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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year- My 11 in '11

Just 12 months ago I posted a blog about my 2010 goals. I actually managed to accomplish a lot some of them. Ok if I'm being honest, I did like 5 of them. Oh well. At least I tried right?! I also managed to do one of the most broken new years resolutions pretty well (the weight thing). So this year I decided to take a different approach. We had a YW lesson a few weeks ago about resolutions and the idea was thrown out of just choosing one word to work on. I gotta say, already looking at this list looks a lot less intimdating than that crazy list from last year where I got very specific. I like not being specific. So without further ado, my "resolutions/goals" for 2011:

That is all. I think I can do it. Have a great new year, stay safe, stay classy and, stay simple.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Things I don't believe in

For Christmas I got a book, one that I've wanted for awhile. Go here to see more info. and read about "Gravy Days". I happen to have known the author for a very long time and am inspired by her talent and wit. One of the essays in her book was titled Things I don't Believe In. So far it is my favorite and it inspired me to write my own list. Here are some things I just don't believe in:

I don’t believe in getting out of bed before 8:30am
I don’t believe in letting the gas tank get below half full
I don’t believe in I before E except after C
I don’t believe blondes have more fun
I don’t believe you know the way to San Jose
I don’t believe raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens are my favorite things
I don’t believe socks should be worn with sandals
I don’t believe popped collars are ever necessary
I don’t believe in posting 15 news photos of yourself on Facebook everyday
I don’t believe in changing your last name on Facebook to match your celebrity crush
I don’t believe in judging a book by its cover
I don’t believe money is the key to happiness but it can’t hurt
I don’t believe in popcorn without butter
I don’t believe in public displays of affection
I don’t believe in clothing labels
I don’t believe those really are America’s funniest home videos- we can do better
I don’t believe 3-D is our future
I don’t believe Lady Gaga hails from planet Earth
I don’t believe in black licorice
I don’t believe in hand shaking
I don’t believe in fad diets
I don’t believe in ceiling popcorn
I don’t believe in colored dress shirts with white collars
I don’t believe in self-tanning lotion
I don’t believe in man-liner
I don’t believe in random airport pat downs
I don’t believe in posting 15 news photos of yourself on Facebook everyday  
I don’t believe in portion control
I don’t believe in white walls
I don’t believe in public restrooms
I don’t believe in any search engines except Google
I don’t believe anyone can get cell service in Wal-Mart
I don’t believe in mullets outside of 1984
I don’t believe in sleeping without socks on
I don’t believe in using windshield wipers unless absolutely necessary
I don’t believe in mini fridges
I don’t believe in skull candy headphones
I don’t believe in spelling the word, ‘resturant’ right
I don’t believe in white washed jeans
I don’t believe in wearing leggings as pants
I don’t believe in the word, ‘sista’
I don’t believe televised sports need sound
I don’t believe snuggies are uncool
I don’t believe in wrinkle cream
I don’t believe in bathroom self-portraits
I don’t believe in spanking
I don’t believe in chewing on the end of a borrowed pen
I don’t believe in talking about Lost on a turbulent airplane
I don’t believe in high heels
I don’t believe in wearing shoes in the summer or in the house
I don’t believe in oil filled bath beads
I don’t believe in off brand electronics
I don’t believe in paying full price
I don’t believe in As-Seen-on-Tv pitchmen
I don’t believe in paying $3 a gallon for gas
I don’t believe in jaywalking
I don’t believe in jumping in elevators
I don’t believe in Roseart crayons
I don’t believe in cheap shampoo

 I'm sure there will be more where that came from. I've had the phrase, I don't believe in....(fill in the blank) for the last 2 days. What is something you don't believe in?

You can buy the book HERE!
this ain't no paid advertisement I just think you should buy this book =)

Friday, December 17, 2010


I managed to complete some of these projects I had posted about earlier. That's kind of exciting. I still have lots to do between now and Christmas but hopefully it will go smoothly! 

So remember that big pile of paper? This is what I made with it:
a paper wreath. it didn't turn out quite how I had imagined but oh well. All togther the project cost me $3 bucks. I got the book for free, I already had the ribbon, the only thing that cost money was the foam wreath form. Kind of different? My fingers are burned a little bit though from the hot glue gun. There were several times when I thought I'd just toss the whole project but I'm glad I didn't.

a closer up photo.
last night we got a BUNCH of Christmas mail, which is always my favorite thing to look at. My parents couldn't decide what to do with them so I just cut some ribbon and hung it up and used mini clothes pins to hang them up. Looks like we'll need another one though it's a little small. It's fun to get all these cards and realize that most of the photos look familiar...hmmm maybe because I took most of them ;). haha

my lame tea-cup candles. the wicks i bought were too short for my cuter tea cups so I ended up using the smaller, not as cute cups. I just melted down some partially used candlesticks, took out the used wicks and poured it into the cups. easy. i did buy vanilla scenting stuff.

speaking of candles. I had also bought all these candles and I decided I didn't like the labels so I made my own. (Sorry for the terrible photo, I have no patience right now after that wreath).

a little closer look. i just used bits and pieces of scrap paper, book pages (hmm!), scrapes of fabric and cardboard that I crimped. easy, good way to use a bunch of scrap stuff.

