream whenever it snows. that means at the sign of the first flake, we bring out the big bowl and set it on the deck railing. by the next morning, we have a nice big bowl full of (soon to be) yummy snow.
last night, we didn't put a bowl out, so this morning i went and took the top layer off the railing and got to work making our favorite creation.
I know i am hugely germ-a-phobic and thinking of all the pollution in the air that the snow comes from gives me ulcers but....i can't resist it hasn't killed me yet and i should take a walk on the wild side sometimes.
Here is the recipe:
a BIG bowl of fresh snow (it melts down a lot)
some milk (depending on how much snow, enough to kinda melt it down)
a little bit of vanilla extract (again depending on how much snow)
sugar (to taste)
Now mix it all together you may need to add more of things it's just trial and error i suppose.
everytime i make it, i crush up some candy cane that we usually have in a drawer from christmas. i get out the hammer and crush it up good and mix it into the ice cream.
oh ya it's good.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


today has lasted forever it seems. it's kind of coming to a close now finally. i didn't have any plans to post or make anything today but we got home from a family birthday and i sat down at my table and watched my brother and mom work on a project. i decided i wanted to use some foam letter stamps i got a long time ago and have hardly ever used. my mom already had some of the letters out so here is the quick unplanned card.

i've decided to post a couple pictures from the birthday party we had today because i want to post all sorts of things on here
just a few

the first pic. is angelina eating the microphone
the middle pic is Kenyans hand after eating his ice cream cake
the next is kenyan trying to lick the gunk off his lip. grandpa tongue
and last but not least is jaden doing an excited present dance.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

First Card Challenge! WOOT

I have decided to branch out (pause) i am going to try one of these little card contests. i honestly have no idea how they work but i'll attpemt it. Here is the link for the contest, it's from Copycatcards . I guess the contest i'm entering is the week 4 Tall/skinny or short/wide card. since i love making different size cards this was fun for me. i saw the contest about 20 minutes ago so i just went downstairs to the craftroom and made these up real quick. so here they are...

The tall and skinny

and the short and wide.

i used the same paper for both (pause) as not to waste anything, and i made them both for baby boys because a couple people just had boys! that means i am killing two birds with one stone.
the paper i used was from a pack of My Minds Eye paper from Costco.

I am done hopefully i did everything right. i know i probably didn't have to make both cards but i did.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

COOOOKIE monsters!

A couple days ago i was doing my daily blog rituals...and by that i mean going to like 5 blogs (compared to others' 350+ blogs) anyway, as i was doing that, i came upon a breakfast cookie recipe and i thought it looked SO good so tonight i made some. i made them kinda sorta healthy (as much as a cookie can be). to do that i used wheat flour instead of white, oats and raisins etc. the last sheet is baking right now and boy oh boy do they smell delicious if i do say so myself. i'll have to post a link to where i found the recipe and all that good stuff but i'm not really in the mood to look for it right now :) . as per usual i had to document the event of baking so i had my errrr trusty (?) operating the camera for most of the pics.

a lot of people know that i often take WAY too many pictures hence getting a new laptop to help store them all so there are a few from tonight...and by a few i mean like 5. seriously.

i'm not really eating the least not in this picture.

spooning them on giada de laurentiis style Represent

more of the dough that was so hard to resist.
and finally the finished cookie woot woot. now i will put them in freezer bags and freeze them. then i guess nuke them in the morning.....? ya we'll go with that

Now which would you rather have...a cookie for breakfast, or a candy bar made into little balls? i know what my vote is for. especially since i don't eat cereal following a traumatic experience as a child involving a syringe, disgusting pink ear infection antibiotics and captain crunch....she thought she was so smart. the woman turned me off of cereal for life.

here's the recipe:
Breakfast Cookies:
Cream 1 cup butter
1 1/2 cup peanut butter (I like Adam's- no sugar)
2 cups sugar (white or brown)
add 4 eggs
1 Tablespoon vanilla
3/4 cup milk
combine seperately
3 1/2 cups flour
2 teaspoons baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
4 cups oats
3/4 cup sunflower seeds
combine wet and dry ingredients. Mix very well. Spoon onto cookie sheet. These have more of a cake texture and will not spread out much during baking. I like to make them big, since they are breakfast cookies.
Bake at 350 for 12 minutes, or until done.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wedding Invitations

I've been at home most of the day following an amazing dentist visit to finish up a root canal...woot woot for me. i just decided to make a card with some paper i've had for a while. it kind of turned into more of a wedding invitation than a regular card so we'll go with that.
SO just to have something there, i put 2 little hearts in the middle, but i was thinking you could stamp the names of the people getting married.

