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Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Name is Amanda and I am a Geek....

I have blog layout ADD, it seems like I change my layout every 12 minutes. haha. oh well. anyways...this week will be a crazzzzy one for sure. there are several things going on everyday so hopefully it will be a good week. it will be. i decided.

let's get onto it then shall we?

i have made a list (albeit somewhat juvinelle) of the things i am looking forward to in the coming months. don't judge.

first is the 3rd and final "Hunger Games" book is being released August 24th! I already have it preordered...preorder guarentee from amazon, can't beat it. if you haven't read them i suggest you start now.

also coming out August 24th, would be the complete series of LOST on bluray. i give you permission to be jealous. we ordered it for my dad for his birthday yesterday. ty's a little disappointed he won't have enough time to watch it before leaving sept. 8th. i tried convincing him he could watch it straight through but he declined. probably a good idea. don't need to be doing that 2 weeks before your mission.

next on my list is the 1st part of the 7th Harry Potter movie is going to be released November 19th! i loved the deathly hallows so i am suuuuper geeked out to see this. the 2nd part of the movie won't be released until next June or July, can't remember.

and last but not least, you knew it was coming, it was inevitable:

Twilight Saga: Eclipse comes out June 30th. I haven't bought tickets yet or anything and overall i'm pretty disappointed in the movies but i still have to see them. i'm team jacob in case you were wondering, well for the movies at least. team edward for the books. wow i really am 22 and i really did just say what "team" i was on. awkward.....

well that's it for now. gotta be up early for work tomorrow.

p.s. i've been thinking i might make this blog private? i ask it as a question b/c i'm not sure if i will, i probably won't end up doing it but it's been in the back of my mind just in case you were wondering. we'll see what happpppens.

Monday, May 24, 2010


well i started another blog, one that is private to everyone but me. i'm trying to be real good about keeping a journal but writing cramps my hand REAL bad. pretty sure i have early onset arthritis. way to go double jointed joe. anyways. i really don't know what the point of this post is...i just don't know what to blog about anymore. i'm so weird and random. i neeeeeeeed ideas. i love how this was supposed to be more of a crafty blog but now it's amanda's mishmash of weirdness blog.

update: deleted said blog. its harder to type than to write i guess ;)

on another note. i need to stop eating!!!!! i got this recipe for some delicious monster cookies made with almond meal and stuff i can actually eat. the problem is, they are the perfect pop into your mouth size and i want to eat 10 of them. old habits die hard i suppose. my goal is to be size 6 by my birthday so i gotta get back to jogging and maybe sign up to thrive and stop eating those dang cookies.

speaking of my birthday that is only a month and a half away, oh gosh that means girls camp is only a month and a half away and guess who's in charge)?! this will be my 2nd birthday during camp... anyways i will be 23!!!!! i feel like i might as well be 68 phew. while we are on the subject, i wouldn't mind this little camera bag with this little cover. just saying.

since i want a camera bag for my birthday i suppose i should post my spiffy new pricing sheet i made up. i really have no idea what to charge people for my photography so i haven't really been doing a whole lot with it but hopefully my prices are fair and people feel they are getting a good product for their money.

oh it was the LOST season finale last night, BTW stillllll confused. i feel like it is a smart show and i guess i'm not smart enough for it. i watched it for 6 years and i'm not quite sure what happened in the finale still. all i know is i went to bed way too late and had to be up by 7:30 this morning. yuck.

we got our new couch on saturday after ordering it in JANUARY. it is a beast. seriously it's so big but it's the most comfortable couch i've ever sat on. it's all about the recliners baby.

well i like how i said i have nothing to talk about then ramble on for 8 paragraphs about NOTHING. so i'll be done now, my stomach hurts and i want to (read: still won't) go to bed.

do i even make sense when i type? i'm beginning to doubt it.

i will feel really bad if people actually read this and wasted their time. sorry i can't give you the last 5 minutes of your life back.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Santaigo Chile North

