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Monday, February 13, 2012

It's kind of a funny story....

We had the missionaries over for dinner again tonight, we usually do Monday night dinners with them to include it in our family night. Well tonight we were sitting around the table (yes! We got a real life table!) and the missionaries asked us which topic we would like them to share a message of. My dad chose enduring to the end. Well I made a comment something to the effect of, I want whatever topic will let you make a tea bag float.

Let me explain

Like 10 years ago we had an object lesson from the missionaries and they lit an empty tea bag on fire and it floated until it burned out. Ever since I've asked every set of missionaries if they know how to do that. So far, no luck...until tonight.

Of course!! We know how to do that. Just grab us a tea bag and lighter. So after searching for a tea bag we finally found a suitable one (has to be a specific kind). For some reason I volunteered to be the one to hold the bag while it was lit, I had to exercise faith that it would fly up.

I had to hold me hand comppletly still so it wouldnt fall off my flat hand. He lit it on fire.

2 seconds later, an ember fell down the column and onto my hand.


It's ok, keep your hand still, don't move!!

2 seconds later.


Another ember.

Keep it steady!!

2 more agonizing seconds later, the stupid thing was burned down almost to my hand, it wasn't floating up like it was supposed to.

My hand already hurt so I blew the fire out.

Ash and ember went everywhere.

Ahhhh my suit!!

Ahhhh my new table!!

Why did you blow it out?

Why do you think? It wasn't working.

Ya...I wondered why embers were dropping onto your hand...

You did not endure to the end...

I'm ok with that.

If I know something is bad, or will hurt me, I do not have to listen to the influence of others.

Hmmm off brand tea obviously doesn't work.

Can I have your ice cube please?



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