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Sunday, March 31, 2013

While You Were Out

I have an awful habit of 1. Hatching crazy person ideas 2. Thinking I can do too many things in very little time 3. Escalating ideas until they have grown into something similar to a blackberry bush (huge, overgrown, painful, etc...).

My parents went away for the weekend. Sam went to Utah to stay with Ty for a week. Shelley went to her aunts for Easter. Guess what that means? I got the entire house to myself from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening! While I should have taken advantage and played Just Dance until I passed out, or closed the curtains, stayed in my PJ's, popped some popcorn and had a movie marathon all weekend, or set up the hammock and read in the sun until it was dark, I didn't. Instead I chose to rip apart my parents bedroom and re-do it for them.

Nicole and I have a new deal where I give her permission to karate chop my throat next time I start talking about these wack-o projects.

I had to give them a 30 minute bumper after they left because sometimes they forget things and turn around. Once they hit 'the point of no return' (aka: the freeway) I started hauling stuff from their room. I honestly have no idea what provoked this madness.

They each got their own laundry basket where I put their stuff, everything else was stacked in boxes or totes and drug to the living room. The living room was half full of their junk stuff :). At this point I had to start moving the dressers and that's when I contemplated putting everything back in the room where I found it. Not even kidding. But I soldiered on.

Nicole was nice and came over to help that night. We primed the heck outta that dark room. We were covered in dust and paint, and more dust. It was a late-ish night. I slept for about five hours then started again. Nicole was nice AGAIN and came over that afternoon to help some more. Which was good because I couldn't move the bed. Plus if she didn't I would still be sitting in a corner covered in primer and whimpering. Probably.

Anyways I won't go into lots of detail but let's just say it was the weirdest long/fast weekend ever. Next time everybody leaves I'm calling a reading/movie marathon.

Before- lots of packing going on here CRAZZZZY
After. Ahhhhh no so crazy.

So I'll post some more about this room at some point this week prolly. There are a few things left to do then we'll do a fer real picture post. 

I'm completely exhausted in part because of this weekend but this entire last week I've been redoing a room for a resident at the GH where I work. She was at Disneyland so she picked out all of her favorite things and Stephanie and I redid her room while she was gone! I haven't seen her yet but I'm excited to see what she says. It took a REALLLY long time. Homegirl had stuff stashed everywhere and ONE wall needed almost an entire gallon of paint by itself. 
So it's been a long and tiresome week. 
My eyes are closing as I type, and not just in the blinking way.

Pictures of T's room:
*Not good before pics because we had started before I remembered to take pics.



And that's it for tonight. I need to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep. So excited to not work tomorrow, I would have not been pleasant to be around. I suppose I will be working on other projects though. I'm totally gonna sleep in (HA! Hopefully I can this time).

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Feel the BURRRN

Sometimes (ok like everyday) I do these youtube video workouts. I haven't been doing them EVERY day like I should be but I try to get them in 5 times a week at least.
Sometimes they make me wail.
Sometimes they make me gnash my teeth.
Sometimes every time my legs/arms feel like jello.
Sometimes I have to do these really weird stretches to stretch out the pain afterwards.
Sometimes I verbally tell these video instructors to can it.

The nice thing is that it must be working if it 'hurts' right?!

This lady is intense. She has some great workouts. However I wish she would change the names of her videos....I wanted to post the video of the leg one that I do, but the screen shot picture isn't one I want on is a link. On Youtube you don't see that screen shot.

On the other hand we have this lady who is way too calm and basically silent as she goes through her arm workout.

Ya, so have fun not putting your arms down for 8 straight minutes. It's not 'hard' it really isn't, but you just feel like you need to put your arms down to get your blood circulating. But just do it it feels good.

After I do the leg workout I have to stretch like a maniac. This is what I do first. Pull my toes back while my knee is locked. This stretches the back of my calves.
Then I fold myself in half, my knees go to my nose and while my knees are locked, I use my hands to push my ankles down further. Does that even make sense?
Then to finish I do the same sort of leg stretch but instead of pulling down on my foot I pull my entire leg back to stretch my upper leg.

Please note, striped purple socks are a necessity whilst stretching.

Try those video and see what you think! In the words of my dear friend John Mellencamp they, "Hurt so Good".

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Raise the Funds!

Like my play on words? It's like raise the roof, but it's not! Oh man I'm SO clever and hilarious.

This Saturday night our ward's YW are having their (now annual?) dinner and dessert auction night. Last year we had a spaghetti feed/dessert auction and this year we are having a chili cook-off competition, a dessert auction, AND a for sale dessert table for those who want instant gratification.

Everyone is invited! (unless you're a creeper, then please don't come.)
It's this Saturday at 6pm at the NW building
There is a suggested donation of $20 a family or $5 a person to come eat dinner then participate in winning some desserts :)

We made enough money last year to buy all new camp equipment as well as pay for each of the girls to attend camp. We're hoping we will raise enough to send all of our girls to camp again this year.

