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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Feel the BURRRN

Sometimes (ok like everyday) I do these youtube video workouts. I haven't been doing them EVERY day like I should be but I try to get them in 5 times a week at least.
Sometimes they make me wail.
Sometimes they make me gnash my teeth.
Sometimes every time my legs/arms feel like jello.
Sometimes I have to do these really weird stretches to stretch out the pain afterwards.
Sometimes I verbally tell these video instructors to can it.

The nice thing is that it must be working if it 'hurts' right?!

This lady is intense. She has some great workouts. However I wish she would change the names of her videos....I wanted to post the video of the leg one that I do, but the screen shot picture isn't one I want on is a link. On Youtube you don't see that screen shot.

On the other hand we have this lady who is way too calm and basically silent as she goes through her arm workout.

Ya, so have fun not putting your arms down for 8 straight minutes. It's not 'hard' it really isn't, but you just feel like you need to put your arms down to get your blood circulating. But just do it it feels good.

After I do the leg workout I have to stretch like a maniac. This is what I do first. Pull my toes back while my knee is locked. This stretches the back of my calves.
Then I fold myself in half, my knees go to my nose and while my knees are locked, I use my hands to push my ankles down further. Does that even make sense?
Then to finish I do the same sort of leg stretch but instead of pulling down on my foot I pull my entire leg back to stretch my upper leg.

Please note, striped purple socks are a necessity whilst stretching.

Try those video and see what you think! In the words of my dear friend John Mellencamp they, "Hurt so Good".


Andrea said...

Thanks I am going to give them a try...
I love feeling of being sore!!


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