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Sunday, March 31, 2013

While You Were Out

I have an awful habit of 1. Hatching crazy person ideas 2. Thinking I can do too many things in very little time 3. Escalating ideas until they have grown into something similar to a blackberry bush (huge, overgrown, painful, etc...).

My parents went away for the weekend. Sam went to Utah to stay with Ty for a week. Shelley went to her aunts for Easter. Guess what that means? I got the entire house to myself from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening! While I should have taken advantage and played Just Dance until I passed out, or closed the curtains, stayed in my PJ's, popped some popcorn and had a movie marathon all weekend, or set up the hammock and read in the sun until it was dark, I didn't. Instead I chose to rip apart my parents bedroom and re-do it for them.

Nicole and I have a new deal where I give her permission to karate chop my throat next time I start talking about these wack-o projects.

I had to give them a 30 minute bumper after they left because sometimes they forget things and turn around. Once they hit 'the point of no return' (aka: the freeway) I started hauling stuff from their room. I honestly have no idea what provoked this madness.

They each got their own laundry basket where I put their stuff, everything else was stacked in boxes or totes and drug to the living room. The living room was half full of their junk stuff :). At this point I had to start moving the dressers and that's when I contemplated putting everything back in the room where I found it. Not even kidding. But I soldiered on.

Nicole was nice and came over to help that night. We primed the heck outta that dark room. We were covered in dust and paint, and more dust. It was a late-ish night. I slept for about five hours then started again. Nicole was nice AGAIN and came over that afternoon to help some more. Which was good because I couldn't move the bed. Plus if she didn't I would still be sitting in a corner covered in primer and whimpering. Probably.

Anyways I won't go into lots of detail but let's just say it was the weirdest long/fast weekend ever. Next time everybody leaves I'm calling a reading/movie marathon.

Before- lots of packing going on here CRAZZZZY
After. Ahhhhh no so crazy.

So I'll post some more about this room at some point this week prolly. There are a few things left to do then we'll do a fer real picture post. 

I'm completely exhausted in part because of this weekend but this entire last week I've been redoing a room for a resident at the GH where I work. She was at Disneyland so she picked out all of her favorite things and Stephanie and I redid her room while she was gone! I haven't seen her yet but I'm excited to see what she says. It took a REALLLY long time. Homegirl had stuff stashed everywhere and ONE wall needed almost an entire gallon of paint by itself. 
So it's been a long and tiresome week. 
My eyes are closing as I type, and not just in the blinking way.

Pictures of T's room:
*Not good before pics because we had started before I remembered to take pics.



And that's it for tonight. I need to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep. So excited to not work tomorrow, I would have not been pleasant to be around. I suppose I will be working on other projects though. I'm totally gonna sleep in (HA! Hopefully I can this time).



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