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Monday, August 29, 2011

Bury me in Satin.

I love this song called, If I Die Young. It's originally by The Band Perry...however I'm not a huge fan of them...I think I've said this before. I'm not sure why I'm so obsessed with it but I am.
Here are the lyrics.

If I die young, bury me in satin
Lay me down on a, bed of roses
Sink me in the river, at dawn
Send me away with the words of a love song

Uh oh, uh oh

Lord make me a rainbow, I'll shine down on my mother
She'll know I'm safe with you when she stands under my colors, oh and
Life ain't always what you think it ought to be, no
Ain't even grey, but she buries her baby

The sharp knife of a short life, well
I've had just enough time

If I die young, bury me in satin
Lay me down on a bed of roses
Sink me in the river at dawn
Send me away with the words of a love song

The sharp knife of a short life, well
I've had just enough time

And I'll be wearing white, when I come into your kingdom
I'm as green as the ring on my little cold finger,
I've never known the lovin' of a man
But it sure felt nice when he was holding my hand,
There's a boy here in town who says he'll love me forever,
Who would have thought forever could be severed by

The sharp knife of a short life, well,
I've had just enough time

So put on your best boys and I'll wear my pearls
What I never did is done

A penny for my thoughts, oh no, I'll sell them for a dollar
They're worth so much more after I'm a goner
And maybe then you'll hear the words I been singin'
Funny when you're dead how people start listenin'

If I die young, bury me in satin
Lay me down on a bed of roses
Sink me in the river at dawn
Send me away with the words of a love song

Uh oh (uh, oh)
The ballad of a dove (uh, oh)
Go with peace and love
Gather up your tears, keep 'em in your pocket
Save them for a time when you're really gonna need them, oh

The sharp knife of a short life, well
I've had just enough time

So put on your best boys and I'll wear my pearls

It's a little forlorn type song but I can't get enough of it. Anyways here's a video of the real band's version:
and the other day I posted a video of my favorite youtube cover of this song so you can scroll down if you wanna listen to that too. While I'm at it here are a few more songs I enjoy very much
Adele gives me the goosebumps. It's almost like she's holding her heart in. This whole album was made after breaking up with her boyfriend.

Man I'm so dramatic :D
I also like these guys and this song.

So listen to good music, even if it does sound a little 'deep'.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Photo Deal

So I really need want to buy a new camera body so I can have a backup just in case. I've been getting more weddings and events that can't be redone if I happen to have a camera malfunction. Hence the want need of a new camera. Lemme tell you what, I don't think I could have picked a more expensive 'hobby' if I tried. Do you need pictures taken?
 Maybe you have a newborn baby who's just begging for their own photoshoot?
 Maybe you have a beyond adorable 1 year old who needs to celebrate his/her birthday in style?
(disclaimer: any age will do, it's not just the 1 year old's who are adorable)
 Maybe you have a family that really likes their pictures taken? Oh you don't? Well just bribe them with promises of chocolate and apple juice.
(Disclaimer: please note, this family did not need bribes, it's possible we needed hand warmers and hot chocolate when we were done but that had more to do with the freezing temperature)
 Maybe you're about to have a baby? Maybe you've been debating if you want to document this time in your life, trust me, you do. And guess what? I can help!!
 Maybe you have a family who actually beg to have their pictures taken? I can do those types of families too!!
(Disclaimer: these kids were dying to pose in front of the camera and were excellent posers)

Maybe you or your son/daughter will be graduating this year? Cuz I can take their picture too!! It's a good time to get it done because next Spring, they are going to be way more interested in their final days as a senior...and let's be honest, who knows what this crazy weather will do, we could have snow next June for all we know.

So if you can dig having your picture taken, lemme know!! You can comment or email: amandapeckphotography at gmail dot com and we can get an appt. set up!!

The deal:
1.5 hrs. for $100
1 hr. for $75
One location (or add $15 for another location) 
You will get ALL your pictures on a CD that you will have full rights to print however you wish. I will also select my favorites from the day and custom edit them, you will receive full rights to these pictures as well. 
(Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change but I'll leave 'em this way for awhile...)
It's a small price to pay to capture your family as it is in the year 2011. When we reach 2045 you'll be glad you did, trust me, I just hopped in my time machine and asked you...sorry if I just lost all credibility by referencing a time machine which I assure you, I do not own...

Monday, August 22, 2011

I Be Youtubing (when will they make that a verb?)

Umm I LOVE this song. I'm not a huge fan of The Band least I wasn't when I saw them on TV that one time but I love this cover. These guys are legit even if they have unfortunate facial hair...

I just like all his covers.
I don't discriminate, I don't just watch/listen to singers... I also watch as much kid history as I think I can get away with and still seem 'normal' haha little does anyone know....or wait, maybe EVERYone knows and I'm just in denial. (Just keeping it real, it took me a good 30 seconds to figure out how to spell the word denial...dunno why that was so hard for me.)

I also like watching the great Animal Kingdom on youtube. Contrary to popular belief, watching this kind of thing on youtube is much better than in real life....ya...I'll keep telling myself that.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Raspberry Lemonaid Slush

Are you on a restrictive diet that doesn't allow pleasures such as slurpees, sugared smoothies, or other frozen beverages? Do you gnash your teeth and wail from rooftops when denied such yummyness? If you are, or do, read on my friend, read on.

