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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pinterest #8

I'm officially eliminating the name Pinterest Crafting. Now it's just Pinterest. Because I hardly do Pinterest crafts but I do other Pinterest things. How many times can I say that word in two sentences? Geesh.

Today was going to be a post about our amazing Temple Time Capsule Mutual activity from last night but the SNOW had other ideas. Gah, I was seriously so upset last night. The roads were pretty clear but I guess the church parking lot was snowy which totally stinks. I had guest speakers coming and everything ready (spent 5 hrs prepping yesterday alone) only to have it shut down at 6. OH WELL it will happen in a couple weeks.


Today's first Pinteresting idea comes from my hair board. First is this hair bow. I found a video of it on Pinterest and repinned it to my "Do's" Board. I think I have too much hair for this though. I had to pull a lot of my hair through to hide the ends but then the side parts were kind of flimsy. I call it my Minnie Mouse meets Lady Gaga look....BTW I've never worn this in public. It was just a fun experiment because I can never do cute things to my gross hair.

 Here's the video if you're interested:

I wish I had hair like that!! Meaning hair that is shiny...

The next Pinteresting thing I'll post about is my nails that I did for Valentines day. This idea is a combination of several pinned nail ideas.
Art Deco (long skinny brush) in Pink and White
Solid base color- mine is NYC grey something something
Top coat- mine is Revlon, it's about $3-4 a bottle but it lasts quite a long time (surprising for how often I paint my nails) It gives it a really nice shine plus it dries very quickly.

Start by painting your base nails with whatever color you choose. Let it dry well. Then very carefully paint white stripes horizontally across each nail (please ignore the shaky crooked lines). Once that's dry, use your fun accent color to paint a heart or paint over a few white stripes etc...whatever you'd like to do. Since doing this, I found a much easier way to do the hearts.
Once the layers are all dry top with the top coat.

Well that was fun. I have so much to do today (mostly involving cleaning up my messes and my room) but I might decide to procrastinate and start reading Hunger Games book 1 just one time before the MOVIE 21 DAYS!!!!!! I read part of an article from the author who just saw the movie. She said it was great and she loved that they were able to show other points of view (not just Katniss). She talked about seeing Snow in his rose garden, the capitol control room, etc....SO EXCITING. gosh it all comes back to Hunger Games doesn't it?



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