That is where my brother is going to be spending 2 years of his life starting in September. He's going on a mission for our church. the mail lady came today and honked the horn. when we got the mail i asked if there was a large white envelope and my mom said no, then she looked again and there were 2...not sure how she missed that. well one was my edward jones investment stuff and the other was his mission call. i'm not quite sure how she lasted 2.5 hours without opening it but she did and we went to the nursing home where my grandpa is staying and opened it with the grandparents, our family, joelle, steve, stephanie and haley pratt. he lied and said billings, montana and i believed him then someone said liar and he read the real thing. anyways, it's pretty exciting that he will be there. added bonus: guess who gets to go pick him up when he's done?! heck yes! also not to brag, but next summer i'm going to russia so i'll pretty much be a world traveler by the time chile comes around ;).

out of allllll the countries i guessed, i didn't even get close. my dad guessed south america so he was closest. i guessed Eurasia (it's a real thing!) i didn't guess euthanasia...whatever. i guessed pretty much everywhere BUT south america. we've been looking at an atlas for the last couple hours. i think i'll see if the library has some books too. i looked on wikipedia and it's pretty interesting. it gave some statistics and it said .9% of the population is LDS compared to 68.7% Catholic so he'll have his work cut out for him. he's also going to be closer to antartica than here. weiiiiiird. since he's going to be on the opposite side of the equator the water will flush the other way and his summer will be our winter and vise versa. besides, unless he's in the mountains, it shouldn't drop below 62ish in the winter.

BTW, this is the world's largest swimming pool and where is it located...why chile of course. AWESOME! toooo bad he can't swim while he's there.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Cupcake CRAZY

let's get one thing straight, i cannot eat cupcakes. i guess technically i CAN i just choose not to, weird i know. however, i CAN decorate cupcakes still. i have always enjoyed decorating cupcakes but i haven't ever decorated them like this before: (p.s. sorry for the terrible pictures, they are all from my phone :\)

these spaghetti and meatball cupcakes were for april fools day. it's really just frosting and ferreo rocher dipped in raspberry jelly. pretty fun.

these little guys were for my neighbor's 11th birthday party. they have a marshmallow pillow and body, nilla wafer head, rolled out star burst blanket, teddy graham teddy's, flower sprinkle mouths and frosting hair/eyes

and a close up.

my neighbor also had a swimming party, enter twinky sharks, donut life preservers, pretzel and gumdrop buoys and sweedish fish swimming on marshmallows

i just want ONE bite, pleaaaase?!

these ones are pretty boring compared to the other ones but oh well. i made about 75 big and small cupcakes for my mom's RS mothers day treat. some had a little chocolate heart that didn't really turn out too well.

i think there was 3 types of cake and 4 types of frosting going on here. the kitchen was a disaster.

and these little guys we made last night. they are monsters and boy are they fun. they each have half a marshmallow then they are covered in frosting. the eyes are dum dum suckers with a black M&M "glued" on there wrapped with a peach ring. and the nose is a small hard candy.

i really wanted to eat one of these guys....sad.
anyways now i'm looking at different elmo cupcake ideas ;) i love cupcakes.
p.s. do you know how hard it is to NOT lick your frosting covered finger? hard i tell you. it's almost an unconscious decision, one that's made before you realize what's happening. however, i refrained every time.
p.p.s. who knew that marshmallow was spelled with an A? i didn't. thank goodness for spellcheck!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I need AA

but instead of AA i guess it would be OSA, online shopping anonymous. or just shopping anonymous would work too. i used to not be this way, it wasn't until a certain someone, who will remain nameless..., moved back home and we started going to Old Navy 6.4 times a week. awesome. not. help me rhonda. please.

it doesn't really matter what i shop for, clothes, kitchen gadgets, scrapbooking stuff, yarn for various knitting/crochet projects that never come to fruition, more clothes, purses, just random stuff i DO NOT need.

