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Friday, November 12, 2010

Day #9- last purchase

So besides the Port of Sub's sandwich I bought last week these are my last purchases ;):
my favorite yellow toggle hooded coat from old navy. i LOVE it. only downside is the pockets would have been better as side pockets instead of these square ones. Also would have been nice if it was fully lined, it's a little itchy with short sleeved shirts.

this is technically my LAST purchase, YARN. I just took this photo off the internet but they had a sale on Vanna White yarn which is my favorite stuff to work with so I bought 18 skeins. I only spend $14!! well I guess I had a $25 gift card too ;).

ok I'm SUCH a liar. Why does anyone ever believe me? haha I forgot I stopped at trader joes yesterday. I bought 2 bags of my favorite pecan praline granola, vanilla almond milk, almond meal x2, minestrone soup and whole wheat Lavash bread. Seriously that bread is delicious! it's like a huge slice of flat bread that is great for wraps and sandwiches. I made burritos with them tonight with shredded chicken, beans and cheese (it crisps up real good). YUMMM. I also plan on making some indian curry and using the bread as my utensil. Don't judge.



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