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Monday, March 11, 2013


I love Netflix, like a lot. They have so many movies and TV shows to watch and all you have to do is put them in a 'queue' so you don't forget about ones you want to watch. I have lots on my queue but most I probably won't ever watch because I was a little over-zealous when I started making mine. While it's great, it's also not. Because it makes me want to watch episodes of "___________" (whatever I'm into at the time) all the time! I do pretty good though. 98% of the time, I'm working on other things while I watch/listen to anything really. It's hard for me to just sit there and not do something while I watch. Fidgety fingers I guess.

Tonight I decided I needed to make a real-life queue of movies I own that I want to watch. I have LOTS of movies and I tend to cycle through the same 5-6 when I'm in a movie mood (which isn't very often lately). So I found a few just from one of my shelves of DVD's that I want to watch in the next year or so. Most of them I've already seen but haven't watched in a long time even though I like them.

 (*Not pictured, Jurassic Park. I have had the deep desire to watch that movie for the last several weeks.)

Here is my stack in no particular order. I've never seen UP! or Princess and the Frog, but I need to watch them. I have good taste in movies if I do say so myself :)

Does anybody remember this movie?! I found it at the library, it was one of my favorites when I was a kid!
My Netflix show right now is 24. It's pretty silly. I've only seen a couple episodes and I dunno how they can make it last as long as it does. So I watched a couple of those while I made the above paint chip collage thing. Thuper Fun Guys!

 What's on your "Q"?!


Laura Lopez said...

Oh My Goodness!!! I totally remember that movie, I use to watch it all the time too. and Uncle Jack is the Dad on the Work and the Glory movies too. Great flick.


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