Here is the card without the hearts

The band that goes around the whole card comes off to open the card.

Here is the card opened, there is a velum overlay thing over the patterned paper, the little corner piece on the left side is not really secure on there, i thought it could be a little pocket thing for the picture and maybe a spot to put the cards that say where they are registered. i didn't do this, but for the right side to cover up the back of the brads, maybe do a little strip of paper or something to cover that eyesore up.
Well this was kind of random but i love the colors and i was pretty bored.

Monday, January 21, 2008

magnets and bears oh my.

I don't really have anything new to post today so i thought i'd put some magnets that i made a month or so ago on here. they're nothing too special, i've given a lot of them away so i'm down to a couple left. i've made a lot with the new love elsie paper that are in the the one that says click.

so this next picture needs some explaining. i babysat today and the kids had these build-a-bear packs where you sew your BAB then stuff it and dress it. well i didn't realize exactly what needed to be done so i said we could make them. i ended up spending about an hour sewing 2 of these bears. well they didn't really turn out too good...this one in particular, the foot is like permanent ballet toe. and it's completely backwards and the head is a little conclave with stuffing coming out of the neck. here is a picture so that is all for now. i thought i'd just post a little about my bear mishaps and adventure.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Valentine <3

Yesterday i got some new paper from TOM, it's my minds eye valentine paper. heck yes. so today i decided to make some cards and other projects with it. so far i've made a little accordion album deal thing that i plan to put some of my favorite pictures in. then i made some cards for valentines day because that was the whole theme of the paper. now i'm not too sure i like any of these cards they're all very different from cards i've made in the past. alright, here they are: this one is kind of basic

i have never before made a triangle card so i thought i'd do something different...hmmmm
this card i made using a doilie that i aged with some distressing ink then i cut out the middle and stamped the bird on another piece of paper and aged that. i'm trying to use up a pack of doilies i got a couple months back that were supposed to be used for baking but have since decided to try to use them in scrapbooking/cardmaking. and i used my favorite pink ribbon and eyelets. i'm going to try to use those doilie things in different ways in the next couple days so we'll see how that goes.
well i believe that is all for now.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Tonight i discoverd some awesome paper that i didn't even know i had. let me just tell you how bad that paper situation is down there, i always buy tons of it and don't like using it becuase it's so nice how it is....i'll get over that. well this was a paper pack i bought from CTHM a couple months (or more) ago and i completly forgot i had it, then my mom asked if i cared if she used a couple pieces of it...after seeing it, i did care, i wanted it all to myself. but i told her she could use a couple pieces (i don't think she ended up using it though)

after seeing this paper that i felt was destined for me, i had to create something with it. well to make a long story shorter, the bind-it-all was out, and i had found a couple pieces of journal paper i made in a Word document a LONG time ago. So i combined my newfound love of this paper and my love of quotes to make a little book for myself.

Here are a couple pictures of it...

the items i used were:
The AMAZING "Stylin'" Paper pack from CTMH
Tim Holtz grunge board letters (quotes)-making memories black paint
heidi swapp flower and big brad
50cent ribbon (amazing)
and a flower stamp (cannot remember brand or anything)

Seriously need to stock up on Stylin' paper packs!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Clear Moments

