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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Those Birds are Angry!!

I thought I'd post about a fun (well, hopefully fun) combined mutual activity we are going to have next month. Have you heard of this game called Angry Birds? It's a worldwide phenomenon, who'd have thunk that launching birds at green pigs (?) would catch on so quickly and so completely? I remember Sam telling me about it when it first came out, so I downloaded the free version and played it for about 2 weeks...then decided that the better I got at that game, the worse I got at life {no judgement zone}.

A few weeks ago we had a lesson in church and the lady giving the lesson had some statistics for us. This game has been downloaded 500 MILLION times in less than 2 years...whaaaa?! That's a lot. But that's not the most staggering number. She had it all figured out according to online stats that in ONE hour, 24 YEARS of Angry Birds is played across the world. That means, in ONE DAY, 576 YEARS of this game is being played. Total it's the equivalent of 200,000 YEARS in just under 2 years has been played of this game. If that's not enough to make you delete the app....haha.

But for reals, it's ridiculous. If only that much time had been spent serving, or learning, or solving problems, etc...I can think of many other worthy causes that time could have been spent on, but I digress {again no judgement, it's a good distraction tool for kids and adults alike in situations like lines, flights, long drives, etc...}. The point is, it's pop culture. All the youth at church know what Angry Birds is (whether they play it or not). I found this fun idea online that combines this silly game with a scripture chase. Win win!! We get to play a fun game while learning a little more about the scriptures.

I'll let you read her blog for all the nitty gritty details. They have some downloads for the rules/directions and the scripture chase questions. My 15 yr old brother (who is in the YM's) is excited for it. We have our presidency collecting boxes to create the structures.

Just for a fun reminder and for the youth to invite their friends, I made up this invite:

It was actually really quick to put together and hopefully it will entice the youth to come and bring their friends :) If you feel so inclined, they offer the "angry birds" font, which is really called, 'Feast of Flesh' online for free....I know that's so exciting.

What's more time wasting than playing Angry Birds...? Blogging about Angry Birds....yep. I'll be done.



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