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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day #7- wedding

So I have never been married, not sure if anyone could put up with my weird antics ;-) just being honest. haha but if I ever DID get married it would be in a temple and I guess it doesn't matter which temple because they all accomplish the same thing but I especially love the Manti temple in Utah. It's in this small podunk town miles from everything it seems like. but it's always been my favorite even as a kid. here's a picture of it:
 it was one of the original temples and is very old looking. seriously it's so pretty. The day before Ty went into the MTC my uncle Andy took us on the hour drive there while everyone else was at school/work. I took A LOT of pictures probably 200 just of this temple i love everything about it. For those who haven't been there they have this huuuuuge hill where they perform programs every year. this isn't the best picture of it but I really liked the sky so there ya go.
 also if i DID get married i really like this cake which is a little different and not very wedding-y but maybe that's why i like it. not that i could eat it anyways.
 i also like this kind of idea with different cakes not stacked together
and i really enjoy these flowers. just saying.

all these photography blogs i look at have amazing wedding photos so i just went back to a few of my favorites.



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