I just can't get enough of these blog things for goodness sakes. Well today I decided to post a little mini book i made a month or two ago. the book it's self is made from acetate (which is thick clear plasticlike stuff) it comes with a clear protection sheet over it and you can stamp on it with that ink that stays on it (Staz-On), or put paper on it, pretty much anything you want. it's amazing and a new fascination of mine. at my favorite scrapbooking store... Treasury of Memories ... they have a die cut club so i picked up some acetate sheets from TOM then i ventured up to the die cut section where i cut out the covers and then cut out the inside pages with tabs. for the in between pages i used a thinner clear paper, like they use for overheads in school, anyways i started putting paper on it and realized i had to cover both sides because it's see through...duh. so it was a challenge but i did it. i haven't put pictures in it but maybe i will...


i believe the paper i used was, Basic i'm not 100% sure i can't remember for the life of me and i don't want to go try to find let's pretend it's basic grey. then i used some Close to my Heart flourish stamps with the white staz-on and some rub-on transfers. the end.

p.s. so i pretty much lied...the paper that i said was basic grey, completly WRONG. it is my minds eye. duh. the same day i bough a whole bunch of basic grey and MME on the same day and got confused. even though it just looks like my minds eye...doy. sorry kids.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Black and White Pages

Today I am going to post about a couple different things. This whole blog is for me to post about are all things I love and so maybe sometimes I will post about scrapbook endeavours as well as if that makes sense to anyone today I am going to post about my sweet dinner attempt last night as well as a couple more scrapbook pages...

Here we go

Last night I tried to make some Moroccan/cinnamon chicken with rice. It ended up looking like, "Dog Barf" according to my encouraging mother. But without having a real recipe I thought it tasted pretty good. Here is a picture of it...

i guess i agree it does look like dog's just almonds and chicken i swear.

so now onto a couple scrapbook pages. these again are from the contest i never entered. this first one is from my seminary graduation/high school graduation. I used the handmade paper that we got in a pack from Costco (another obsession next to shoes and ribbon) so there it is.

This page is one I started making for my friend Chyla who got married this summer..the whole idea was to make a book, but it didn't get don so maybe it can be an anniversary present...possibly a 5th anniversary? hopefully not. Anyways the black and white paper on that is fuzzy and I bought it at a paper store here in town and it came in a big sheet. I'm a paper addict, that's a post for another day though.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ribbon, Ribbon and More Ribbon!!

Yesterday i talked about one of my, well today the obsession I am going to post about is......RIBBON! if you didn't already get that from the title! For Christmas I got a ribbon box, just a plain white ribbon box so last night I decided to decorate it with some amazing new paper I got. I think the paper is "love elsie". Pretty much love it. I also used the new Tim Holtz grungeboard letters for the "R" in Ribbon. Despite the weird smell those grungeboard letters have, they are pretty awesome.

I do enjoy this paper. Well I think that's it.
P.S. I also used Making Memories green paint. I love that stuff too!

Monday, January 14, 2008

1st Real Post

Alright so I just went down to my scrap/mess room..haha...sorry mom. anyways I found a couple projects that I have completed...and some I have not finished yet. So I suppose over the next couple days I will post things I already have to give me time to make some new things! Just remember a lot of these are not yet done. That is my biggest problem, I make all these new little pages or books and I never print the pictures to go in them so that is part of the reason I have made this, to motivate me to finish. I'll explain these first couple pages; this summer I was told about a scrap booking contest so I decided to make some pages for it. I ended up spending a lot of time/money making the pages then I never submitted them- for a couple reasons, first I didn't believe they would be in the same caliber as other entries and second, I was leaving for Utah to attend a friends wedding and didn't want to write an essay the morning I left.

I have a couple obsessions in life, one of them is SHOES. Converse High Tops to be exact. I currently have about 10 pairs in all different colors...don't be jealous.

This is a page I did for Shelley. I took her into the yard and had a mini photoshoot that she loved, then I used two of her favorite colors to do the layout.

Well that should be all for today over the next couple days I will post some old stuff to get in the swing of things.

Something New

I've decided to start one of these blog-do-hickeys since everyone else on the planet has one. I guess it's going to be dedicated to my creativity attemps, hence the name of the blog. I like to peruse other blogs in search of great scrapbooking/cooking/photography ideas. Thus, I've decided to make my own and perhaps inspire someone like myself to spend some more time creating because if I can do it, anyone can believe me. So the idea is for me to create things more often and get more projects done. We'll see how it goes. woot woot.


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