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Monday, February 23, 2009

New Blog

soooo i have a new blog, it's a photography blog for sure. ummmm just so i don't crowd this blog with all my pictures like i've been doing. so i just posted a new entry there but i don't have anything new for this blog so here's one of the pictures from the photoshoot featured on my other blog.

i love new blogs and cameras.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It worked finally!

blogger wasn't working a little bit ago but i got it to work finally. but it'll be quick i have lots to do: first here are some cards i made. we went to my moms work and a couple of her co-workers and us each brough enough stuff for each person to make a couple cards

here's the one i came up with:

i always need birthday cards so this was good.
here is an apron i made. i started it last week but only cut the shape out, i finished it yesterday.

this is my new favorite book:

seriously AMAZING. if you want to look at it i'll let you borrow it (if i know you of course)
and last but certinaly not least, my new Canon 50D, i'm just a tad excited:
ok now i have to be off to get stuff done. i have lots to do but here i am wasting time again!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Knit Baby Cocoon

I have been looking everywhere for a knitted baby cocoon pattern. The only ones i can seem to find either cost $35 from etsy, or are a crochet pattern (which i can hardly do). so i made up my own. first i tried making it in the round but didn't have big enough circular needles or DPN's. then i decided to knit it flat, then slip the end stitches onto a large eye needle and pull it closed like a drawstring bag. so that's what i did here are pictures and at the end i'll post the "pattern" if you want to call it that.

it's very stretchy, width wise and length wise. (sorry for the bad pics, the sun was coming in weird)

this is the seam on the back, which you will not see. i made this for my photography so i'll just lay that side down. and in real life it doesn't look that defined.

this is a really bad pic of the bottom. i wanted to show you that it's like a little circle.
i made it so you can roll the top to adjust the length or leave it flat for longer babies.
and i still have this much yarn left. it only took one skein.
ok now how i made it:
what you need:
1 ball of Lion Brand Homespun Yarn (this was the deco or cream color i think)
1 pair 13in US size 11 8.0mm needles
large-eyed blunt needle
measuring tape/ruler
Cast On (CO) 60 stitches (this was a complete guess it has to be wide enough to fold in half)
Knit until it measures between 18-20 inches (mine is about 18in streched)
Knit 2 tog. until the end of the row (30 stitches remain)
Knit 2 rows
Knit 2 tog. until the end of the row (15 stitches remain)
Knit 1 row
Cut the yarn, leaving a long tail. thread tail into the large-eyed blunt needle, then, one at a time, thread the needle through the 15 stitches. Pull the yarn tight to make the bottom. Knot the yarn to secure.
Next make sure you have a long piece of yarn and thread into the blunt needle. making sure the piece is folded in half, sew up the side until you get to the top. Tie it off. You're done!!
i don't know if that is helpful or clear but you can ask me if you have any questions.
this isn't meant to hold a baby for a long time or leave unattended. i made it for photography purposes.
i want to make another one with chunky-er yarn and larger needles to get more of a net like look to it. and i want a green one. i went with a more neutral color b/c i want it for boys and girls.
i don't have any baby models right now. (update: so i just tried this cocoon out on a 2 week old and it was a little big but it worked. next time i might CO less stiches and make it an inch shorter- it streches a lot!) 2 friends are due in may/june and all the other babies around are too big now. this is meant for newborns. sad. oh well you get the general idea with the pictures. i hope someone finds this and can use it i was so frusturated i couldn't find any patterns so here's one that might work for you.


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