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Friday, November 19, 2010

Day #16 Celebrity


hahaha it's national make people uncomfortable day, what better way than to pretend your celebrity crush is Justin Bieber? i just threw up in my mouth a little bit...

ok all kidding aside.......too bad he's not still around to play holden caufield if catcher in the rye is EVER made into a movie...too bad if it is made into a movie now someone like Robert Pattinsen or other such terrible actors will be cast to play Holden.....we're on a first name basis now. I have very strong opinions on this subject I guess, I think they need an unknown actor to play him. and they need to do it right, just because J.D. Salinger has died doesn't mean they can mess with it.
PHEW. sorry about that.


Me and My Boys said...

you had me worried for a minute. I thought NO WAY does she like that 12 yr old kid. :)


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