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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Totally Rad

congratulations amanda, you are now the proud owner of 103 totally rad actions! (please say that in an announcers voice) it's true, i am all about the impulse buys, first a pink laptop, then photoshop CS3, a hair straightener and now, 103 totally rad actions. i could have very easily spent half that money and just gotten one of the sets of actions, but i don't do things halfway...haha...i figured i get a better deal if i buy them together, so why not spend an extra $140ish dollars to save myself $20 in the long run? right? right. hopefully they will earn their keep on my computer by helping me with my photography endeavors. i can't believe it, i just clicked BUY. well they were having a sale, so why shouldn't i have gotten them? i'm all about sales. i go to their website A LOT and drool all over their actions so it's about time i get to use them myself...

i'm just trying to justify this whole thing now. if anyone would like to donate to the, Amanda doesn't know how to NOT spend her money, fund, please do so. i've not gotten a good chance to play around with them yet, i have to get pictures from my laptop (CS3 isn't working on it at the moment, for which i am VERY upset but we're working on it) so i don't really have any good pictures to work with quite yet i'll just settle for some cute babysitting ones for now. so here is a small sample of what you will no doubt be seeing on my blog, a lot more.
(action used, Old Skool)
i guess i'll have to start saying which action i use on my pictures...haha that's funny, or not.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Your Eyes Do Not Decieve You

i really AM posting making this my 2nd post in 2 days! woohoo. it's even ANOTHER scrapbook page! i guess i am just a blog-maniac this weekend. this time i'm not 100% done with this page, but i'm needing suggestions to finish it. i want to put her name somewhere on here, and maybe her birth "stats". i really need to find a better way to upload these pictures but i don't think my scanner is big enough. so this will have to do for now.

that kinda grain-y looking stuff on her head is not really there, that was the flash from my camera. ick. flash. bleh.

here is a little story, i bought this cd today b/c i though it had a song on it that i like, turns out, i think i bought the wrong c-d, but anyways, it was double wrapped, giving me a second chance to turn the c-d around to make sure the song i want is on this c-d, but i unwrapped both things and now i'm stuck with it, i like it though so it's ok. i just need to figure out what the song that i liked was called.

Friday, July 25, 2008

8 More Days!

Finally! a scrapbook page! i made this tonight for one of the little girls i babysit, kennedy. i only finished kennedy's page and i'll do madisons in a day or two. i made it with the Pink Paislee-Office Lingo paper. i made a pocket with the red cardstock for a journaling tag.

p.s. only 8 more days!! that would be 8 more days until Breaking Dawn comes out!!!!
p.p.s. in 8 more days tracy and her mom are coming up and we're going to have a crop night with some other friends so that should be fun, if i can pull myself away from my book! woohoo.

Friday, July 18, 2008

One Year Older and Wiser Too....??

Happy Birthday to ME! (well on the 16th) here are some birthday pictures...

i'm 21 now. yikes. i don't think i like this getting older it's 21 but i might as well be 58.

i made my own cake and my own birthday dinner. this cake is from Smitten Kitchen (see link on the right) i used her yellow wedding cake recipe and a raspberry curd i made up. on her site she used a mango curd to go with it, but most of my family doesn't like mangos so i went with raspberry and started using a recipe i found online, then decided i didn't like that so i made my own. i made a 7 minute frosting (also Smitten Kitchen) but after going through all that effort, i found i could have just used the stuff from the box, it is the EXACT same thing.

it was actually very simple...i say that now while making this cake, i went to measure out my buttermilk and shook it like a good little girl and it ended up all over my hair, clothes, kitchen was really fun for me. NOT.

here are my 67 lbs. of books i got. actually i already bought the classroom in a book one and the photoshop CS3 for dummies is from the library. now i have to read 54377634 pages and i'll be a photoshop CS3/Corel Painter X Pro.

anywho. at some point this weekend i might post a couple cards i need to make and if snapfish will get on delivering my pictures i will make a couple scrapbook pages. oh i also got a couple new t-shirts that i LOVE and i will post pictures of those maybe too.