You should really come if you're in the area, promise it's fun!

Just to wet your whistle (is that a thing?) here is one of the items I prepared tonight for the auction
 It's a movie night basket! Yahoooo. I made something similar last year and a little girl cried because she didn't win it, I felt SO bad. Maybe she'll win it this year!

 This is one of my other donations I'm working on, a candy bouquet. It's totally unhealthy and such a cheat but oh well. I need to get a couple more 'filler' candies, it's not full enough yet haha....riiiiight.

I have a few other things I'm baking to donate also.

Also I'm proud to say I didn't even want to eat any of this candy while I made it. Go me! It's been about 6 weeks since I stopped eating sugar and whatnot and it feels good. I make up my own little treats here and there so I still have some sort of 'treat' sans sugar/flour. I consider a banana dipped in granola dessert, it's actually really good.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Life is complicated. Get a helmet. Rub some dirt in it. Spin it in a circle and call it Sally. Yell YOLO. Add a bunch of stuff to your Amazon wishlist and wait for the price to drop. Play the pimple popping app. Yep, that's a real thing. I don't have it, PROMISE.

Monday, March 11, 2013


I love Netflix, like a lot. They have so many movies and TV shows to watch and all you have to do is put them in a 'queue' so you don't forget about ones you want to watch. I have lots on my queue but most I probably won't ever watch because I was a little over-zealous when I started making mine. While it's great, it's also not. Because it makes me want to watch episodes of "___________" (whatever I'm into at the time) all the time! I do pretty good though. 98% of the time, I'm working on other things while I watch/listen to anything really. It's hard for me to just sit there and not do something while I watch. Fidgety fingers I guess.

Tonight I decided I needed to make a real-life queue of movies I own that I want to watch. I have LOTS of movies and I tend to cycle through the same 5-6 when I'm in a movie mood (which isn't very often lately). So I found a few just from one of my shelves of DVD's that I want to watch in the next year or so. Most of them I've already seen but haven't watched in a long time even though I like them.

 (*Not pictured, Jurassic Park. I have had the deep desire to watch that movie for the last several weeks.)

Here is my stack in no particular order. I've never seen UP! or Princess and the Frog, but I need to watch them. I have good taste in movies if I do say so myself :)

Does anybody remember this movie?! I found it at the library, it was one of my favorites when I was a kid!
My Netflix show right now is 24. It's pretty silly. I've only seen a couple episodes and I dunno how they can make it last as long as it does. So I watched a couple of those while I made the above paint chip collage thing. Thuper Fun Guys!

 What's on your "Q"?!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

In yo FACE

you big disgrace!

A little Queen for you tonight.

Tonight I painted a bit. And yes, I probably watched Bones while I painted (I'm almost at the end!).
Maybe the paint fumes got to me or something but I took several really cute pictures. Here they are for your enjoyment.

 That's cute. Especially the freaky thumbs that do weird things.
That's all natural. And typical.

So there's this little app called Instagram. Heard of it? Well I have cousins who post pictures of themselves NONSTOP all day every day. Like, how many pictures do you need of yourself with your forehead all scrunched up? You're 14 but will have wrinkles in two years if you keep that bizz up. Sometimes I like to mimic their photos and text it to them. I find it very humorous.
Except I try not to do the forehead scrunching thing. I prefer my face without wrinkles. Just like I prefer my BLT's without the T. Just like I prefer SNL without Keenan. Just like I prefer playing Just Dance without an audience. Just like I prefer not being punched in the knees.

Seriously. I need to be done. I wish I had my iPad in here so I could read instead of make a fool of myself. I'll probably wake up tomorrow morning and become very embarrassed by this 'half-asleep-written-post".


Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Do you like my new word? I hope it's a new word and not something that means something bad. It stands for Blog and Long. I'm blogging and today was a long day! Lots of explanation for something so silly.

I was at work from 9:30pm Monday night - 3:30pm Tuesday afternoon. I got home at 4 today, made dough for 8 dozen cookies and baked 1 dozen of them for my hurt neighbor, sat down for 4.5 seconds. Tried to finish an episode of Once Upon a Time, but was tired. Tried to nap but couldn't. I got up and made dinner. Shoveled dinner down and went to a meeting until 8:30, got home and worked on another painting project for about 15 minutes. Then got ready to go back to work, and now here I sit. My eyes are droopy but it will take a little bit to fall asleep. I guess I could TRY but I don't really want to.

During the meeting we had an opening prayer and I promise that I didn't know if I would be able to open my eyes again, but I persevered.

I want to go see Wicked.

Here are some random projects I've been working on because I really don't have anything else to write about.

