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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Do you like my new word? I hope it's a new word and not something that means something bad. It stands for Blog and Long. I'm blogging and today was a long day! Lots of explanation for something so silly.

I was at work from 9:30pm Monday night - 3:30pm Tuesday afternoon. I got home at 4 today, made dough for 8 dozen cookies and baked 1 dozen of them for my hurt neighbor, sat down for 4.5 seconds. Tried to finish an episode of Once Upon a Time, but was tired. Tried to nap but couldn't. I got up and made dinner. Shoveled dinner down and went to a meeting until 8:30, got home and worked on another painting project for about 15 minutes. Then got ready to go back to work, and now here I sit. My eyes are droopy but it will take a little bit to fall asleep. I guess I could TRY but I don't really want to.

During the meeting we had an opening prayer and I promise that I didn't know if I would be able to open my eyes again, but I persevered.

I want to go see Wicked.

Here are some random projects I've been working on because I really don't have anything else to write about.

Except I COULD write about Bones and Downton Abbey, but I'm still a little tender regarding DA so I'll refrain. Just in case I say something I might regret :)

 A mission shadow box for my grandpaaaaaaa

 I just really wanted to paint stripes on something.

 who does this look like to you?

engagement photo shoot prop for Ty and Jessica

 A random magnet board that I wanted to paint.

 Ohhhhhh. I LOVE Wicked. Garghhh I wanna go to there. Found this on my desk today and it made me happy!

Ughh one of my 'peeps' just woke up and it's 11:30, cross your fingers she'll go back to sleep!



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