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Friday, February 29, 2008

blog-land exile

i should probably be cast out of blog world. i am absolutly terrible at it. half the time i don't take pictures of the things i make, or give them away before i take pictures. so here is my promise. i will post something, maybe two somethings this weekend. i am trying to make something with my new favorite stamp and ribbon. so i may even make them tonight, depending on how i feel. i don't even have any old stuff saved on my computer to share right now so i guess that means this very exciting, white knuckle post is over.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Whoa whoa whoa it's MAGIC!

You know the feeling when you find something that is so absolutly perfect, you know it was destined for you? like it was almost calling you to it. and when you see it, there is no way you can deny it, no matter how hard you may try? and no matter how many times you tell yourself NO, it just doesn't help, because this item is perfect in every way, shape and form. i found IT today. all kidding and tom foolery aside, i am in love. some may say i am over reacting, and i would probably agree with you but i can't deny my illness. i won't say anymore, i'll let the picture do the talking.

so maybe i will continue to talk about it. seriously. some may say it's ugly, some may call it really ugly. i call it beautiful. yes, it is a purse. i took a chance on a purse that called to me. i have a sickness. i buy purses more often than some people clip their toenails. i will call Dr. Phil in the morning.
well that was long and drawn out. here are two more pictures from some other items i bought today during a girls day with my mom.

some paper and other random goodies.

but my ultimate favorite things (besides Wonda {which i just named my purse}) were these three litte items, first a pack of sticky pearls, some blue ribbon and this stamp. i have been looking everywhere and finally i have found the stamp of my dreams.
overall it was just a good day, a couple of inanimate objects captured my heart today. and i'm ok with that.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Picture Day

Since i haven't posted for a couple days i thought i'd post a couple of my favorite pictures. some of them are photoshopped, some are not. and the bike picture is one i developed in my darkroom and then colored with some special/expensive photo markers (like oldschool photoshop), so it's not very good quality. ihave probably thousands of pictures and i'monly 20 years old. i don't want to know what the situation will be like in 10 years....yikes.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


a stack of scrapbook magazines
a butterfly punch
and an unused picture frame.
those are the items i decided i needed to combine tonight. everyone else was gone and i was browsing through some scrapbook magazines and i realized they advertise really cute paper in these things...duh. so lightbulb moment, i ran down and got my new favorite butterfly punch and settled down into my chair and started punching out lots and lots of butterflies. i got a little carried away and i have enough punched out to create like 30 of these little frames. here is what i made...

and this is a scarf i'm making for a little girl i babysit. woot woot.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

P.S. Mom, you will LOVE this.

yesterday was my mom's birthday...she wasn't home all day so when she finally got home about 9, sam and i had set up some suprises for her...when sam and i do suprises, we DO suprises.

this was the sign that greated her when she walked up the stairs (it was hung there with two studded belts and tacks)
and before we would let her open the presents, we made her put on the LOVELY headband we made out of foil and corn on the cob holders...after a couple minutes she decided it was a leathal weapon, not a headband.
so finally we got to the presents, but she had to answer a question before she opened each present (which were expertly wraped with newspaper). i just made the questions up and didn't really know the answers.

that was fun. so now on to the "real exciting" stuff. i went to TOM again today for like the 3rd time this week and i bought a little FAMILY sign for half-off and decorated it with some favorite paper and attached little clothespins to hold the pictures. it was a pain in the butt.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

cupcakes, matchbooks, teacups &beatles oh my.

Merry Valentines Day Folks *notice i said ValentiNes day, not ValentiMes*. there is not much going on today so i thought i'd update with some pictures from the last couple days.

these are some dark chocolate cupcakes with a dark/semi sweet chocolate "glaze" if you will, and pink frosting designs. you might notice the robot, fish, pig, tic-tac-toe board, star,and 2007 4EVA designs. so random but that's ok.

and since it is valentines day, here is a little matchbook do-dad i made a couple weeks ago, i have absolutly no idea what i am going to do with it but i'm ok with that.

the inside, it has real cute paper from, my minds eye.

and finally some random teacups i found dusty in a corner of our kitchen cabinet. i got a little carried away and took like 20 pictures of them, i won't bore you with anymore but it's a time in my life and i can't deny it. sometimes i just have to let it be.
speaking of letting it be, i am OBSESSED with Across the Universe, the movie and soundtrack. seriously. if you like the beatles, or ever had an inkling to like the beatles, it won't disappoint. i will say it has it's strange parts, but that's what fast forward is for. i'm more into the soundtrack. i love remakes of beatles songs, perhaps more than the originals sometimes. but let's not kid ourselves, the originals are pretty darn good. hence all the remakes. seriously i wouldn't lie. well this was efficiently awkward so i'm ending now.