Except I COULD write about Bones and Downton Abbey, but I'm still a little tender regarding DA so I'll refrain. Just in case I say something I might regret :)

 A mission shadow box for my grandpaaaaaaa

 I just really wanted to paint stripes on something.

 who does this look like to you?

engagement photo shoot prop for Ty and Jessica

 A random magnet board that I wanted to paint.

 Ohhhhhh. I LOVE Wicked. Garghhh I wanna go to there. Found this on my desk today and it made me happy!

Ughh one of my 'peeps' just woke up and it's 11:30, cross your fingers she'll go back to sleep!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Things I Think

If I had my own fridge I don’t think I would put anything on it (ie: magnets, pictures, etc). (If I did it would get outta hand real quick)

I love magic toilet wands. Seriously, best things ever.

I think Matthew Crowley is a jerkfacehead. I won’t give anything away but if you watch Downton, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The shorter/skimpier the clothes, the more expensive they are. People who buy those things are getting really bad deals. They’re being duped into spending more money and looking like they don’t know how to do laundry because all their clothes shrunk.

I’m sick of seeing the ‘colored lemon’ pin on Pinterest. It. Does. Not. Work.

I am shocked at the things some people do. I’ve never even heard of most things, but people still do them!

Some days I feel like a social worker.

I love the new Disney Princesses (Rapunzel & Merida)

I almost called Rapunzel Tangled. I usually do.

I think toilet seats with the padding are the most disgusting things ever.

I’ve already posted 2 things about toilets.

A lot of people have probably never heard of my favorite songs. Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohen.

I would give anything to have a waterslide ‘staircase’.

I’m seriously considering driving 5 hours (one way) to see Wicked when I’m in Minnesota this summer for Ty’s wedding.

People are automatically cooler in my book when their car radios boom and vibrate everything in a one-mile vicinity.

I need OSA- online shoppers anonymous. FER realz.

Sometimes I say, “she’s so sirsty errryday son”. Shelley says it all the time and I just think it’s funny. Others might think I have a strange speech impediment.

I love saying YOLO and TBH. I’ll be straight up, I have no idea what TBH means and I had to google YOLO once.

I don’t know how to dress myself. Often I walk out of the house looking like a 64 pack of crayons threw up all over me.

The ‘romper’ is one fashion statement that should have stayed where it came from. Unless your size is 24 months or less, don’t wear it.

I need to buy stock in the ‘foam brush’ company. I use those things like they’re going out of style.

That awkward moment when you put your jeans on, but they’re a little too tight. BUT they’re your only clean jeans so you dejectedly ‘make it work’ as my good friend Time Gun would say. Then once you’re at work, you realize that you have two pairs of the same jeans, but one pair is 3 sizes smaller than the other pair. Suddenly that dejection is washed away because what you thought were your ‘fatter’ pants are not! PHEW.

I’m so tired and I have a long day tomorrow.

Have you heard the song, “I Don’t Like Monday’s”? I’m trying to be more positive so instead of bashing Mon-Tue, I will say that I LOVE Wednesday’s (specifically at 6am when I’m off work!).

Sleep would be good right now since I’m typing with my eyes closed, literally. But the bed is like my kryptonite because as soon as I get in bed, it seems my body wants to do the, I’m awake now sucker, trick.

I’ll take my chances though and try to sleep. I have my book with me if all else fails.

Oh great, now I have I don't like Monday's stuck in my head. 

TELL ME WHY, I don't like MONDAY's.....


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Personal Problem

Doing school online is GREAT! I can do it whenever I want and I can wear PJ's! The downside is what makes it so great is also what makes it very difficult, it's online.

I have 12 hours to finish and turn in my final essay draft and I logged onto my computer about an hour ago to do that. Sure I have the essay opened and I spent about 10 minutes on it before I ended up in cyberspace; checking blogs, checking email, watching a funny/crazy/howtheheckdoeshedothat? youtube video:
pinning flowers that I like, downloading fonts (because I NEED more fonts...ugh), making a YW newsletter, preparing handouts, reading things for my upcoming lesson, and I may have ended up on Zulliy for a short time, and now I'm blogging about nothing- surprising.

UGHH I have no motivation to finish this essay. All I have left to do on it is add my sources, check my formatting, and reword my conclusion paragraph just a little bit. But that little stuff is the hard part for me. I have to stay within a word/page limit but that's impossible, I could literally write 12 pages but I'm supposed to write two pages- I have two and a half pages written. I'm going to leave it as is though. I've already condensed as much as I can.

As long as I manage to stay away from Amazon I'll get it done in the next 15-20 minutes. So I'm shutting down Firefox (after I find my source links of course), and just getting it DONE then turning it in to be done for the week.

After that I have several projects that need doing and a baby shower, and more YW stuff, and maybe a nap....but probably not a nap. I wasn't too productive yesterday, after a friend kicked my butt at the gym I needed to sit and try not to be nauseous, so today will be productive (as I'm blogging at 11:30...nice).

OK I'M GOING stop judging me!!


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