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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Minds Eye

WOOOOHOOOO i won the Treasury of Memories contest for My Minds Eye!! i'm so excited i don't think i've ever won anything so big before. i have a huge doofy smile right now. anyways i just wanted to let someone know! National Scrapbooking day here i come!

A Three-er

This is like the blog feast and with feast, comes famine, which i'm sure is upon us. geeze louise. i think this is like my 3rd day in a row... well here is a breath of fresh air...3 pictures on a page! woohoooo. not much else on the page but still 3 pictures!! and on the left side there, that's a little taste of my next page i will be posting. that one is a "One-er" too. that's what i'm calling my pages with one picture. FYI.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pink Paislee+One Photo=My New Obsession

I am on a blog roll. i'm amazing at this. .... maybe not so much. well here is another Miss Mary page.
i've decided i am in my "one photo period" like picasso's blue period (or something like that..?) lately i don't have many pictures to scrapbook. i usually have like 3 or 4 pictures on each page but lately i've been doing just one picture. it's expensive to do it this way. i guess i'm just using my favorite pictures so i'm ok with it. it's just not what i usually do. to figure out something to do on a 12x12 piece of paper with one picture is hard for me.
anyways the paper i used was the pink paislee office lingo line again. i guess for NSD this saturday i'll have to stock up on this line, once again.

p.s. i also have to figure out another way to get these pics. uploaded onto the computer. taking a picture makes it glare and the scanner isn't big enough...boooo

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Steve & Miss Mary.

I have been hitting the scrapbooking lately. here is one of the couple pages i've done. i'm going to restrain myself and not post all the pages at once becuase otherwise i won't post for a long time again.
this page i did using the new Pink Paislee line which i LOVE. i bought a bunch of it this weekend. the picture is from the 4th of July in 2003. it's a picture that i won something at the fair. i was 15 when i took the picture. i think i won like $10. once again the main subject is Miss Mary. i love taking her picture back when she was this age, and now.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

What a DIVA

i am an amazing sister....really amazing. sometimes i can't even believe how generous i am to my brothers. for instance, last weekend i took some more of my brother ty's senior pictures. we went down to fairhaven and walked along the train tracks, stood by big beams and sat on logs. all of this traipsing around for over an hour and my favorite picture ended up being one sitting in the car waiting for shelley. without any prompting from me, ty got out my sunglasses, took my necklace off my mirror and put both items on and leaned back. well i couldn't pass this up so i grabed my camera before he realized it and took a bunch of pictures.

then since i am such an amazing sister i went above and beyond my duties and made him a digital scrapbook page. i know, i am too generous.

haha he would probably poke my eyes out if he saw this.

here are some of the other senior pics we took that day (then i, being super, photoshopped them, just going above and beyond as usual):

Thursday, April 24, 2008


So just to start, seriously jason from survivor is an idiot. i hate those 4 girls....seriously. gosh. well now that that's out, here is the process i used to pick the winner...first i wrote all the names on a piece of paper...

next i cut them all up and folded them and put them in a yellow bowl...

then i had to get someone unbiased/someone who doesn't care pick a name.

and....dun dun dun, the WINNER:

JUDY! you are now the proud owner of some scrapbooking goodies! yay for my first blog candy winner!!
this might be addicting so you should all watch out. thanks everyone for entering.

Winner Selection TONIGHT. Dum dum dum

The winner of the blog "candy" will be chosen tonight before (or maybe after) Survivor. woot woot. so that would be 8 or 9pm Pacific time. so you can still enter on the previous post until then. or i guess you could enter on this post if you wanted. either way. poor poor ozzy. :( should have used his idol. he got toooooo cocky just like james last year. oh well.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


alright so i've put this off long enough. here is my 50th post. since i wanted to have a project to include with this post, here is a ticket stub book i made for my dad. i put it in one of those boxes you can get for $1.00 at michaels. and i used the rockstar paper pack. my next big project is doing a book for my brother ty's band.
i used chipboard to make the little dividers and to help preserve the tickets i put them into little clear envelopes.
next i wanted to post about my favorite place to shop, Treasury of Memories. there are a couple things, first, they are having a National Scrapbooking Day celebration. they always have lots of good deals and fun things to do. it's just a fun day. The next thing is...i am on their blog! well not me but a mini book i made... click ---> Here <--- to see my project. woot woot.
and finally here is how to enter my giveaway for my 50th POST!
just leave a comment telling about your favorite....ummmm how about your favorite hobby? is that lame? i just sat down and started typing and hadn't really thought about what to make the comment about. so how about you just say whatever you want to say. ANYTHING it could be about your favorite trip, or your favorite brand of grout or your biggest pet peeve? i don't know, it's up to you what you leave a comment about.
SO go forth and leave comments! i will pick the winner sometime in the next 2 days. i'll draw it out of a hat. good luck!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Post #49

get ready...the very next post is the one you want to look at. fornizz. i haven't posted a lot this week b/c i committed to this 50th post blog candy thing and to be completly honest, i had no idea what i was going to give away. so now that i have a little better of an idea here is my 49th post.

before i get to the "meat" of this post, here is a little somethingsomething sam and i...mostly i, did this morning. i guess my mom helped a little too.....

this is a bloody, freaking, stupid stump of a tree that we ripped from the dirty, dirty ground. let me tell you what, all those little baby stumps that dug their way all around the main stump made this almost impossible. but we did most of it using our bear hands. it was a lot of work but i made a deal with my dad that he would give me $40 if i got it out of the ground (he obviously had doubts i could do it, he said it would take all day..pishaaaaa) so i get $30 and sam gets $10 and a free popcorn coupon (haha). and i just bought photoshop elements 6.0 (since i'm too cheap to buy CS3) with some of that hard, sweaty, achy earned money ....BTW, this is a disgusting picture and should not be looked at closely. seriously. eww. what am i thinking? remember i was out there pulling on this stupid stump for an hour and a half.