Today I kept seeing pins for strawberry lemonaid allll over pinterest and I was a little jealous that I couldn't have them cuz of all the sugar required to make them delightful. Then I started craving one but I held strong. My water just wasn't cutting it so I came up with my own version of a healthy Raspberry lemonaid slushy!! huzzzzah!!

All you need is one single serving size packet of crystal lite lemonaid, 10 ounces of water, a handful of frozen raspberries (or strawberries), and a handful of ice, ice baby.
we just happened to have 2 flats of frozen raspberries in the freezer, cuz I put them there 2 days ago and a large container of crystal lite packets...cuz I'm addicted to it's flavored goodness.
After blending all ingredients in a blender, pour into a glass and drink with a straw. I put a little too much ice in mine so towards the end I had to use a spoon, so moral of the story, don't be like me and put less ice in yours.

mmmm mmmm mmmm good. I'm sure I'm not the first to come up with this idea but I like to think I was so just let me live in my delusional world, after all I don't get to eat sugar so I need some sort of fulfillment.


oh ya, calorie-wise there's like 20< in this smoothie, for the WHOLE blender and there is enough for 2 drinks...unless you're me...then it's all mine :D. It just depends on how raspberry-ie  you make yours, but raspberries are like 1 calorie each...or so I tell myself. Plus the 5 calories for the lemonaid packet.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


This video will be my bff for the next 30 days...i've done tried this video before and it, kicked. my. butt. but that's the point right?! So since I seem to be better at middle of the year resolutions, I'm gonna start fresh tomorrow. It's always so easy to say that, I can't even count the number of times I've said those words but tomorrow, it must be true. I am sick and tired of being a fatty fat fatterson and they only way to fix that is to restart Prism and start working out. I gotta get outta this FUNK and I know this is a surefire way to do that. It got me out of my funk over a year ago and I lost 60 pounds. Since december I haven't been doing my diet AT ALL and I'm not happy with myself at all. I hate what I've become haha. I have a sugar tooth the size of Montana so I gotta get over that again. I did it once, I CAN do it again.

So for tonight, I'm going to enjoy one last sweet...a popcorn ball...then wake up in the morning and enjoy my nice egg white scramble or maybe hard boiled egg? Make myself a lettuce tuna wrap for work and get on with my life. Be jealous. The first phase of this diet is super restrictive and some people can't make it far but I made it last time and lost 25 pounds in 5 weeks (without working out ONCE) so I have 6 weeks before DISNEY WORLD and it would be awfully nice to loose 25 pounds by then, cuz it's gonna be hot. Hopefully diet combined with the Shred will work in my favor. Wish me luck. If you happen to see me and I seem delirious from my sugar deprivation just slap me. haha jk jk it won't be bad.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just a Spurt

I've had a blog sitting in my 'draft' section for a week now. I have no desire to blog or anything lately. I love blogging and reading others' blog but mine just feels like a waste of time. I usually blog about nothing important anyways. But just a quick update and maybe someday I'll get around to posting my other blog about last weekend, we'll see.

I have been super busy lately. I started working the night shift at work so that's part of the reason I haven't been blogging. Prime blogging hours for me is anywhere from 9pm-11pm but now I'm at work then so I just don't blog. I did once from my ipad but that was just a fluke :D.

I actually really like doing the sleepover shift, besides the uncomfortable bed and random noises that may or may not freak me out, I have time that I normally wouldn't take to read, write, relax etc...I've always loved to write, even as a kid I would write stories or very detailed book reports (the one thing I always got good grades on). My imagination is pretty nuts and sometimes it gets me in when I'm supposed to be paying attention but my mind is anywhere but where it should be. I've diagnosed myself with ADD possibly ADHD. I realized that I have never paid attention well and I had a really hard time in school because of it. It wasn't until I was in the 10th grade that I started getting good grades (graduated with a 3.8 thankyouverymuch) but it was really hard for me. I'm always off in some other place even if it looks like I'm paying attention. I often get called on for questions and panic trying to figure out what the question was..woops. That's prolly why I didn't fare too well in my college classes. Nobody should take it personally if I ask you to repeat a question though because it doesn't matter who it is my mind tends to it is now...

That's not the point of this blog haha. SEE told you!! WebMD does work.

I've started writing again. I have a pretty sweet setup with my ipad, bluetooth keyboard, and a writing app. my stories just start coming. They might be pretty lame to some people but I don't do it for anyone. i do it for me, I think it's an acceptable time to 'get away' and take time to do something I love. I have 2 books that are almost written and two more books that are in the process of being written. Part of having a crazy imagination is the fact that I typically have very vivid dreams and they feel so real sometimes it's hard to wake up. All 4 of the book ideas are from my dreams which sounds totally kooky but whatevs.

Anyways that's all for now, it's the middle of Saturday and I have lots I should do. Here's a picture from yesterday because blogs are just funner with pictures.

pretty sure I'm thinking, OH CRAP right about now. but we didn't fall off...that was just a few minutes later and it didn't feel good.


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