UGH Now I guess I'd better clean up my MESS, order santa photos from our ward party last week, make little tags for our nursery gift we are making, finish our gift to the young women in our ward and maybe take a shower and eat eventually too. Oh also order our tickets to go see the Wutcracker! Should be fun.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A homemade Christmas?

This year I tried to make it a goal to make some of my Christmas gifts...however...something is all funky with my hands and whenever I try to knit/crochet shooting pains go up my arms, therefore...only a few handmade items made the cut. Then I realized that I don't have to knit or crochet for my gifts to be homemade (DUH!) so let me take you on a photo journey of my piles of projects!

What to do with a stack of crumbled distressed old book pages? This project is in progress and might require one quick trip to the craft store if I can't find what I need soon! 
 This is a little wreath I made yesterday an hour before I had to go to work. I just cut out a bunch of stars with my CRICUT, scored them and folded them to be 3-D and glued them on to a piece of cardboard I had cut out to look like a wreath.
I used some old fabric scraps and braided them with some polka dot ribbon to make the hanging thing.

Here are some of the stars not attached to anything. They are super easy. If anyone wants to know how I made them just leave a comment and I'll put a post up about them. They are way fun and simple. I think they would make cute decorations for a tree too if you just put some ribbon on the back.

Here's one of the crocheted projects I managed to do. It's a blanket for my dad. It's not quite done but that's the beauty of crochet, I can wrap it up and give it to him and still work on it after he opens it. I want to add just a few more rows but I'm not gonna have time to finish between now and next Saturday!

This is a "homemade" gift for my aunt. I chose her name this year for our Christmas gift exchange. So while I was in Utah this summer my sly uncle took my brother and I to Manti so I could take photos of my favorite temple. Then I decided since that's where they got married I would make her a personalized picture. Now I just have to send it before it's too late ;).

This is another work in progress. Just a tea cup I found at an antique shop in Lynden a few weeks ago. I'll be filling it with some candle-ing goodness to make a teacup candle. I just have to find some wicks at the store and maybe a few clearance candles to melt down and re-purpose. 

Perhaps the most exciting thing to happen to me this last week was I purchased an early Christmas gift to myself! It's the 27in iMac. It's large, it's in charge and it completely befuddles me. I also purchased photoshop for it but am having troubles getting the licensing stuff to work so I haven't even used it for my photography yet which is really sad. I like it so far, it's hard because I've never used a mac (except for elementary school when we had those green dinosaurs) so it's a different platform that what I'm used to and it's taking awhile to get comfortable with it.

This is definitely NOT homemade...hahaha. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it eventually and do great things with it!

More photos of projects after they get completed....I mean IF they get completed. Busy busy busy.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Let's Talk about Apps Man

I have many apps on my ipod. Lots that I don't use often and others that I use maybe tooo much ;). Since I'm waiting for some almond roca I just made to cool I thought I'd bore anyone who cares with some fun apps everyone should try! ALRIGHT!
this first one is a knit/crochet counter so you can keep track of what line you are on in your pattern. it's legit.
pyramid. I used to play this game as a kid so whenever I play it it's kind of like a time warp. I don't play it too often but it's a nice and quick game.

SHAZAM! Best one ever....well if you're a music lover. it allows you to put your speaker up to any song that's playing and it will tell you what song it is and who sings it. it conveniently also takes you to itunes if you choose...sneaky sneaky.
shop savvy. Ya just take a pic of a barcode on any product in any store and it will tell you the cheapest place to get said item. perfect for the cheap-o's frugal folks like myself

talking tom. you speak to him and he repeats anything and everything back in a high pitched voice. you can also pet him and knock him out....totally childish really funny.
no need for a kindle if you have an ipod/iphone/ipad. you download the free kindle app and voila! you do have to buy the books OR you can find blogs that have free ones all the time and not pay one cent...guess which option I choose? if you said free you are correct!
do not, i repeat, do NOT download this app. they have a free lite version or the full version for 2 bucks. SERIOUSLY. if you want to be content in your life do not download this game! ahhhhh I bet it's called angry birds because it makes me so frustrated that I can't beat it all the time! haha I'll let you download it if you wanna try it. 
and last but not least my new favorite FREE app!! It's called instagram and it allows you to take photos and edit them with one click with edits similar to those in photoshop ;). you can then post it instantly to facebook or twitter...not that i'm condoning twitter AT ALL.

Pretty much all my apps are free. There are so many free apps I don't even have time to look at, why pay money? The ones that do cost money are angry birds (which my brother bought so to me it's free) and we might have had to pay for shazam! but i'm not sure, I didn't buy that one either.

so well. thanks for reading. if anyone did at all. i just love apps. and christmas music.

If you want to hear a good song here ya go: 


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