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Saturday, March 9, 2013

In yo FACE

you big disgrace!

A little Queen for you tonight.

Tonight I painted a bit. And yes, I probably watched Bones while I painted (I'm almost at the end!).
Maybe the paint fumes got to me or something but I took several really cute pictures. Here they are for your enjoyment.

 That's cute. Especially the freaky thumbs that do weird things.
That's all natural. And typical.

So there's this little app called Instagram. Heard of it? Well I have cousins who post pictures of themselves NONSTOP all day every day. Like, how many pictures do you need of yourself with your forehead all scrunched up? You're 14 but will have wrinkles in two years if you keep that bizz up. Sometimes I like to mimic their photos and text it to them. I find it very humorous.
Except I try not to do the forehead scrunching thing. I prefer my face without wrinkles. Just like I prefer my BLT's without the T. Just like I prefer SNL without Keenan. Just like I prefer playing Just Dance without an audience. Just like I prefer not being punched in the knees.

Seriously. I need to be done. I wish I had my iPad in here so I could read instead of make a fool of myself. I'll probably wake up tomorrow morning and become very embarrassed by this 'half-asleep-written-post".



Nicole said...

I might have a cousin that posts #selfie all day everyday!! Ahh!


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