Monday, February 11, 2008

This one's a doosy.

this weekend did not go as planned, so no skirt. but i did clean off my desk and table so when i finally do get around to making it, i will have a flat surface to mess up again. since i was hardly home this weekend, i didn't have a chance to make anything, but today i did make a little wall hanging for my room. i used 3 of my favorite new things, canvas, vinyl and brown paint. all of which i bought at, Treasury of Memory (where else, duh). i have so many of these canvas' all over the place and i can't wait to come up with something to do to all of them. this is what i did today.

the pics aren't very good but i'm over it. i used little square chipboard tiles and covered them in paper. there's really no point to it but i wanted to use the canvas plus i love the paper. two of the squares have writing on them, i used an old book i got for free and tore out a page. i am currently making another project with that book that might be done sometime soon.

the vinyl says, 'don't forget to have a little fun today'. i didn't realize i bought the black one, i thought i got the white one oh well.

on friday i made truffles. mmmm nothing better than a huge brick of dark, dark chocolate if you ask me. it was my first time making them and they didn't really taste exactly how i wanted so i think i might have to try another bobby flays from "Throwdown"

it made quite a "little" mess.

and finally some valentine suckers i made with mint chocolate. they are really good with pretzels...i'm just saying.

Friday, February 8, 2008

This Weekend.

I may not be posting as much as usual in the next couple days...i don't think anyone really is too interested anyways. i am going to try to make a skirt. last night i bought the fabric and the pattern, the fabric was on sale for $2 a yard. holy moly. i don't usually go to wal-mart especially for fabric but i thought i should probably get cheap-er fabric b/c i don't know how it will turn out. then if it looks good, i have some really expensive fabric i bought like 3 years ago to make a skirt that i never ended up making. that is the plan! first i guess i have to clean off my desk areas. really what i should be working on is taxes but that's so boring.
maybe later today i'll take a picture of something i have been working on, but not right now i have to get ready for work.....ughghghghghhhhhhhh. i just want to make my millions now so i can stop working. i vote yes. if you would like to contribute to that effort, just let me know. :)

Monday, February 4, 2008

{Miss Mary}

i made this page today for mary. i made her this dress a couple years ago and found some pics i took of her in it and i decided it was worthy of a scrapbook page.

and here is my favorite picture from that day...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Copycatcard Number Challenge

i've done another card challenge,only my second, i am really bad at finding them, then actually going down and doing them. this challenge is from copycatcard. the card has to have a number on it. my number is 18 for a birthday card. i couldn't find my basic happy birthday stamp to go right above the ribbon so it doesn't say happy birthday but maybe i'll add it later. the number isn't very big but it's there. i ran out of my big rub-on numbers so i used what i had. i outlined the numbers with those little rhinstone things but you can't really tell on here. then i made that little tag with a tag maker using the same paper as the card....obviously.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Digital Card

i decided if i can make digital scrapbook pages, i can make digital cards (which would be WAY easier to print than 12x12 pages) here is the first offical card made in photoshop!wootwoot.

Friday, February 1, 2008

more stuff.

i've been enjoying my new digital SB kits and so far i haven't really made any serious pages that i plan to do anything with, just experimenting. tonight i've made a couple other ones, i'm not too thrilled with them. what i really need to do is go out and take some new pictures so i can make some serious pages that i can do something with. there is so much you can do with digital scrapbooking and i'm excited to get more into it i'm just not in the mood now. i really need to get excited about it so until i get some good pics. we'll just practice.

this is kenyan right after he was born. for his baby announcement we used the picture of his feet and under it wrote, "our family has grown by 2 feet" it was really cute if i do say so myself.

these pumpkin pics. were from stoney ridge farm, my favorite place to take pictures.


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