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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Life. {& Pinterest #7?}

Sometimes life happens. Sometimes I don't get around to blogging (try to hold back your tears). Sometimes I forget that I 'promised' a Pinterest Thursday. Sometimes real life is more important. Sometimes real life is hard. Sometimes life makes me exhausted. Sometimes I sleep in until 10am because I literally cannot open my eyes any sooner. Sometimes I'm embarrassed about that. But mostly, I'm ok with it. 3 days out of the week I get very broken up sleep at work which is ok, so I shouldn't be ashamed when I have to sleep in a bit.

I think I say this all the time, but this month literally is crazyy. Last month seemed to drag on forever, but this month (last week in particular) there was so much crammed in, I'm ready for a vacation. There's just a lot going on with church all the time, work is pretty much the same as usual 5 shifts a week at the GH with 4 of those shifts happening on 2 days-actually kind of nice, Shelley doesn't have a job so I literally have her every minute of the week that I'm not at the GH. But it's ok, it's good to be busy.

This last weekend we had our YW New Beginnings. I think it was pretty successful, took a lot of time to prepare but it's worth it. We had minimal decorations (score) and lots of fun refreshments, fruit skewers, 2 kinds of cake pops, caramel corn, & chocolate hot air balloon suckers. We had some talks, watched a couple short video clips, we had a balloon release. We had all the people write their testimonies on a quarter sheet of paper then attach them to yellow balloons then went outside to release them. It was dark and rainy but in the end all the balloons floated away. We might do it again in the summer so we can actually watch the balloons ;). All in all it was worth all the time and effort, we have what I believe to be, the best group of young women, ever. :)Just my humble opinion. They all get along great, even though we're all combined in one large group, they make everyone feel welcome no matter what, they try hard to do their best in all their various endeavors, I consider them all to be my good friends. I get sad if I miss a mutual activity (rare) or don't see them on Sunday. They are all awesome.

Anyways that was a little random but that's alright.

So I guess I'll include my Pinterest post for the week here. Kind of cheating but whatever.

This last week my photo was chosen for a contest on the Totally Rad site. They are a company specializing in photoshop actions and products. I own them all. My 'recipe' was posted on their site then they posted it to Pinterest, so super exciting to see people pinning MY picture/recipe on their boards!! Not to toot my own horn, but it has the most repins and likes out of all the other photos/recipes :)
Straight from their site. Hollllla.

This is also from my pinterest board "I'm Hungry for the Games" to compile all my Hunger Games geek-outs I had to make a whole board...ridiculous, I know.

Here's the video to the song that I have playing on repeat, seriously LOVE it. It's my favorite TSweezy song ever.
The dude totally looks like Johnny Depp :). Also my favorite line is, 'don't you dare look out your window, darling everything's on fire, the war outside our door keeps raging on.' It makes me think of the world we live in, while we don't have a literal war outside our doors here, there are lots of battles being fought by individuals. We should just keep our homes safe and our 'doors' closed to the bad things of the world.


Andrea said...

I love my young women too. I was just talking to Jeff the other day about how busy my calling is but how much I love it and how rewarding I find it. We have our New Beginnings on Wednesday and I honestly can't wait for it, and for it to be over!
The Hunger Games is on my shelf, borrowed from a friend and just waiting to be read. I should do that soon. Maybe after New Beginnings is off my mind :)


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