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Monday, February 25, 2013

Did you know?

That the royal couple (erummmm....I can't think of it)....the ones from England OH Kate and something, are going to have a baby? I saw it on the cover of a magazine.

Did you know that the Oscars were on last night? Do you know how much I don't really care? (gasp! I might be persecuted for that one)

Did you know Britney and K-Fed broke up?

Have you heard of the movies, Silver Linings Playbook, or Zero Dark Thirty? I'd never heard of them until last night when the Oscars were on. I was just a poor bystander promise!

Did you know that Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson were dating? Did you know they broke up? Did you know they might be back together? It's complicated.

Did you know that Wolverine was on that Les Miserable movie? Mind Blown. AND Princess Mia from Princess Diaries, AND Karen from Mean Girls were in it.

Elton John has a son?

Did you know that I googled all that stuff? Because apparently I don't have better things to do. (I really do actually, that was a 'funny joke'.)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Do your metacarpal phalanges hang low? Do they wobble to a fro? Are both your central and lateral maxillary incisors implants? Are you tired of me talking like this? I'm sorry, I can't help it.

Did you know that Emily Deschanel (Bones), is Zooey Deschanel's sister?
I'm basically a forensic anthropologist after all the Bones I've been watching. For those unaware, it's a TV show that's been on for a really long time. My mom got all the seasons on DVD for Christmas. We all made fun of her for watching them then one day many weeks ago, I was downstairs working on a project and decided to finish my movie. Well Bones was in the DVD player and I was too distracted to really notice. Well now here we are, 5 seasons later....Cut me a break though because I've been WORKING while I watch. On projects, organizing, purging, painting, building furniture etc....
Some episodes are pretty boring and some are just too over the top. There are some though that are really interesting.

Anyways I decided about 1.5 weeks ago that I was going to purge the downstairs craft room, which has provided a wonderful Bones marathon alibi. Of course when I start something it can't JUST be what I originally intended. I've literally gotten rid of 2 tables, a bookcase, emptied out/organized 20+ cube shelves, and built some new shelf-desk units. My mom jumped on board too so what started off being a little purging turned in to a, prime and paint, shove everything to one side of the room. Go through each drawer item by item extravaganza. I actually LOVE doing this when I'm in the right mood for it. Bones has helped motivate me.

Tonight I worked on organizing a box of poorly labeled, mismatched photos while I watched Dr. Temperance Brennan (Bones) and FBI Special Agent Ceely Booth, solve a couple murders and try to pretend like they don't like each other.

Wellllll, I'll show you a little picture of my in-progress craft room/area. I wish I would have taken a before picture, but trust me, you wouldn't want to see it. Ridiculous.

 Here is a mid-way picture. This wall used to have a bookcase, a table, a desk, and a huge stack of luggage, blankets, and other random things that didn't have a 'real' home. Well I found them real homes and got them out. Please notice the wonderful red wall. My mom wanted to be 'urban' or something so she painted 2 walls red and yellow. Goes perfect with the ugly maroon carpet!
 A broader view. All that mess to the left is just shoved to the side while we work on other things. See those white shelves? Those were overflowing with junk, 75% off what was in that got donated/thrown out (there is another one on the other side that I'm including in that 75%)

This is where I'm at now. This is the shelf/desk unit I bought from Ikea this weekend and the chair I bought from there also. It's hard to tell but the wall is now a medium/lightish shade of grey (just used what we had mixed with white paint).
Obviously there is still a long ways to go, but the other shelf/desk is set up. Just got to go through all the other stuff and get everything into it's new home!

And just because I'm super confident in my style and person, I leave you with this photo of myself back in the day. If you're wondering, yep those shoes were scratch n' sniff, yep, I had a plastic 101 dalmatians backpack, my eyes/glasses were the size of pie plates, my hair disappeared in the sun, and I was trying my hardest to channel my inner 'Matilda'.

 You're welcome.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Being Happy

After yesteday's melodrama I decided that today should be better. That meant I stayed in my sweats until 11am (actually I didn't mean to do this but ALL my clothes were either in the washer or dryer so I had to wait). I did some retail therapy online without actually buying anything, GO ME! 

