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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Raise the Funds!

Like my play on words? It's like raise the roof, but it's not! Oh man I'm SO clever and hilarious.

This Saturday night our ward's YW are having their (now annual?) dinner and dessert auction night. Last year we had a spaghetti feed/dessert auction and this year we are having a chili cook-off competition, a dessert auction, AND a for sale dessert table for those who want instant gratification.

Everyone is invited! (unless you're a creeper, then please don't come.)
It's this Saturday at 6pm at the NW building
There is a suggested donation of $20 a family or $5 a person to come eat dinner then participate in winning some desserts :)

We made enough money last year to buy all new camp equipment as well as pay for each of the girls to attend camp. We're hoping we will raise enough to send all of our girls to camp again this year.

You should really come if you're in the area, promise it's fun!

Just to wet your whistle (is that a thing?) here is one of the items I prepared tonight for the auction
 It's a movie night basket! Yahoooo. I made something similar last year and a little girl cried because she didn't win it, I felt SO bad. Maybe she'll win it this year!

 This is one of my other donations I'm working on, a candy bouquet. It's totally unhealthy and such a cheat but oh well. I need to get a couple more 'filler' candies, it's not full enough yet haha....riiiiight.

I have a few other things I'm baking to donate also.

Also I'm proud to say I didn't even want to eat any of this candy while I made it. Go me! It's been about 6 weeks since I stopped eating sugar and whatnot and it feels good. I make up my own little treats here and there so I still have some sort of 'treat' sans sugar/flour. I consider a banana dipped in granola dessert, it's actually really good.



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