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Friday, November 5, 2010

Day #2- Something I ate

This is a little goofy, who cares what I've eaten today?! haha NOBODY that's who. I just got back from a meeting, I skipped breakfast then I just had some toasted bread with cheese for lunch (REAL healthy)...Usually I try to eat a little healthier but we need to go grocery shopping so that's what I had. Sticking with the healthy theme here's what I had for dessert:

 it's "sugar free" that might make it worse for me than regular candy but somedays I just need a little candy so this is what I get. It's pretty good actually, just don't eat a lot...dun dun dun ;) TMI
I didn't really eat this but I drank half of it. I LOOOVE V-Fusion V8, hate the regular V8 but I love this other stuff. see so I did get SOME veggies in there ;). The day is still young though I have plenty of time for the healthy stuff later.



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