I studied about GMO's which is surprisingly interesting. While I don't buy in to a lot of the eco-whatever alarmists out there this topic has really struck a nerve. If you have a chance you should go watch Genetic Roulette. It's about 1 hr 20 minutes long but I took a lot of notes for my paper while I watched. It might not be the most riveting 'movie' but it will make you think a lot.

OK long side note about GMO's geesh. sorry.

I also worked on organizing downstairs some more. I'm trying to purge all the junk we don't use and get everything organized and get rid of some of the furniture in that craft room! I've gotten quite a bit done by myself over the last several days. I've always watched 5 dics of Bones in that time, but at least I'm being productive while I work. I don't feel a sense of urgency like I did to get that done so it made it easier to work on.
Happy fabric 'mini bolt' shelves! 

I decided around 2 that I wasn't going to go to class tonight either. It feels very weird to intentionally skip a class because I haven't done that (at least not since middle school ;)). I felt guilty at first but got over it quickly. I thought it was Friday all day today anyways. But skipping my 2 classes did make me happier than it should have.

I started reading an e-book I bought. It's called, Unnaturally Green. It's a look inside the life of an Elphaba standby. It's hilarious and really easy to read which is nice. Oh Wicked I miss you SO. Seriously. They just need to record the play and release it already!

 I made these potted plant treats for YW last night. Two people really believed that it was an actual plant. It's a cupcake at the bottom with ice cream then crushed oreos with a couple worms. If you stick a straw into the cupcake before adding ice cream then your flower stem goes right into the straw. I wanted to get real terracotta pots but didn't find any so I used dumb little plastic ones that I lined with saran wrap.

And I felt better about my haircut today. I went from this:
To this. It feels good to have the yucky hair off. Even though I didn't go as extreme as I was thinking she still cut off about 5-6 inches (although it's hard to tell because my hair was going crazy before I got it cut).

I'm DERRRRRRPing it up because I was making a really dumb face in honor of the bathroom mirror pic meant to mock all the FB mirror pics but I look like a fool (mission accomplished then right?)
 My mom bought me flowers for Valentine's day too. How cute!

 To end tonight I put my happy pillowcase, that I made last week, onto my pillow. So hooray for happy days. Although there were a couple times I wasn't thrilled it was fine.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blegh Day

Super fun happy blog.

ohhhh wait.

Ever have those days you wish you could just completely forget the entire day? That would be today.
I have no idea why, Wednesdays are usually good because I get off work at 6am so I go home to take a nap then get to do my own thing in the mornings until Shelley gets home at 10:30ish.

I made myself a hair appt. for today at a fancy schmancy salon in Fairhaven so I had to rush to get Shelley lunch and take off. I got cut off 8 times while driving, got stuck at EVERY red light, I had 5 necklaces that I was bringing to a friends boutique to sell and they alllll got tangled together in like 12 seconds, I had to drive around Fairhaven streets like 4 times to get parking (at both the store and salon), then I was just stressed out about everything. The entire 1.75 hours I was at the salon all I could think about was everything else I still need to do. Although I really did enjoy the hand wax stuff (I know it has a name but I don't care enough to look it up at the moment).

I have no idea how people juggle life. I'm not doing good at it and it's making me REALLY irritable and annoying and short (not just in stature) and not patient. When I do have time do get stuff done, all I want to do it just stare at a wall. It's not even like I have this huge demanding schedule either. Sure, I do a lot, and have a lot of responsibilities but that's normal life so how does everyone else do it so well?! I know people aren't perfect but still, I wish I had the time management needed to get rid of this stress.

Tonight I got to the end of my rope for some reason. I just was done and I felt really mean and horrible at mutual, but I tried to hide it but didn't do a good job.

Ok I'm done complaining I should be studying and learning about GMO's and writing a problem/solution essay. Be super jealous.

Friday, February 8, 2013


That's something I'm REALLY good at. Unfortunately.....lately I've been putting things off because I just need to not constantly be doing things that I really don't 'want' to do. So I've been sewing. More than usual. So much so that I'm bidding on sewing machines on ebay. I want to same kind that we already have a Bernina huge metal like 50 pound sewing machine. It's the kind my mom has and I LOVE it. I don't think I could even figure out how to use the newfangled robot digital machines. That's my goal. To win one of these machines without paying $600. Like $200 would be nice ;)
Here are some projects from the last couple days. Keeping it simple and easy.