I have the itch right this minute to go here or here or here or here or even here. shooooot i had to go to all those sites to get the links. bummmer. can someone please talk me off this ledge? yikes i should be saving money, not spending it. ok i just have to get a skirt or two and maybe a few summer tops and one more essential cardigan from Target , just ONE more. then i'll put a stop to it. i'm going in on friday to invest some monies... oh ya and i just need to buy this real quick too. then THAT'S IT! it's not my fault clothes don't fit me anymore. actually it is but it's a good thing right? yikes. are there any support groups out there?! anyone? sign me up!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Costco Etiquette

As promised in last weeks, Errant Thoughts from an ICU Waiting Room post here is my list of Costco Do's and Don'ts, heavy on the don'ts. Feel free to add any other tips or tricks =).

Parking Lot:

-Do not walk across the street diagonally. Stay on one side of the street until you are parallel with the row your car is in THEN cross the street.

-Look before crossing not mid-cross

-Those cart returns are there for a reason, use them.

-DO NOT take up more than one spot with your crocked parking. Especially between the hours of 9:30am and 6:30pm

-Don't walk down the middle of the car aisles, scoot to the side so cars can get by

-Try to coordinate walking across with a big group so we don't have to keep stopping for stragglers 24 times in a 10 foot space.

-Hint: drive around the back of costco, no traffic or pedestrians!

-If you stop for a spot with your blinker on, the person leaving will probably take their time. Make sure you are pulled enough to the side to allow other cars to go around you.

-Just accept that 88% of the cars will be Canadian

-SLOW down....or SPEED up! sometimes people go WAY too fast other times people go WAY too slow.

Inside Costco:

-If i'm taking time to get my card out, acknowledge it, stop talking to the girl on the other side of the fence

-Do not abruptly stop in the middle of an aisle, unless you want my cart to run into your ankles

-Samples are great and I understand they make a great lunch, but please get out of the way

-During the summer, the costco produce fridge is a great place to hang out

-Might as well fill up your cart, you'll be waiting in line just as long for 2 items as you will for 36 items

While we're here, let's venture to the Gas Station:

-Don't cut!!

-Filling up 28 extra containers of gas is a sure fire way to explode on your way home.

-Get there early to avoid the lines. I've never waited longer than 5 minutes for gas, ever. I usually go around 9:30am, perfect.

-If you notice the first car is done filling up and the car behind them is almost done, wait for both to leave and just pull up to the front. makes life much easier.

-again, 95% of the cars will be Canadian.

-You HAVE to have a Costco card to get Costco gas. Imagine that. No, your Mastercard is not the same thing as a Costco card.

-Swipe fast, none of this slow swiping business

-Remove nozzle THEN select type of gas

-Do you really need a receipt?

-Don't top off, if you do top off, no need to do it 6 times.

-If you don't know how to pump gas, move to Oregon.

-The attendant is not there to be your personal assistant, it's rude to give them all your trash and expect them to throw it away for you

-When you are at the pump and you see 100 people in line behind you, try to hurry up. None of this lolly gagging business.

Well that's all folks. What should be our subject next week?! haha

Monday, May 3, 2010

THE hat

remember that one time where i posted about the hat i started making...this post. well last monday my grandpa was admitted to the ICU so while we waited for his 9+ hr. surgery i finished this hat. it was nice to have something to distract my wandering mind. anyways here is the finished hat:

it's grey, it's slouchy, it's cable-y, it's amazing. i love it. it's just so comfy and i am NOT a hat person, at all. i made myself about 4 hats last year and have never worn any of them but i've already worn this one several times.

here's a terrible back view of the hat. it really doesn't show it very well. i've started one in a bright berry color. grey is great but kinda boring. so i'll see if i ever really finish the 2nd one. this one took like 4 days and was a little hard so i might just only have one.

this is a wanna be picture of the hat.

also remember this post?
i accidentally bought some, skinny jeans that is. i feel a little goofy in them and i still need to get comfortable in smaller clothes but i took the tags off today. officially wearing half the size of jeans i used to. and remember this post? add 8 pounds to that. i guess only loosing 8 pounds every month will have to do for now.


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