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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Just Like Ron

Ron Swanson that is. If you don't know, Ron is a woodworker. He is also a fictional character. So there ya go.

A lot of times I decide to do things that I don't know how to do. I've said that many times on here. This weekend as I was working on my parents surprise room, Nicole and I made a headboard from plywood, foam batting, and a canvas paint cloth.

please note, those natural wood pieces are going to be painted or stained or something this week. There are also talks of building 'built-in' bookcaases/nightstands around the bed. This might not happen yet, we'll see. I have it all drawn out though. I also have some frames and other wall things to hang up eventually.

So it's pretty plain. My plan was to make it curved and have nail heads outlining it. But that didn't happen so it's just plain jane. Maybe I should get real fabric to cover it with so it's not so plain. We'll see.

I'd never made a headboard before. It was exciting.

The next day I started working on the mirror frame I wanted to make for their gigantic mirror. Well I wasn't able to move the big saw outside so I attempted to use the jig saw. It actually worked for the most part except the little parts that didn't cut evenly.

Nothing lined up right. So I decided to start gluing/filling this frame in. Super exciting if you know what you're doing. I didn't. I grabbed a handful of random stuff to try to fill those huge gaps in with.

 Silicone does not work.....
 Liquid Nails did nothing. My staples did nothing. That gap was HUUUUGE.
 Spackeling obviously didn't work. DUHHH
Needless to say, this first attempt at this frame was a complete and utter failure. Seriously it was like the bride of Frankenstein. After this mess I decided to try again today with the use of proper tools it was much easier. (I feel an object lesson coming on)

 Since most of the wood from that first frame was still good, I cut the yucky ends off and made a smaller frame for one of those cheap $5 walmart frames.
 Ahhh the corners actually line up without huge gaps! Without many gaps at all actually.
 I'm an expert at this now. They just need to make a left handed one with a smaller handle because my hands are too small to comfortably grip the saw.
 Glued the pieces into place and strapped it up to dry.
 I learned that the bright orange writing on the staple gun shows where the staples will come out. Ya....

 This is the smaller frame for the cheap mirror. I also made a smaller picture frame sized one as well as the HUGE mirror one. I will finish those up tomorrow.

 I don't do math. This was my attempt at figuring out the measurements. Whatever. Just go with it.

I also started one more project using this old drawer. It will be a surprise.


Andrea said...

You are so amazingly awesome. I need one of you!!!


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