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Monday, March 4, 2013

Things I Think

If I had my own fridge I don’t think I would put anything on it (ie: magnets, pictures, etc). (If I did it would get outta hand real quick)

I love magic toilet wands. Seriously, best things ever.

I think Matthew Crowley is a jerkfacehead. I won’t give anything away but if you watch Downton, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The shorter/skimpier the clothes, the more expensive they are. People who buy those things are getting really bad deals. They’re being duped into spending more money and looking like they don’t know how to do laundry because all their clothes shrunk.

I’m sick of seeing the ‘colored lemon’ pin on Pinterest. It. Does. Not. Work.

I am shocked at the things some people do. I’ve never even heard of most things, but people still do them!

Some days I feel like a social worker.

I love the new Disney Princesses (Rapunzel & Merida)

I almost called Rapunzel Tangled. I usually do.

I think toilet seats with the padding are the most disgusting things ever.

I’ve already posted 2 things about toilets.

A lot of people have probably never heard of my favorite songs. Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohen.

I would give anything to have a waterslide ‘staircase’.

I’m seriously considering driving 5 hours (one way) to see Wicked when I’m in Minnesota this summer for Ty’s wedding.

People are automatically cooler in my book when their car radios boom and vibrate everything in a one-mile vicinity.

I need OSA- online shoppers anonymous. FER realz.

Sometimes I say, “she’s so sirsty errryday son”. Shelley says it all the time and I just think it’s funny. Others might think I have a strange speech impediment.

I love saying YOLO and TBH. I’ll be straight up, I have no idea what TBH means and I had to google YOLO once.

I don’t know how to dress myself. Often I walk out of the house looking like a 64 pack of crayons threw up all over me.

The ‘romper’ is one fashion statement that should have stayed where it came from. Unless your size is 24 months or less, don’t wear it.

I need to buy stock in the ‘foam brush’ company. I use those things like they’re going out of style.

That awkward moment when you put your jeans on, but they’re a little too tight. BUT they’re your only clean jeans so you dejectedly ‘make it work’ as my good friend Time Gun would say. Then once you’re at work, you realize that you have two pairs of the same jeans, but one pair is 3 sizes smaller than the other pair. Suddenly that dejection is washed away because what you thought were your ‘fatter’ pants are not! PHEW.

I’m so tired and I have a long day tomorrow.

Have you heard the song, “I Don’t Like Monday’s”? I’m trying to be more positive so instead of bashing Mon-Tue, I will say that I LOVE Wednesday’s (specifically at 6am when I’m off work!).

Sleep would be good right now since I’m typing with my eyes closed, literally. But the bed is like my kryptonite because as soon as I get in bed, it seems my body wants to do the, I’m awake now sucker, trick.

I’ll take my chances though and try to sleep. I have my book with me if all else fails.

Oh great, now I have I don't like Monday's stuck in my head. 

TELL ME WHY, I don't like MONDAY's.....




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