 For YW 2 weeks ago we made these little scripture tote bags. They are very easy/quick/fun. I made these last week for a lady I work with and her three spunky daughters.
 This is the momma version, she's always carrying so many craft supplies so hopefully it will be helpful.
 This is for a baby shower gift. It will eventually be a car seat cover....we'll see, I might choose other fabric.
 We had a lot of little leftover pieces from the YW making their totes so instead of tossing them I cut a bunch of it to make these-
little matching kleenex holders for them to put in their scripture bags. SUPER easy and they're done in like 4 minutes (after pre-cutting all the fabric). I have another two patterns I want to work on but I'll finish these holders first so I'm not so ADD.

STILL not done with my quilt. I'm stuck at the 'quilting' part. I should have learned how to quilt before jumping headfirst into this project. Yikes. Will it ever get done?!

I go through hobby phases. Knitting, crocheting, sewing, cooking/baking, reading, etc....right now it's obviously sewing.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Sewing Bowl

Sewing bowls are MUCH more fun than super bowls. In my humble opinion that it.... :)
So yesterday while 90% of everyone else in the world was watching the game and simultaneously gorging on chips/salsa and other sorts of food, I was sewing and fasting. Shaaaaweeeet.
While I do love me a nice big bowl of salsa and/or guacamole I didn't partake.

Wanna know the best part about sewing instead of football? There's no football involved! Yeeehaw. I have grown up in a very football/baseball filled house, and while I've been known to accidentally watch football/baseball on occasion, it really doesn't make me a better person or broaden my horizons. I can't tell a difference between any games, they are all the same to me.

So I went downstairs and started a few projects. I might have watched 5ish episodes of Bones while down there too. Why would someone watch the super bowl when they have have a sewing/bones bowl?

I've been wanting to make a laptop sleeve for awhile to prevent scratches in all my 'commuting'. The pattern I found online was bogus and the other one cost money so I looked at the picture and figured it out on my own. My mom and I played sewing machine tag the entire time. She had a project and I had mine, it's never too late to learn to share.

It took a little bit of time, but I finally finished my sleeve at the same time the super bowl got over. Perfect!
 I ordered some fun chevron fabric so I used some of that, along with extra batting from my quilt (that's STILL being quilted because my sewing machine isn't big enough to work), red velcro, and red thread and time, I have myself a fun new/cheap carrying case.

 The inside is lined with that turquoise-y color also, but I didn't make it reversible (mostly due to pure laziness and not wanting to-ness).

Then tonight I got home from work and had some time so I made up these bags for someone I work with:

 They're even upside down! You're welcome! I tried to pick fabrics that would match her girls' personalities. Hopefully they'll like them :) They are reversible just in case they don't.
I also made a large one for their mom. She always has piles of crafting stuff she brings to work so I thought this might help her carry stuff.
These 4 bags took 2 episodes of Bones. Apparently that's how I'm going to measure time now. I promise I don't just sit and watch them all day!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A very merry unbirthday to you!

I have always wanted to celebrate half birthdays. I think everyone should.

Trying to figure out someone who would appreciate a half birthday celebration was easy. I knew KneeCoe would love a celebration. If anyone would know their half birthday, it would be her.
So like the beginning of December I put a reminder in my phone to go off 2 days before. Saturday was the day. It was also groundhogs day.

Nicole asked her dad what day it was Saturday morning and he said groundhogs day but she corrected him.

I had planned to invite all the YW over to go surprise her but I left it to the last minute and only 2 were able to come but it was still fun.

 I added 1/2 to everything. I made a Matilda-esque half cake and the 'gift' was half of a princess puzzle. I had several other items I meant to get but ran out of time lame.

So I had the 2 YW with me and we were a bit suspicious when we got to Nicole's but it was ok. So we walked in and started singing half of happy birthday...that didn't work too great. But I think she didn't care.

 After our little 'party' Nicole and I went to get pedicures (full, not half). That was niiiiice. This was a flower that the salon had. They also had two shark sized fish in an aquarium. It was SO weird. They were fighting each other and making waves in the tank. It was oddly entertaining. There was a poor lone goldfish being tossed too and fro. Poor little fishy was the snack....
And Nicole with her half 'hapbirt' crown, glasses and cake.

Who's half birthday is next?!


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