so onto more important things

last night my friends came over and we had a "scrap-a-thon" slash we scrapbooked for about 6 hours. here is the one sole page i managed to get done. i tried and tried to work on other projects and so i got other things partly done but not completed.

here is another page i got started, obviously it's not done yet... soon. maybe.

and finally here is some of the "blog candy" it's nothing too exciting. it's two minibooks, 2 little clipboard things, an already made "cherish" envelope mini book and my personal favorite, a stamp set that says, "you light up my life" with a guy who has a lampshade on his head....there may be a couple extra things i throw in at the last minute but so far here it is.

so watch out for my next post to see how you can win this AMAZING (??) prize.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

50th Post

I think it's time....time for American Idol and a blog contest/giveaway thing. (seriously i was kidding about american idol...really kidding) so i've almost posted 50 posts, after this post i will be at 48 so two more posts and i will have some sort of contest and give something away. just today i was thinking about doing a giveaway because everyone else does it. maybe it'll give me some karma to win myself sometime. my reasons i guess are selfish...bwhahaha, or not. i have no idea what the prize will be yet but hopefully it will be good. i think instead of just just leaving comments i will have some sort of contest, but i'm not sure of that yet either. maybe comments will just be the easiest. well...

to make a LOOOONNGGG and confusing post shorter, watch out for the next couple days, i have no idea when the 50th post will even be. i'm new at this ok. but know, you will want a piece of this blog candy pie....maybe. i guess it depends on what i get for the prizes! i like to keep people guessing.

Monday, April 14, 2008

It's a Girl

i made a babyshower invitation last night. it's not too great i have to play with it a little bit still. the paper i used was from the new Spring paper pack. and my new fiskars scallop punch for the piece of paper in the left side.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

i'm in a picture-ie mood lately.

i want to give a quick thank-you to abby and tracy. abby told me there was a big sale at michaels, and tracy bought about 76 packs of buttons this weekend and i thought, WWTD? i ended up buying a button package at TOM last night. great. here is some of the loot.
that would be $17 worth of ribbon right there, but i only spent $8. so that gives me hope. also $16 worth of cuttlebug dies, but again i only spent $8. woot woot.
here are some little thingy-ma-jigs i made the other night, they are supposed to be coasters but i have to put felt on the bottom of them still. i used rub-ons and tiles then sprayed them with some good smelling spray stuff to seal them.
here they are all bundled up nicely. i have absolutly no idea what i am going to use them for since i don't use coasters. and finally my newest project i am working on, operation burp clothes. i know, pretty swanky. they are driving me nuts, i have to go back and iron them, AGAIN, then do another stich around the outside to close up the little hole i had to leave to turn them right side out. i probably won't get these things done for a while. but i got $15 worth of fabric for only $6. i'm all about cutting cost/spending way to much anyways.

Monday, April 7, 2008

WWAD? A Photo Blog

we are here, we are also going to be leaving soon so i thought i'd post about our weekend so far. i really haven't gotten much done, i didn't have pictures so i loose. but i did get some good stuff started. First here was the theme of the weekend, we made it with canvas and vynal run through the cricut can you guess what it stands for?
it stands for what would amanda do? that's a good theme for everyone to adopt. ready set, GO.
of course to keep us going we had to have some entertainment, this was our solution to not being able to pick a movie. it really didn't work this way either b/c it would land on a movie and we would all veto it so it took a good 5 spins. the dogs didn't like this much.
finally onto a couple things i made. this is a canvas painted and then i put a rub-on on the side with some Kaiser flowers, i am going to get a vynal from TOM to put in the middle.
here is my little project for the Treasury contest. i have to print pics. when i get home and add them but i got everything else done. it's a made from a 12x12 folder from CTMH. tracy showed it to me. woot woot.
and finally a little acetate book that is nowhere near done, i took pictures for it this weekend and got the cover and first page decorated. this will be one to do at home with pictures.
so it's been a fun weekend. we pulled some "all-nighters" and by "all-nighters" i mean we stayed up until 1am. woohoo rebals. we also got "chip-faced". and by "chip-faced" i mean we ate ben and jerry's. mmmmmmm. that's all i need, a piece of polk-dot paper and mint oreo ben and jerry's. heck yes.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Here is another digital layout, i'm telling you it is so much eaiser...and WAY less clean-up making digital pages. i'm not in love with this page, i just like the picture effects. i used a mask, some light tricks and some eye tricks. maybe i'll just use the picture and make another better page this weekend. BTW, i may be posting a lot this weekend, or not at all we're going to have to see. if i post a lot that means i'm acually getting stuff done so that would be good.

well i'm off to pack. and sleep i'm SO tired all of a sudden, it's not even 10pm yet. weird.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

CS3 Fund-Raiser

Since i'm little miss update all the time i thought i'd post a little digital scrapbook page. ummm ya, if i had photoshop Cs3 i would be all over just digital scrapbooking...since all i have is stupid elements (which gets some of the job done) i do what i can. if anyone would like to contribute to the, "Amanda Needs CS3" fund, just let me know. i only need about $650 plus another $200 to get some neat everyone should get on that.

for a real cause, you can go to and test your vocabulary knowledge, each word you get right donates 20 grains of rice. WARNING: it's very addicting!

oh, ps. the paper i used was the new shabbyprincess kit. it's called promise. very cute kit.


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