Monday, July 14, 2008

You Know You're Sunburned When...

1. It inflicts physical pain to shower, thus imposing the sponge-bath method to the arms, legs and face.
2. It looks like you are wearing lobster-red flip-flops (only $3.50 @ Old-Navy)
3. You can barely extend your knees, causing a funny limp/walk/strut thing
4. You could probably scramble an egg on your arm due to the unholy amount of heat emanating from it
5. The only shoes you can wear for the next several days will be, no shoes or the same flip-flops you wore when this happened to you so as not to agitate the redness
6. People will stop and wonder what Rudolf is doing out in the middle of July
7. You are wondering why Sun Boats, Aloe Vera, can cost so much when all it seems to do it make you greasy, wet looking and that's about it, there is nothing soothing about it.
8. If you have an itch on any part of the red, you are stuck just watching that spot, willing it to stop itching.
9. You can melt an ice cube on your arm in 5 seconds flat.
10. When you have red fingernail polish on, it looks like every part of your arm, including your fingernails got sunburned.

Yesterday was pretty fun, now i'm reaping the consequences. it's not as bad as it was yesterday but it's still bright red. we went to the lake and did some paddle boats then went swimming, i didn't think it was that hot, but apparently it was. I was going to take some pictures to show how red i am, then decided i look like a lobster and thought better of it.

2 more days until my birthday! woot woot. now all i need to do on my "vacation" is get my license renewed, then go again to get the EDL (for border purposes), go in a couple hours to take my placement test for skagit, find a dress for the wedding i am in, and maybe do something for my birthday.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rock Band=My New Life

First, happy 4th of July to everyone, it was a couple days ago but's one of my favorite holidays. here are a couple pictures from the 4th's BBQ

here is the flag cake i you can see there's already a raspberry missing, by the time we got to dessert, the whole back row of raspberries was picked off by little fingers...haha. there's only a pound and a half of butter in there, the fruit makes it healthy...the barefoot contessa is amazing.

umm excuse me while i wipe the drool off my keyboard....if you'll notice the big green circle right there in the middle, those bowls contained some of the best meat i have ever tasted. and the green arrow is pointing to the man that made it. he owned the resturant i worked at. let's just say, i dream of this stuff. i need to recipe although i would never be able to make it like he does.

this is baby cason. he has the most amazing blue eyes and if you'll notice his incredibly long eyelashes. i'm jealous

finally a crafty item. maybe you'll remember a couple posts back, i posted pictures of baby reagan. here is a frame i made for her family. i saw the idea at treasury of memories and decided i wanted to make it for them. it's a vinyl and a picture of her. quick and easy and a very cute idea.

and last but not least, ROCK BAND. i am amazing, i can do all three things at once. don't deny. this is what i do with my time now....haha not really though. p.s. please ignore the scrapbooking mess in the background...woops.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

More Pictures.

Today after work i went and babysat two little girls. i've never babysat for them before, i watch them in the nursery on sundays though so i know that they are so fun. the whole day at work i was so excited, then i got there and they were taking a nap. i was only there for about 20 minutes before they woke up though so it was ok. after drinking some juice and waking up a bit, we went outside and i grabbed my camera. i'm a little sad b/c just about 10 minutes after we got outside, madison's cousin got home next door and she went to play with her and i didn't get many pictures of her, that's ok though it gives me an excuse to go back!
i found this little chair for $3 at value village last week, i sanded, primed and painted the blasted thing, it still needs one more coat and i think i'm going to get a more red color to finish it off.
kennedy again. she was a little wary of me at first since she woke up and found me instead of her mom.
she started loosening up soon enough though.
she is very cute and very smart for a 16 month old.
her mom is going to be having a baby boy in a few months so we picked little "baby" flowers and rocked them to "sleep"
here's one of the only ones of madison. i'm definitely going to have to go back.
this one is kinda random
she really didn't like looking at the camera.
finally! a smile!
and a little smile again.
i've been posting lots of pictures lately so maybe i'll have to start a photography blog seperate from this i still have some of Noah to post. here's one to show you what's to come.
he's cute.


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